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Monero XMR Gambling Sites 2024

Benefits of Playing with Monero (XMR) at Crypto Casinos

Monero (XMR) is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies for several months. Due to its privacy features it’s the #1 for people looking for full anonymity in crypto space.

In case you’re an owner of some XMR, there are several casinos accepting it and cost for transactions are usually very low.

The Best Monero (XMR) Casinos and Sportsbooks


fortunejack logo

Accepts BTC, ETH, TRX and other


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Accepts 60+ Coins

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Accepts Many Altcoins


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Accepts Many Cryptocurrencies

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Accepts many altcoins

What is Monero (XMR)

Monero (XMR) is a open-source decentralized cryptocurrency. Its focus is on privacy and anonymity, all the details about transactions (amount sent, addresses involved, etc.) are obfuscated.

Initial Monero release was in 2014, it has forked from coin called BitMonero.

At the moment, Monero uses a proof of work algorithm (similar to Bitcoin’s) RandomX. Miners validate transactions and receive new XMR as a reward. This PoW algoritm is resistant to ASIC mining and doing the work with any CPU is the most efficient method.

Its prize has risen steadily from its inception, now sitting around $290 per XMR with total market cap of $5 billion.

We can expect Monero to remain among the most favorite privacy coins in the future, having the third largest community of developers will definitely help in this matter.

Monero isn’t the most used in crypto gambling world, there are more popular coins to play casino games with. Although there are people that will heavily prefer anonymity of Monero transactions. Find the crypto casino with XMR support that will suit you the best.

The snapshot of market cap was taken on Oct 25,  2021 on Coingecko.

XMR Casino Fees

In general, you won’t pay fees for Monero deposits at crypto casinos.

But some crypto gambling sites might charge you for a withdrawal once you decide to cash out your funds. These blockchain fees have to be paid by one party of the transaction and usually casino players are the ones charged for a small amount.

Monero blockchain fees are very low, so don’t be afraid you will spend a ton of money on withdrawals.

Fortunejack – Free

BC.Game – 0.0001 XMR – Free

Crypto.Games – 0.001-0.003 XMR (if you decide for quicker transaction, the fees is going to be higher)

As you can see Fortunejack casino won’t charge you for withdrawals. Other sites will, although the fee equals to a few US cents as Monero (XMR) transactions aren’t costly. monero XMR withdrawal fee
BC.Game charges players very small fee for a withdrawal.

XMR Sportsbooks

Enjoy sportsbetting on several crypto sportsbook accepting Monero (XMR). They cover various sports including:

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