Polygon (MATIC) Gambling Sites (2022)

Polygon (MATIC) has been created to solve the ETH network’s congestion and decrease fees and confirmation time for transactions.

Explore the features of crypto gambling sites and have fun with MATIC tokens for a fraction of the blockchain fee you’d have to pay with Ethereum or Bitcoin.

Just a few trustworthy crypto casinos are accepting Polygon (MATIC) as it’s a relatively new cryptocurrency, browse through the bonuses and games they offer.

Benefits of Gambling with MATIC at Crypto Casinos

The Best Polygon (MATIC) Casinos and Sportsbooks

bcgame logo

Accepts Many Cryptocurrencies

betfury logo

Accepts many altcoins

pasino logo

Accepts many altcoins

Polygon (MATIC) Sportsbooks

Sign up at one of the two trustworthy sportsbooks accepting Polygon and try to multiply your MATIC stack by winning your tickets.

Crypto betting sites cover most of the important matches and sporting events, place bets on the following sports/leagues


Polygon (MATIC) Slots

Get your MATIC tokens ready and try to spin them up to fortune on crypto slots.

Listed crypto gambling sites offer games by following providers


Polygon (MATIC) Dice

Play the classic dice on listed crypto casinos and try to hit smaller multipliers with a high chance or go for the huge wins that occur infrequently.

A low in-house edge of 1% gives you a great opportunity and you can multiply the bet up to 9900x the size.

See which crypto casino allows you to make bets in MATIC on the Classic dice game.

Casino Dice House Edge Rewards
BC.Game 1% Rank up Bonuses, Rakeback, Free Crypto Wheel
BetFury 2% Dividends, Cashback, Rakeback, Rank up Bonuses
Pasino 5% Complex VIP Program - Rakeback, Bonuses

Polygon (MATIC) Blackjack

Play your favorite card game Blackjack on Polygon casinos.

There are 10+ Blackjack tables you can join. Will you hit the 21? You can choose from live Blackjack action or play against the computer (the casino). Bring your MATIC and beat the house!

See the most anticipated Blackjack titles available for MATIC gamblers.

pasino blackjack
Pick from tens of various Blackjack games. For a fast MATIC Blackjack, choose any of the original Blackjack tables (Pasino e.g.)
Casino Game
BC.Game Blackjack Original
BetFury Blackjack by Vivogaming
Pasino Pasino Original

What is Polygon

Polygon, formerly known as the Matic network, is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks.

It was the brainchild of experienced Ethereum developers—Jaynti Kanani, Sandeep Nailwal, and Anurag Arjun, as well as Mihailo Bjelic.

Using Polygon network (transferring MATIC or other tokens) for crypto gambling is a great choice as even with frequent transactions you won’t have to break a bank.

What is MATIC

MATIC is an ERC-20 token that is used to power the Polygon network. It serves several purposes within the blockchain ecosystem.


Set Up Metamask to Play on Polygon Network

If you’re planning to play on decentralized casinos, your wallet has to be set up on the correct network.

Metamask, the most used web wallet and gateway to blockchain decentralized applications (Dapps) originally focused on the Ethereum network, although you can connect via Metamask to other blockchains, too.

How to Connect To Polygon Network via Metamask

Open the Metamask wallet (either Chrome extension or web wallet) and click on the networks menu – choose to new custom RPC and the following details

Network Name – Matic Network

New RPC URL – https://rpc-mainnet.maticvigil.com/

Chain ID – 137

Currency Symbol – MATIC

Block Explorer – https://polygonscan.com/

Enter polygon network details into Metamask settings

Bridge Tokens from Other Chains to MATIC

Do you own any tokens within the other blockchains? Send them to the Polygon network via the bridge.

It’s the easiest method to change the token network.

ETH to MATIC Bridge

Most probably you have tokens on the Ethereum tokens. 

Let’s assume you want to move some stablecoins from ETH→Polygon. 

See the easy step-to-step guide on how to transfer tokens from the Ethereum network to the MATIC network. Have your Metamask wallet prepared.

eth to matic bridge crypto
The easy method how to transfer tokens from ETH chain to MATIC network
  1. Head to the Multichain bridge (or another trusted app supporting the Polygon network)
  2. Connect your Metamask wallet to the bridge app
  3. Choose the networks you want to move tokens between
  4. Enter the desired number of tokens and initiate the process
  5. Confirm the transaction. You will be charged blockchain and bridge service fees (Crosschain Fee is 0.01 %, Minimum Crosschain Fee is 0.5 USDC)

BSC to MATIC Bridge

Or would you like to move funds from BNB Chain to the Polygon network? The process is very similar to the previous one.

You can easily swap USDT, USDC, or other tokens from the Binance network to the Polygon network.

For this purpose, we’ll use the same Multichain app.

bnb to matic bridge
Make the USDT swap between BNB Chain and Polygon network
  1. Again, connect to the Multichain bridge
  2. Choose the BNB → MATIC swap
  3. Pick the token and amount you’re looking to swap
  4. Click ‘Swap’
  5. Confirm the transaction. You will be charged blockchain and bridge service fees (Crosschain Fee is 0.01 %, Minimum Crosschain Fee is 0.5 USDC)

Polygon Gambling Recap and Alternatives

The Polygon network ecosystem has grown immensely during the past years. And there are several high-quality crypto casinos where you can gamble with MATIC tokens.

Using MATIC for gambling is a very bright choice as the transaction costs are minimal. Send funds from casino to wallet or from casino to casino for just a few US cents.

As the Polygon network is accepted on several Bitcoin casinos, you can access special features crypto casinos offer. MATIC isn’t the only token supported within the Polygon network. Send USDT, USDC, and other coins for small fees.

Polygon (MATIC) Casino Fees

As we’ve stated, Polygon withdrawals are ultra-cheap.

See the table of MATIC withdrawal fees on individual crypto casinos.

Casino Withdrawal Fee
BetFury 0.05 MATIC (Polygon), 0.5 MATIC (as BEP-20 token) and ~7.5 MATIC (ERC-20 within Ethereum network)
BC.Game 0.5 MATIC (both Polygon and BSC network)
Pasino 0.0009 MATIC

With the Polygon network implemented, some crypto casinos might allow you to make payments within the blockchain with other coins and tokens.

For example, you can deposit and withdraw USDT and USDC at BC.Game and BetFury casinos for minuscule fees.

usdt polygon payments
Make Tether (USDT) deposits and withdrawals within the Polygon network (for a super low fee)

Other Similar Cryptos like Polygon (MATIC)

The best thing about playing with Polygon is the cheap transactions and the ability to utilize the features of crypto casinos.

Explore similar cryptocurrencies and see the lists of casinos that support these.

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