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Rollbit Lottery – Win Casino Profits

Learn about Rollbit lottery - the unique system how the crypto casino distributes its profits among the active players. Win huge jackpots.

Rollbit is an innovative crypto casino with many unique features. Recently they’ve decide to share a part of their casino profits on regular basis and they do it in a special way.

There are several crypto casinos paying out dividends to their active players.

Rollbit Lottery

20% Of the casino profits goes to Rollbit lottery

70% Of that goes to regular pool and the rest (30%) increase the Jackpot pool

Participate by staking RLB Coins

The lottery runs once per 100 Bitcoin blocks (~1x/17hrs)

There is 100 players rewarded with top heavy prize distribution (Players staking large RLB amounts have higher chance to be among 100 rewarded participants)

The Jackpot is triggered with 10% chance and the player hitting the Jackpot get random % of the Jackpot pool

As you can see to be able for casino profits, you have to put RLB tokens in first. But in case of being very lucky, you might walk away with a prize worth of thousands of dollars

How to Participate in Rollbit Lotteries

  • Sign into your Rollbit account or create a new one
  • Head to RLB Lottery
  • Stake desired RLB tokens amount (0.2% of that amount is paid as lottery fee)
  • Apply RLB multipliers in case you met some requirements (lottery fees apply on multiplied amount)
  • Wait for the start of the another lottery round
  • Claim the prize if you’ve won in the lottery
rollbit lottery multipliers
There are ways how to boost your staked tokens total

Get More Rollbit Coins (RLB)

Originally RLB was mined in the X-Roulette game and in December 2021 Rollbot holders have chance to claim large amounts of RLB tokens.

Since then the methods to obtain Rollbit coins have changed and everyone can participate in the Rollbit lottery even with a little bit of RLB.

  1. Buy RLB tokens on exchange (Dexlab – Solana decentralized exchange) 
  2. Play at casino games, trade cryptocurrencies or NFTs on Rollbit and you get RLBs for every claimed reward
      • Earn 1 RLB for every $1 claimed via Rakeback,
      • Earn 2 RLB for every $1 claimed via Cashback,
      • Earn 3 RLB for every $1 claimed via Rollback,
      • Earn 5 RLB for every $1 claimed via Level Up bonuses,
  3. Stake your Rollbots NFT and get fair share of RLBs coming from lottery fees (Presale of the Rollbots V2 is coming closer)
rollbit rollbot rewards
Staking Rollbots earn you RLB and cash on regular basis

Lottery Winners

All the lottery results are tracked and you can see the staked amounts and the regular and jackpot prize pools.

More people play on Rollbit during the 100 block period → the bigger the lottery will get.

The biggest win was 94k so far, these big wins are possible only in case of hitting the jackpot.


Try to participate in the lotteries with the largest prize pool and the smallest total of RLB tokens staked by other people. This way you maximize EV as you won’t pay much fees in the lotteries with small prize pool. jackpot lottery winner
The biggest win of the lottery so far (Jackpot got triggered)

About Rollbit

Rollbit is a popular crypto casino and trading platform with gaming features. It’s mainly focused on slots and own games – X-Crash, X-Roulette and X-Flip.

Players get a hefty rewards through Cashback, Rollback, Rakeback and Rank up bonuses.

Trade NFT at feeless NFT marketplace offering Rollbit’s own collection Rollbots.

Earn RLB (Rollbit coins) to have a chance to receive a part of casino profits in the lottery.

Players are allowed to make Bitcoin, EthereumLitecoin and Solana payments.

Learn about features more in detail in the Rollbit review.

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