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provably fair Bitcoin casinos

Provably Fair Casinos 2024

Discover the Future of online Gambling: Provably Fair Casinos. Experience transparent, trustworthy gameplay as we reveal the advanced technology ensuring fairness in every bet. 

What you'll learn in the Probably Fair Gambling guide💡

Provably Fair sites provide players the ability to verify the fairness of their bets, ensuring transparency and trust. Provably Fair games are built on open-source algorithms and run on smart contracts, preventing any manipulation of outcomes. Leveraging blockchain technology, these games secure online gaming for the future.

Sign up at BC.Game, BetFury, or Bitsler for top-tier Provably Fair gambling as these sites run multiple entertaining crypto games.

In this guide, we will explain how the technology works in detail, what Provably Games you can play, and how to verify the fairness of game outcomes.

Top Crypto Provably Fair Casinos 2024

Best Provably Fair Sites

Do you prefer transparent crypto games? Then check out the recommended Bitcoin casinos with Provably fair games. But first, see how to choose the Bitcoin gambling sites in general.

Pick the Right Bitcoin Casino

The first step to enjoying Provably Fair games is to pick the right site where you have to sign up and deposit your crypto funds. Follow the guidelines to ensure you’ve chosen a reputable casino to avoid potential issues in the future.

Discover the Top Provably Fair sites that check the mentioned criteria for fair gameplay and secure funds. We’ve tested the casino and games with our funds in anonymity, so you don’t have to waste time looking for the perfect site.


BC.Game is one of the best crypto casinos offering Provably Fair games. In the BC Originals lobby, you can explore over 20 titles like Dice, Plinko, Keno, and others. The casino allows you to verify the results of every single round.

Claim the deposit bonus and enjoy these Provably Fair games along with 6,000+ slots with any of over 60 accepted coins. Play at BC.Game regularly to access higher rewards and all the features like weekly and monthly bonuses.

provably fair games
Enjoy Provably Fair games at the top-tier Bitcoin casino BC.Game


Another site to check if you’re into Provably Fair gambling is BetFury. This quality Bitcoin casino and sportsbook has a player base of thousands of Betfurians who enjoy the BetFury perks and games. Try all 16 in-house games, including Limbo, Dice, or even a Fury Wild slot. All these game outcomes can be easily verified with the SHA256 script.

BetFury is a great crypto-gambling site for players seeking high bonuses. Everyone can earn rewards via dividends, Cashback, Rakeback, and several other streams.

provably fair games betfury
BetFury casino provides many in-house Provably Fair games. On top of that, you'll earn dividends.


Bitsler has been operating on the market for several years and provides gaming services to thousands of satisfied players. Join the fun in any of the 19 provably fair games (Blackjack, HiLo, or the Crash game called Blast) run by Bitsler.

Get the exclusive 125% deposit bonus and start your journey with added value. Rank your VIP level up to receive additional bonuses and increase the Rakeback rewards.

provably fair games bitsler
Bitsler offers casino games including 15+ Originals and sports betting with Bitcoin and many other coins

Provably Fair Games

There are many Provably Fair games and their variations you can play with Bitcoin and other coins. The following games are among the most popular:

Continue reading if you want to learn more about these Provably Fair games, where you can play these, and how blockchain technology affects the gameplay.

One of the crypto staples is Dice. This versatile yet simple game provides a wide variety of betting. Thanks to auto-betting, Dice is the ideal tool for using betting strategies. Enable the Turbo-mode for ultra-quick betting that can be beneficial when you farm VIP ranks or compete in wager races.

Provably Fair Dice provides a simple way to verify the randomness of the outcome.

Check the best Bitcoin casinos that run their Provably Fair Dice games – BC.Game with three Dice variations, BetFury, with the Flash-bet feature or visit Bitsler for high RTP Dice. Enjoy the wins up to x9,900 with the credible sites.

Casino Dice House Edge Rewards
BC.Game 1% Rank up Bonuses, Weekly and Monthly bonus, Free Crypto Wheel
BetFury 1% Dividends, Cashback, Rakeback, Rank up Bonuses
Pasino 5% Complex VIP Program - Rakeback, Bonuses 1% Flash Bet feature on Dice, Rakeback, VIP Wheel and Bonuses
Bitsler 1% Deposit bonus, Cash coupons and Rakeback

Crypto slots are another popular category. It’s important to distinguish two types of slot machines when it comes to Provably Fair gambling.

Original slots by crypto casinos usually come with the Provably Fair technology integrated, while not all third-party games run on this protocol. But don’t expect casinos to be cheating with these non-Provably Fair slots. Sites operate under a gambling license, and the games by well-known providers are regulated. Players can easily see the return-to-player percentage and no statistics are hidden.

provably fair slots
Filter out BGaming slots for Provably Fair variants

Visit Stake, BC.Game or BetFury for in-house slots running on the Provably Fair protocol. With Original slots, you will achieve higher RTP and more rewards. On the negative side, these games provide less graphically enticing alternatives to third-party slot machines. Some providers start to release their Provably Fair slots like BGaming – find these slots at Metaspins, BetPlay and other quality crypto casinos.

Many crypto casinos also run popular Crash games and their variations. Fly the rocket as far as you can to achieve super-high multipliers. Are you afraid of the validity of game outcomes? Sign up at reputable Bitcoin casinos and try your luck in Provably Fair Crash. Verify the results easily with various tools.

Choose your favorite Crash game on these Provably Fair sites:

provably fair crash game
BC.Game provides a top-notch Crash game that runs on the Provably Fair protocol

Do you enjoy playing crypto Roulette? Join the live casino tables or Provably Fair Roulette games by crypto casinos. This features the maximum RTP possible with bonuses like Cashback and Rakeback.

Explore various options for Provably Fair Roulette games at the following sites:

provably fair roulette
Join BC.Game for the in-house Roulette game with many settings


Even Blackjack can be ruled by Provably Fair technology. Verify the bets and results of the game against the computer.

Join the Blackjack tables at Provably Fair sites:

provably fair blackjack
Blackjack by Bitsler uses the Provably Fair system that ensure randomness of the results

This was just a short list of the most popular crypto games that run on the Provably Fair protocol. If you want to discover even more options, check out the following titles offered by Bitcoin casinos.

How Provably Fair Games Work

Simply put what does the Provably Fair mean:

Dive deeper into the Provably Fair technology and how it works in your favor.


In the ever-evolving world of online gaming, fairness and trust are paramount concerns for players seeking an enjoyable and secure experience.

Traditional online gambling platforms often leave players questioning the integrity of their game outcomes, relying solely on blind faith in the operator’s claims. However, a groundbreaking concept known as “Provably Fair” has emerged, offering a revolutionary solution to this age-old challenge.

By leveraging advanced cryptographic techniques and transparent verification processes, Provably Fair games empower players with the ability to independently verify the fairness of their game results. In this article, we delve into the mechanics of Provably Fair games, exploring the technology that underpins their operations and shedding light on how players can be confident in the transparency and trustworthiness of their gaming experiences.

We’ve covered the basics of the Provably Fair technology. Learn more about the algorithms and how crypto casinos run their PF games.

The Algorithm

The Provably Fair system works by combining various elements and algorithms to ensure fairness and randomness in online gaming. Here’s a simplified explanation of how it typically works:

      1. Server Seed: The casino generates a random and undisclosed server seed, which is used as one of the key inputs in the algorithm.

      2. Client Seed: The player provides their own random client seed before each game or round. This seed adds an additional element of randomness and allows players to control the outcome.

      3. Nonce: A nonce is a unique value, often an incremental number or timestamp, assigned to each game round to ensure it remains distinct and unpredictable.

      4. Hashing: The server seed, client seed, and nonce are combined and hashed together using a cryptographic hash function, such as SHA-256. This creates a unique hash value.

      5. Game Outcome: The hash value generated is used to determine the game outcome, such as a winning number in roulette or a card dealt in blackjack. The outcome is usually derived from a specific range of values or predetermined probabilities.

      6. Reveal and Verification: The server seed is revealed after the game outcome is determined. The player can then verify the fairness by using the client seed, server seed, and nonce to recreate the hash value. If the hash matches the previously generated hash value, it confirms that the game outcome was not altered or manipulated.


A combination of the secret Server seed + random Client seed creates a value ensuring the randomness of the game outcome

The client seed is under the player’s control adding an additional layer of randomness to the equation.

Now we’ve acknowledged the details of the Provably Fair system, so let’s evaluate the benefits for players. A combination of values makes the system resistant to being predicted or tampered with.


How can players benefit from betting with crypto at Provably Fair sites? What are the advantages of the traditional games?

As you can see, the Provably Fair system is robust and resistant to being hacked. But how can you be sure the casino does use this technology in reality?

How to Verify The Fairness

Every quality Bitcoin casino that states its games run on the Provably Fair protocol should provide you with all the required values to check the validity of the game result. The utilized algorithms can differ slightly, but the validators and calculators should be available.

Step-by-Step Guide

Follow the clear step-by-step instructions for verifying the outcome of a Provably Fair game:

Step 1: Obtain the Required Information

Make sure you have the following information: server seed, client seed, nonce, and game result. These details can be viewed in the “My Bets” history (at Stake, BC.Game, BetFury, and other sites). Click on the particular bet and all the values should be presented there.

Step 2: Understand the Algorithm Used

Familiarize yourself with the specific algorithm or method used for verifying the fairness of the game. This information may be available on the website or provided by the platform. Various casinos use different validators—more on that later.

Step 3: Verify Seeds

Note Server and Client seeds before the round and compare them with the presented date to make sure these weren’t changed during your play.

Step 4: Calculate the Game Result

Apply the predetermined algorithm to combine the server seed, client seed, and nonce to calculate the game result. The calculation should match the result provided by the platform. They should be identical. Their match confirms the fairness and integrity of the game.

Follow these steps every time you want peace of mind and when you doubt the game outcomes.

Provably Fair Games Validator

As stated previously, Provably Fair gambling sites provide various validating applications to their users. They’re set for the casino’s exact algorithm, and players can check game fairness.

We’ll show you the quickest methods to check fairness for popular casinos individually. Provably Fair Calculator

Stake runs the calculator on-site. Click on the bet you want to validate and navigate to the verify tab. Insert your data and check the validity of their in-house games. Stake runs one of the most popular Original games like Dice, Plinko, HiLo, or some simple slots.

Stake casino is one of the biggest operators of online games, and it needs to be seen as a trustworthy platform.

BC.Game Provably Fair Calculator

Do you need to verify your bets at BC.Game? No problem! Select the particular bet in your history, and click Verify button that will get you to GitHub (classic Dice). Enter all the seeds and check the validity of your bet.

Same as with, the casino doesn’t have the incentive to scam their players when the edge is on the operator’s side. You should be OK trusting in BC.Game, but here you’ve got a tool to be sure when playing in-house games.

BetFury Provably Fair Calculator

The Provably Fair checker is available to BetFury players as well. Open the tab by clicking on the particular bet in the history and validate the equality of the hash round.

Enjoy BetFury PF games and earn BFG tokens to receive daily dividend payouts.

Conclusion and Future of Gambling

As you can see, the Provably Fair games have the advantages of a transparent system behind the results and more potential features incorporated into the gambling platform.

With the explanation of how these algorithms work and by providing the right tools, every player can grasp the topic and validate game outcomes.

We can expect more crypto casinos and game providers will base their products on the Provably Fair technology to attract more players. It’s a win-win situation. Players can be sure about the fairness of the results, and casinos lower costs for providing services with Original games that are created in-house.

Provably Fair Games

Provably Fair Gambling FAQ

Is it legal to play Provably Fair games?

Yes, it is. But it depends on the gambling laws and regulations in your jurisdiction.

Check the casino’s terms and conditions. Follow these to be in line with the rules for gambling.

What is Provably Fair?

To check Provably Fair games, follow these general steps:

    1. Collect Information: Gather the necessary details provided by the Provably Fair casino, including seeds, nonces, and game results.

    2. Understand the Algorithm: Familiarize yourself with the algorithm used for verification.

    3. Verify Seeds: Confirm that the disclosed server seed and your client seed match the ones used during the game.

    4. Calculate and compare Results: Use the algorithm, checker, and provided data to independently calculate the game result. Compare it with the one presented by the Provably Fair site

How to beat Provably Fair?

There is no way to beat or hack the Provably Fair system.

The casino games run with the house edge, benefiting the operators in the long-run. These are designed with advanced algorithms and cryptographic techniques to ensure fairness and randomness. The transparency of the system and cryptographic security make any attempts to manipulate the outcomes virtually impossible.

Instead of trying to beat the system, focus on responsible gambling practices and enjoy the excitement of playing in a fair and transparent gaming environment.

What cryptocurrencies I can play Provably Fair Games with?

You can play Provably Fair games with Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies.

What coins are accepted depends on the platform you’ve chosen for playing. The top crypto casinos with many supported coins are BC.Game, BetFury, Bitsler or Stake. Deposit and enjoy secure games with Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tron, Binance Coin or Solana.

Author of the Provably Fair Gambling Guide