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solana dice casinos

Best Solana Dice Sites 2024

Discover the fusion of Bitcoin popular game Dice and fast Solana blockchain. Where you can have fun and win big with SOL?

BC.Game, Bitsler and BetFury are the top picks for Solana Dice gambling.

Top Solana Dice Sites 2024

What you'll learn in the Solana Dice guide💡

This article will guide you through registering an account at a credible casinos and help you to maximize earning while enjoying top-tier Dice games.

Best Solana Dice Sites

We recommend playing Solana Dice at high-tier crypto casinos. This page shows which ones are the best ones. Before signing up and depositing at the gambling site, you should do some research. We help you with that.

Pick a Solana Casino

Determining your priorities is crucial when selecting a site for crypto gambling. Are you looking for a deposit bonus and VIP program, or do you seek exclusive games and promotions?

Keep these considerations in mind when picking a casino that suits your requirements.

We have hand-picked the top Solana sites, so you won’t have to waste time searching for the best platforms. Sign up at any recommended casino to keep your funds with credible operators.


Play Solana dice at BC.Game Casino is a top-rated platform offering various Dice games. The site stands out with its exceptional variety of originals (Provably Fair), blending classic gaming with modern Solana blockchain benefits.

Sign up, claim a Solana deposit bonus, and take action. No matter if you want to bet only for a few cents or possess a bankroll with thousands of dollars worth of SOL. BC.Game allows for a wide range of side bets. platform showcasing Solana dice game interface
Roll into the future of gaming with Solana Dice at BC.Game!


BetFury is another innovative Bitcoin gambling platform providing a top-tier experience to a broad crypto audience. With over 7,000 games and support for 40 cryptocurrencies, it’s one of the best choices for Dice gambling and casino playing in general.

The platform allows Solana payments and offers two in-house Dice options. Play these for the highest RTP (up to 99.02%) on the market, or browse many third-party Dice variations—everything available to Solana players. Either way, expect to be rewarded with many bonuses via the loyalty program.

BetFury interface displaying Solana Dice game
Dive into the world of Solana Dice on BetFury and experience unmatched excitement!


Bitsler is a Bitcoin OG casino that has evolved into an all-around platform. It accepts Solana payments and can attract players with its own selection of in-house games, including Dice. The native Dice game is simple, allowing betting strategies and hyper-fast betting.

Sign up at Bitsler and claim the DTB-exclusive deposit bonus of 125% up to $700. Then, you can continue to receive rewards via the VIP program. High-volume players share a pool of $1500 every day. Given it’s pretty doable to climb the leaderboard with Solana Dice, you have a great shot!

Bitsler's Solana Dice game screen for players
Step up your game with Bitsler's Solana Dice – where strategy meets luck!

How to Play Solana Dice

Do you want to roll Dice with Solana? The process is simple. Once you’ve picked a casino, deposit SOL to the casino and start playing.

Step-by-Step Instructions
Sign up at any site from the recommended casinos.
Send SOL tokens to the casino and claim your Solana bonus.
Choose the game based on your preferences. Load an Original or a third-party option.
If you finish the session in a profit, you can withdraw winnings immediately.

As you can see, everyone can join the best Dice games if you hold Solana (or other cryptocurrency).

Dice Rules

At the heart of dice games lies a simple concept. The basic premise revolves around predicting the outcome of a dice roll, which can range from a simple over/under bet. Players place their bets on the anticipated outcome, and the dice are “rolled” digitally. The result is generated by a random number generator (RNG), ensuring fairness and unpredictability in every game.

The game is simple yet versatile if you utilize all the possible settings. Look at the step-by-step guide for playing Solana Dice.

    1. Choose Your Bet Type: Decide if you want to bet on the dice rolling above or below a certain number. By moving the bar, you change the probability and the winning multiplier.

    2. Set Your Bet Amount: Determine how many SOL you want to wager on this roll. Most platforms will have a minimum and maximum bet amount.

    3. Roll the Dice: Once your bet is placed, you ‘roll’ the dice by initiating the game’s random number generator. This will determine the outcome of the roll. You can bet manually round by round, or select auto-betting with a strategy (more on this later).

    4. Win or Lose: If the dice land according to your bet (either above or below your chosen number), you win and receive a payout based on the game’s odds. You lose your wagered amount if the outcome is opposite to your bet.

Setting multiplier option in a crypto dice game interface
Amplify your wins! Set your multiplier and let the dice roll to fortune.

Dice Betting Strategies

To spice things up, use known or novel betting strategies. Crypto Dice is an ideal game for this. With live-betting statistics, you can easily monitor whether your strategy is successful.

Master dice betting strategies to significantly enhance your gameplay and potentially increase your winnings. While it’s essential to remember that the house always has an edge in the long run, employing strategies can offer short-term gains and add extra excitement. Here’s a condensed overview of popular Solana dice strategies, along with tips on where to apply them:

Martingale Strategy

This classic approach involves doubling your bet after each loss, aiming for a win that recovers all previous losses plus a profit equal to the original stake. It suits players seeking quick wins but requires a substantial balance to sustain potential losing streaks. To minimize risks, opt to start with smaller bets.

Delayed Martingale Strategy

A variation of the traditional Martingale, this strategy waits for a streak of three consecutive losses before doubling the bet, moderating the rapid increase in size. It’s a prudent approach for players looking to balance risk and reward.

Where to Utilize Advanced Strategies?

The best Solana Dice site on which to use betting strategies are BC.Game, BetFury or Bitsler. Enter your conditions, try the performance and save strategies for latter use.

For detailed insights and to explore specific casinos offering these strategic features, direct engagement with the original content is recommended. This will provide a comprehensive understanding of each strategy’s nuances and how to implement them in gameplay effectively.

Creating custom dice strategies on BetFury's platform
Master the dice with your strategies at BetFury and watch your fortunes unfold.

Types of Solana Dice

Given that Dice is a staple of online gambling, there are many variants of this popular game. Various games might differ slightly, while others run under unique rules.

This is the list of the most common Dice game types:

  • Classic Dice: This is the simplest form, where players bet on the outcome of a dice roll that is higher or lower than a predetermined number. It’s straightforward, allows betting strategies, and is fast-paced.
  • Craps: Adapted from the traditional casino table game, Bitcoin craps involves betting on the outcomes of the roll of two dice, with various betting options available, mimicking the complexity of its real-world counterpart.
  • Live Dealer Dice: Combining the convenience of online gambling with the authenticity of live casinos, this variant features a real dealer rolling the dice in real time, streamed to players.
  • Provably Fair Dice: While not a separate game type, most Bitcoin dice games are backed by a Provably Fair system. The protocol enhances trust in the game’s integrity.

Solana Provably Fair Dice

Most high-tier crypto casinos offer a collection of in-house games running on the Provably Fair protocol. This protocol ensures game results are fair and quickly validated by every player. Dice is usually part of such Original selections.

Turbo mode, a wide range of betting limits, increased integrity, and better payouts are the main benefits of Provably Fair Dice. Look at the best Dice Solana casinos with original Dice games:

Game/Casino RTP Note
BC.Game Classic Dice 99% Turbo mode, High betting limits, Strategies
BetFury Dice 99.02% Turbo mode, $20K Daily Battle, Strategies
Bitsler Dice 99% Super-fast, Simple, $125% Bonus up to $700
Duelbits Dice 99% Turbo-mode, Daily and Weekly Races, Up to 50% Rewards

Live Casino Solana Dice

Jump into Live Casino Dice variants with SOL tokens and experience real dealer action. Stick to popular games like Craps Live, Lightning Dice or explore novel titles such as Football Studio Dice. These are available at the majority of Solana casinos.

Lightning Dice game screen at Solana Live Casino
Experience the electrifying thrill of Lightning Dice at Solana Live Casino.

Gambling with Solana

We have discussed the differences between Bitcoin and FIAT gambling. But why would you prefer to play with Solana instead of sticking to more popular choices like Bitcoin or Ethereum?

Solana gambling and Rolling Dice are for risk-averse people or simple Solana blockchain fans. Besides almost non-existent transaction fees, gambling with Solana has more benefits.

Let’s assume you want to hold SOL tokens to multiply the value of your crypto holdings (potentially). Solana casinos allow you to keep and use funds within the Solana network—no need to trade for other coins. Another factor might be investment potential. Generally, Solana’s price moves more significantly. Thus, it has a shot at a more significant value increase over time.

Advantages over Bitcoin Dice

FIAT casinos are for risk-averse players. Bitcoin gambling is for curios players, and Solana gambling is for degens.

Let’s take a look at the differences between Solana and Bitcoin Dice. Which one suits you more?

Aspect Solana Bitcoin
Price Stability More Volatile - SOL's value is more susceptible to swings in crypto markets. More stable
Transaction Speed Fast (instant) Slightly slower (10min blocks)
Transaction Fees Close to zero (0) Can get expensive, especially in times of network congestion ($1-20)
Privacy Consideration Decent security Transactions provide a higher level of privacy, suiting privacy-conscious players

It’s essential to highlight that Bitcoin continues to be the leading cryptocurrency, renowned for its unparalleled integrity and stability. While newer, more flexible blockchains are emerging, BTC remains the #1 crypto king.

Web3 Solana Gambling

What do you need to sign up at Solana Dice Casino? Usually, entering an email address and a password is enough. 

Some websites allow you to log in using Gmail, Stream, or Metamask. This makes signing in much faster and more convenient.

When it comes to Solana web3 wallets, join at Solcasino or HunnyPlay — both casinos allow Phantom connection. Solcasino offers both casino games and sports betting and simplified crypto Futures trading on top.

Connect via Phantom Wallet for fast sign-up and sign-in.

Use a VPN service (if allowed) to enhance your privacy even more. Or launch it if you run into problems loading particular games (geo-blocked).

Summing Up the Solana Dice

Concluding our journey through the world of Solana Dice, this guide has armed you with the knowledge to select top-tier casinos, understand dice game dynamics, and explain the advantages of Solana gambling.

Select the game you want to try and register at credible sites. With Solana’s low-cost transactions and the possibility of connecting web3 wallets to the casino, it’s never been easier to start rolling the Dice. 

Solana Dice

Solana Dice FAQ

It is legal.

Solana gambling’s legality depends on your jurisdiction, though. Always ensure you’re following the laws of your region before engaging in online Blackjack gambling.

Sure. Check out the crypto gambling sites mentioned below for a deposit bonus.  
Casino Bonus offer
BC.Game 100% Deposit Bonus up to $20,000
Bitsler 125% Deposit Bonus: Claimable on any game or sports
Pasino Four installments – up to 300% Deposit bonus
HunnyPlay 300% Bonus + 100 Free Spins up to $500

As low as $0.01. Depending on the game chosen.

Suppose you’re looking for small-stakes Dice—Bitsler, BC. Game or Startbets are your choices. Conversely, high-rollers will be accommodated on the same streets. Are you looking for a place to bet $1000+? Look no further.

Author of the Solana Dice Guide