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Satoshi Secret Slot Review

Get in the role of a crypto hacker and get thousands of dollars out of the system. Massive wins await you on this 6-reels slot

satoshi secret slot review

Satoshi Secret Slot Gameplay

Do you miss more crypto-related slots? Try out the Satoshi Secret for the exceptional thrill of being a professional hacker being able to get into the bank account and send the balances your way.

satoshi secret slot in game
Enjoy the Satoshi Secret video slot for hacker-minded players

Your wins will come from 20 lines and 6 reels, select the coin size value ranging from 0.01 to 5. Choose the number of coins per line in the “Bet” tab.

That makes a minimum bet of $0.01 and the maximum bet $200.

The wild symbol can substitute for all the symbols except for the bonus bitcoin symbol.

Satoshi Secret comes with 4 high-paying symbols. 

Bonus Plays

Trading Bonus

Hit four Bitcoin signs anywhere in 2-3-4-5 reels to open the Trading bonus game. Once that happens, you’re given chance to collect 30 total bets or use them in forex-like trading.

In this game, your goal is to correctly predict the price movement of a given currency. Click on “Rise” or “Fall” and observe if the price moves in a favorable way.

In case you don’t want to continue, click on the “Take Profit” and collect the winnings.


Every time Q-W-E-R-T-Y letters are rolled, the special bonus is triggered and the QWERTY game launches.

There is a list of bank accounts you can hack into. They’re labeled by a color describing the difficulty of getting into them.

Bonus Pop Buy

At any time, you’re allowed to buy Bonus pop and play either the QWERTY bonus game or the TRADING bonus game. Just enter the size of your bet to set the price of the Bonus Pop.

Once you’ve bought Bonus Pop, choose which game you want to continue with. The gameplay is the same as hitting the Bonus Pop by chance.

Risk Games (Gamble)

With each win, you’ve got an option to play Gamble – double the winnings if your card beats the Dealer’s one.

Double your stack up multiple times, but be aware you lose it all if one loss occurs.

satoshi secret gamble
The Risk feature lets you double the winnings


This slot for crypto enthusiasts is well animated and full of special features to satisfy most of the players.

Enjoy the dark video slot and try to multiply your bets by rolling high-paying symbols or through the gamble feature.

Play Satoshi Secret

Satoshi Secret can be found at these trustworthy crypto casinos

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