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Rollbit Review

Main Features

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Gamified crypto casino with slots and original games. Highly rewarding loyalty program, NFT marketplace and special features.
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License Curacao
KYC Yes (Rollbit reserves the right to ask for KYC documentation at any time
Restricted Countries China, Netherlands, Dutch Caribbean Islands, Curacao, France, United States and/or any other restricted by law country or state

Deposits and Withdrawals

At the moment, Rollbit accepts four cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Litecoin (LTC) and Solana (SOL). Once the deposit is made, your balance will be granted in USD equivalent. That means your  balance isn’t subject to high volatility nature of crypto markets.

Choose the coin you want to deposit and send fund to the generated address. Crypto funds will be transacted into USD value and credited to your player account.

To be eligible to withdraw funds from the casino, you have to wager at least $10. After that moment you’ve got unlimited withdrawal limits and you can choose which cryptocurrency you want to receive. Obviously you will be charged with network fee on each cash out.

Casino Games

Rollbit offers various slots, table and live games (baccarat, blackjack, …) by popular providers. Or join any of the provided game shows including Crazy Time, Monopoly and other. On top of that you can try out their original games X-Roulette and X-Crash.


X-Roulette is the one of the in-house games on Rollbit casino. It’s a mix of the Roulette and Crash with a potential of a 1,000,000x win and maximum payout of $100,000.

Place bets by entering the wager amount, multiplier and click place bet. You can place more bets in a one round. After the time clock runs out, the wheel spin and you win if it lands on higher multiplier than you’ve entered.

For example, suppose we bet $0.10 with a multiplier of x10 and another for $1 with a multiplier of x3 in a single round. Say the X-Roulette wheel ended up on x3.17, then we’d win one of the bets, and the balance is credited $3 since the bet had a x3 multiplier (but we’d lose $0.10 on the other bet since 3.17 is less than the multiplier of 10).

Just try it out to fully understand the concept and possibilities of the game. Or head to the Rollbit official blog to read more about X-Roulette. It’s a fun Provably fair game, only disadvantage is a 5% house edge (really high in market comparison).


X-Crash is a Rollbit’s version of crash game. There’s dragon flighing up increasing the multiplier, your goal is to claim the highest multiplier possible before it explodes. The game is very simple and fun.

You can the desired multiplier for the automatic cash out or take the profits in-game manually.

Rollbit Rewards Program

Rollbit casino does self-proclaim as the most rewarding casino. Let’s look at the features of their Rollbit Rewards program.


Receive 10% rakeback on every bet you place. Rollbit gives you instantly the part of their house edge. There are no minimum requirements for claiming your rakeback (you can do so in Rewards tab).

E.g. if you place a $100 bet on X-Roulette (5% house edge), you will receive $0.50 rakeback (10% rakeback).

rakeback rollbit


Additional 15% of the house edge is distributed to active players via Cashback feature. 

It is distributed in three stages:

  • Daily (available within 24 hours after placed bet)
  • Weekly (available 7 days after a bet) and
  • Monthly (available 30 days after a bet) cashback.

Claim 5% of house edge on each chest in Rewards tab. 

Don’t forget to do so, cashbacks are unlocked only for 60 days – claim cashback in time.

rollbit cashback

Rank Up Bonuses

Another way how to get more rewards is through ranking up – reach the minimum wager to level up and receive the special bonus. 

Wager $10,000 to rank as Bronze 1 account and receive your first Rank up bonus.

The levels goes up to Vibranium account – get it for $1 billion total wager.


There are two leaderboards running on Rollbit casino. 

All Time Leaderboard – the player with the highest wager lifetime gets $5,000 every day.

Daily Leaderboard – $2,650 prize pool distributed among players with the highest total wager on any given day

Crypto Trading


Rollercoaster is artificially created market where players can speculate on price movements, too. The trading interface and settings are the same as on other cryptocurrencies. The whole mechanism is Provably fair and you can be sure Rollbit is not trying cheat on their customers by moving the price in their favor.

But there is a 5% fee on every winning trade (therefore marked as a game with 2.5% house edge), and that’s where the casino is making their profit.

NFT Marketplace

Rollbit has launched their NFT marketplace recently, this came out alongside with a Rollbots collection sale – Rollbit branded 10,000 NFTs for their players. These and other NFTs can be traded in the feeless marketplace.

Another step to complete crypto entertaining platform.

rollbot nfts rollbit
Rollbots - Unique Rollbit NFT collection

RLB Token and Lottery

Rollbit Coins (RLB) are tokens based on Solana blockchain. They were distributed among active players and holders of Rollbot NFTs.

Earn RLB Token by three methods:

  • Wagering in the casino – Claim RLB with rewards

• $1 claimed in Rakeback will give you 1 RLB

• $1 claimed in Cashback will give you 2 RLB

• $1 claimed in Rollback will give you 3 RLB

• $1 claimed in Level Up bonuses will give you 5 RLB

  • Stake any Rollbot – Receive RLB tokens in Christmas Giveaway (amount of rewarded tokens depends on RLB stat at your staked Rollbots)
  • Deposit NFT to Rollbit marketplace – 100 RLBs per 1 NFT deposited

RLB Lottery

RLB’s current purpose is staking them into Rollbit lottery – process of distributing casino profit to players. Yes, it’s the similar concept to other crypto casinos paying dividends. Although dividend payouts are subject to randomness as even small amount of RLB can bring you massive reward.

20% of Rollbit casino profits goes to Profit Share Pool

This amount is equally split between Lottery pool and Jackpot pool

To participate in the lottery, you have to stake your RLB tokens. Obviously to increase your chances to receive a prize you have to stake bigger RLB amounts.

Each round (every 100 BTC blocks) you will be charged for 0.2 % lottery fee – 50 % of that goes to Rollbot stakers and other half will be burned forever.

Play the lottery each time (1x per 16-20 hours) to win up to several thousand or even much bigger prize with the Jackpot.

Special Features


Share your mood and results with other Rollbit players in the players chat.

Refer a Friend

If you know someone who might enjoy playing on Rollbit, share the referral link with them to receive 10% of the house edge of their plays.

Earn extra money for bringing the friends onto the Rollbit platform. Share your referral link (in referrals tab) on social media or e-mails.


Start the chat with support in case you run into problem. Qualified staff is ready to help you anytime. If you’d like to use other method to contact the support team, send an email to


No, they don’t. Extract the maximum value from your plays through Rollbit rewards program – rakeback and cashback.

It depends. The withdrawal fees varies depending on chosen crypto. Some are inexpensive to move and some crypto networks requires more funds to pay blockchain fees.

Bitcoin – $0.75

Ethereum – $22

Litecoin – $0

Solana – $0

As you can see, Solana and Litecoin are preferable cryptocurrencies to cash out as they come with no withdrawal fees. Although Rollbit won’t charge you high fee for BTC withdrawal either and ETH fees seem reasonable, too.


Rollbit is definitely interesting crypto casino. Their UI is clean and simple with many gamified features. Frankly, Rollbit Rewards program is very generous, you receive the instant rakeback and then getting additional bonus through cashback boxes later. On the other hand don’t expect any welcome bonus. The amount of casino games offered should satisfy every slots fan. On top of that, enjoy original games X-Roulette, X-Crash and Rollercoaster. Trading feature is very unique, fun and simple, although if you’re serious about trading cryptocurrencies, head to any popular crypto exchange (lower fees, more trading pairs).
Rollbit Review