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Best VPN Friendly Crypto Casinos 2024

Unlock Your Gaming Potential: Dive into casinos that allow VPN for unrestricted fun and maximum security. Experience the thrill of gambling with Bitcoin and crypto and explore the best VPN-friendly casinos.

VPN Friendly Casinos 2024

Best VPN-Friendly Crypto Casinos

Each crypto casino has different Terms and conditions. The majority of sites allow it. While others explicitly state that it’s forbidden to use VPN services. How to pick an appropriate casino?

Choose a VPN Friendly Casino

Consider these factors when choosing a casino for playing and betting that is VPN-friendly.

The majority of crypto casinos permit VPNs. We list the best Bitcoin casinos that allow you to use VPN service for improved security and privacy.

#1 - BC.Game

BC.Game stands out as one of the top casinos that allow VPN. The platform can satisfy almost every crypto enthusiast—choose from over 6,000 games and take advantage of generous bonuses.

If you’re into sports betting, the BC.Game welcomes you to their crypto sportsbook. Access the top-tier betting site with a VPN from anywhere in the world.

vpn chat
BC.Game support says it's allowed to use VPN

#2 - BetFury

BetFury is another trustworthy crypto casino VPN option. The maximum fun awaits you at this excellent gambling platform. Either play 10+ in-house games, popular slots, or bet on sports. Play with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or any 40+ supported coins.

Acquire native BFG tokens and receive daily dividends (a share of casino profits). Be a loyal BetFury player, collect bonuses from the rewarding program, and battle for the top prizes in the daily $20K races.

VPN betfury chat
BetFury support mentions VPN isn't restricted

#3 - Stake

Play with VPN on the most famous crypto casino Stake. The tremendous game selection will satisfy the needs of every player. Try simple yet exciting in-house games – high payouts for high-rollers and players with limited bankrolls.

Head to the sportsbook for extensive coverage of sporting events. The neverending stream of beneficial promotions adds trill and value to your betting. As Stake allows players to use VPN, you’re good to go. Secure and hide your gambling activities.

vpn stake chat
Statement about VPN usage from Stake support.

Play Casino Games with VPN

Playing with online casinos that allow VPN allows you to access even more casino games, thanks to avoiding geo-blocking. Let’s take a look at the most popular crypto games.

Popular Games

Bitcoin players love to spin it up at slots or in-house games (also called Originals). Quality casinos provide a selection of thousands of slot machines by popular vendors. These games feature superb graphics, engaging sounds, and the potential for mega wins.


Try collections of crypto Originals if you’re looking for something more simple and fast-paced. Dice, Plinko, Crash, HiLo, and Keno are widely recognized in-house games that provide never-ending fun with the highest payouts (up to RTP 99%). Generally, you won’t get geo-blocked on these games often, so you won’t need to hide your IPs. Casinos limit access to slots and live casino games more strictly.

Another Originals’ benefit is they are based on the Provably Fair protocol, ensuring the highest security and integrity. Every player can verify the randomness of the game.

Live Casino

Another option is to enter the crypto Live casino with a selection of games such as Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, or Poker.

If your country is blocked from some of the Bitcoin Live casino lobbies, it’s wise to access it with a VPN. Try to beat the real dealers in your favorite card games.

Bet on Sports with a VPN

Do you want to use a VPN for your sports betting activities? No problem, pick any of the recommended crypto sportsbooks. VPNs allow you to access more sports betting opportunities and improve your security even more.

Bet on the following sports with enhanced privacy:

We recommend using ExpressVPN or other reliable services for those into sports betting with a VPN. It’s the best VPN for sports betting with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other coins with the highest privacy. This is the list of VPN-friendly sports betting sites that support cryptocurrencies.

Sportsbook VPN Allowed Features
BC.Game Deposit bonus, promotions $100K Daily race & $50K weekly giveaway, promotions High betting odds, sports promotions $1,000 Daily Race, VIP program
betfury sportsbook vpn allowed
VPN is allowed at BetFury. Enjoy the sportsbook with a wide events coverage and high betting odds

Crypto Casinos Against VPN Usage

While many are VPN-friendly casinos, not every crypto casino is open to VPNs for gambling. It’s essential to know where you stand. When you arrive at such a gambling site, it’s wise to move on to the next one that won’t have this restriction. You risk a loss of your funds when breaking the casino’s T&C.

Don’t use a VPN on following crypto casinos.

Casino VPN Allowed Play without VPN for
Nitrobetting NO-KYC Gambling site, Poker and Racebook Esports betting, $3k 2-Day Race

VPN Gambling Benefits and Drawbacks

If you want to use VPN services for gambling, you should know why. Usually, the main reasons are increased privacy and the ability to hide your IP.

Reasons to use a VPN

It’s recommended to hide your IP address and improve privacy when browsing the internet. But there are more merits to go with a VPN service.

Why do players use VPNs for changing geo-location? For example, you might be on vacation in a region restricted from playing your favorite slot (the game provider doesn’t provide services in that particular country). What now? Use any VPN software to change your visible IP address to the geo-location of the allowed country.

On top of that, your data is more protected while using the VPN. Feel safe when connecting to public Wi-Fi or a shared home network.

In what cases you shouldn't be using VPN

If you don’t require increased privacy and security, you might be better off by not launching a VPN. 

This way your internet connection remains stable and without the speed drop.

Also, there’s a chance your funds might be at risk. If the crypto casino (not allowing VPNs) finds out you’re using a VPN service, your money on the player’s balance might get seized. 

Always make sure you don’t break the operator’s T&Cs.

Change your IP address for increased security and access to all the crypto games.

No KYC Casinos

If you don’t require increased privacy and security, you might be better off by not launching a VPN. 

This way your internet connection remains stable and without the speed drop.

Also, there’s a chance your funds might be at risk. If the crypto casino (not allowing VPNs) finds out you’re using a VPN service, your money on the player’s balance might get seized. 

Always make sure you don’t break the operator’s T&Cs.

Some people don’t want to link their identity with crypto gambling activities.

In that case, it’s clever to look for Bitcoin No-KYC casinos. These gambling sites won’t ask you for ID verification unless you act against their T&C.

Keeping your funds on a No KYC site might be riskier as it’d be more difficult to get reimbursed in case of a scam or a hack.

Best VPN Software For Gambling

If you’ve decided to use the best VPN for gambling, here are some top recommendations. We focus on presenting high-quality software for a fair price.

We can recommend ExpressVPN as it’s been on the market for several years and features all the important functions.

ExpressVPN Features

How to Use ExpressVPN for Crypto Gambling

Follow this easy, step-to-step manual to start playing at crypto casinos with a VPN.

Sign up at Express VPN

Subscribe to ExpressVPN (30-day guarantee money-back) for $6.67 and get an activation code.

Download, Install and Launch ExpressVPN

Install the software on your device. Start the app.

Connect to VPN Server

Choose your preferred location. There are multiple options. Make adjustments to settings according to your needs.

Success! Start Playing Now!

Now, you can head to VPN-friendly crypto casinos. Enjoy your favorite games and sports betting. Good luck!

express vpn connected vpn-friendly casinos
Now you're all set and ready to play favorite titles.

Best VPN for

Stake is the #1 crypto casino and sportsbook in the world. The betting volume is enormous, and it’s one of the best places for Bitcoin whales, as Stake’s limits are extraordinary. Play with the VPN on Stake to access all the games.

Everybody wants to try the most popular crypto casino Stake. Play from any country and take advantage of the platform’s generous bonuses and rewards. Use VPN for secure and unblocked gambling entertainment. 

I recommend using ExpressVPN. It’s the best VPN for Stake casino—play thousands of slots, 15+ Originals, and exclusive promotions only for Stake players.

Best VPN for BC.Game

Another highly popular crypto platform is BC.Game. Use VPN service to enjoy the BC.Game to the fullest.

The casino offers 6,000+ slots and 24+ in-house games with a 99% RTP (the highest in the business). Often, players can claim up to 360% deposit bonuses. The ones with extraordinary VIP levels can reap extra benefits and participate in exclusive competitions. It’d be a shame if you miss all this. So load a VPN and join BC.Game to enjoy the best crypto gambling.

The best VPN for BC.Game is ExpressVPN.

Best VPN for BetFury

As the base of BetFurians keeps growing, the demand for a high-quality VPN at BetFury also increases.

We recommend using ExpressVPN for BetFury gambling. Enjoy thousands of top-tier online casino games and try to build up your crypto stack. BetFury cannot stop you from using VPN software; you can load it up to access any available game.

Best VPN for Rollbit

It would be a shame not to have access to Rollbit, one of the most innovative crypto casinos on the scene. Rollbit team continues to bring new features every now and then. Not that you can play casino games and bet on sports with the platform, but you can also trade cryptocurrencies with leverage.

If you’ve been blocked from the site or you want improved privacy, access Rollbit with a VPN. ExpressVPN is a top-tier software for such casinos, and you can fully experience Rollbit’s casino, sportsbook, trading, or NFT integration. Get paid for holding Rollbot NFTs!

VPN Gambling Conclusion

Using a VPN for crypto gambling has merits in some situations, although it isn’t required for most players. Use it if you want to play from the cafe’s public Wi-Fi. Or let’s say you’re on vacation and want to play your favorite game titles. But you’re restricted due to your current location. Never mind. Launch the VPN to win in your preferred games.

Be aware of the situation when the casino forbids using proxy software. If you break the site’s terms and conditions, your crypto funds could be at risk.

VPN Friendly Casinos

VPN Gambling FAQ

Yes. You can.

If you’re not concerned about the privacy and security of your network connection, don’t use a VPN.

Listed gambling sites on the DoubleTheBitcoin website are trustworthy and secure.

The terms and conditions for using IP-masking software differ.

See the list of VPN-friendly casinos to see which one won’t penalize you for using it.

Use any of the VPN services.

Connect to available servers in accepted territories. This way, you can still play all the games.

Popular crypto and FIAT casino Gamdom allows VPN. Enjoy 3000+ slots and original games on Gamdom casino. Use VPN to hide your location.

gamdom vpn chat

Yes. You can. allows using a VPN.

Try ExpressVPN software to access the most popular crypto casino – Stake. Play slots and 15+ original games anonymously. Try it for 30 days for free at Stake casino and sportsbook. 

We recommend using trusted and tested VPNs rather than no-name services.

Author of the Bitcoin Gambling with VPN Guide