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crypto dice betting sites

Best Crypto Dice Casinos 2024

Discover the thrilling world of dice games and unlock the benefits of crypto gambling with higher payouts.

Crypto Dice Gambling - Important Info 💡

Roll the dice with Bitcoin and other coins to increase your crypto stack. Enjoy the provably fair games and higher RTP games. In this guide, you’ll find out about the most generous dice casinos and available bonuses.

Learn about various crypto games. Are there any winning Dice strategies?

Top Dice Betting Sites 2024

What is Crypto Dice Game

Crypto Dice is a popular and exciting game of online gambling provided by Bitcoin casinos. It combines the thrill of dice rolling with the security and transparency of blockchain technology.

In a crypto dice game, players place bets on the outcome of virtual dice rolls. Predict whether the total will be higher or lower than a preset number. Crypto casinos sometimes offer multiple dice variations, more on that later in the guide.

How to play Dice

Playing a crypto dice game is simple and straightforward, making it accessible to both experienced gamblers and newcomers alike. To get started, you’ll need a cryptocurrency wallet and some crypto (BTC or others) to place your bets.

As you become more familiar with the game, you may explore additional features such as different betting strategies, adjusting the risk factor, or using Auto-bet and Turbo-mode. The rules and options may vary slightly from one platform to another.

Keep in mind, crypto Dice is a game with odds tilted in favor of the casino. Gamble responsibly and set a budget for your gameplay. Due to Dice’s fast-paced nature, so it’s important to exercise self-control and avoid chasing losses.

In the next paragraph, we will help you with choosing the right dice betting site for you.

Best Dice Sites

Crypto Dice is provided by many Bitcoin gambling sites. But the features and user-experience quality might defer. It’s crucial to stick to verified casinos to minimize the risks of fraudulent activities.

Take these aspects into consideration when picking the Dice casino:

We test the crypto casinos in multiple areas with our funds so we can provide expertized advice and guidance. Save time and money by following our recommendations.

We’ve hand pick the best sites for crypto dice gambling.


BC.Game is a top-tier crypto gambling platform attracting thousands of players on Provably Fair games, slots, and sports betting.

Dice lovers will enjoy the three BC Dice variations with 99% RTP and turbo-mode. Claim the deposit offer and collect other rewards. BC Dice is made for high-rollers as it has extraordinary betting limits and turbo-betting. Increase your betting volume in a matter of minutes and take the top spots in the daily wager contest. Or you can pick from multiple third-party Dice games, too.

The site accepts many well and lesser-known cryptocurrencies, so everyone can play there.

crypto dice
Play three originals and multiple third-party Dice games at BC.Game


BetFury is another wonderful all-around Bitcoin gambling platform. Play the in-house Dice or Space dice (Hash Dice variation) with an unparalleled 99.02% RTP. Or find a third-party game by established vendors.

Take advantage of the generous VIP system with multiple rewards such as Rakeback or Cashback. Hold native BFG tokens to be eligible for daily dividend payouts.

Another benefit is a long range of accepted cryptocurrencies and supported blockchains. At BetFury, every Dice lover can join and play the best games.

crypto dice betfury
BetFury dice runs with a RTP over 99%


The next casino you should visit for the best Dice games is Bitsler. This casino has a long history in the Bitcoin gambling scene. 

Try the original Dice with 99% RTP and collect rakeback simultaneously. The game isn’t graphically enticing, yet it allows you to set the rolling speed. Go slow or fast-paced—the choice is on you. If you’re a Bitsler newcomer, claim the exclusive 125% Deposit bonus.

Bitsler also supports a wide selection of the most wanted cryptocurrencies, so you don’t have to be worried you won’t be able to play with your coin.

crypto dice bitsler
Change up the speed with Original Dice by Bitsler casino is a lesser-known yet high-quality crypto casino suitable for players with smaller balances. However, Dice enthusiasts will love the original Dice game.

Jump into the game with any of the 20+ supported popular coins and start rolling. You can use the betting strategies (with conditions) or place bets manually. Enjoy the unique Flashbet feature that allows you to settle up to 25,000 bets in seconds.

Increase your daily wagering to compete in daily Wolf races. You can boost your rewards through leaderboard prizes and higher weekly bonuses.

crypto dice runs a superb Dice game. Run your strategies with the Flashbet features

Crypto Dice Features

Enjoy the advantages of the Crypto Dice game. What is the perk you look for in this popular title? Do you require high payouts, super fast-paced rolling, or implementation of betting strategies? Learn about this aspect of crypto dice in detail.

Fast-Paced Dice

Most crypto casinos allow you to set the auto-mode for fast-paced betting, so you don’t need to place every bet manually. Use it with a simple or sophisticated dice betting strategy to make the game more exciting and beat the casino in the short term.

Not every Crypto Dice is built the same. Some casino offer super fast games. Do you require many bets per second? Or are you fine with the lazy dice rolling and capturing the wins slowly?

We recommend either or Bitsler for the fastest Dice bets settling. Check out the’s Flashbet feature – the unique mechanism of mass betting. It lets you enter any betting strategy and make hundreds of rolls with a single click. It’s like a turbo-mode on steroids 💪!

The list shows crypto casinos where you can play dice games on turbo mode 

crypto dice flash
Unique Flashbet allows you to settle hundreds of bets in seconds

Higher Payouts

Casinos will win over time in any game they offer. However, sticking to betting sites that run Dice with the highest RTP (return-to-player) percentage is smart. Doing this increases the chances of winning sessions in crypto casinos.

The smallest dice house edge you can get is slightly below 1%. We don’t recommend playing dice games (significant volume) with a house edge higher than 3%.

See the overview of the Dice sites with the highest payouts. Adding various bonuses and rewards will achieve the highest effective win rates on BetFury, BC.Game or Stake.

Casino Original Dice Game RTP Benefit
BC.Game 99% Deposit Bonus | Play with 70+ Coins
Wolf.Bet 99% Flastbet features | Low competition in races
BetFury 99.02% Robust VIP Program with Bonuses
Stake 99% $100K Daily Race
Bitsler 99% Exclusive Deposit bonus | Monthly coupons
JacksClub 98% Deposit Bonus | Low competition in races
Pasino 95% Dividends | Low competition in races
Starbets 98% Dividends

Bonuses, Wager Races and Rewards

Every player playing online games wants to be treated with the biggest rewards possible. We will help you to find the most generous crypto casinos for Dice players.

Deposit Bonus

To revamp your start at the crypto casinos, claim the deposit bonus. This way, you can earn more rewards for your efforts in Dice games.

The following sites provide the best Deposit bonuses for Dice lovers.

BC.Game – Deposit boost up to 360% on any supported coin. Wager in the casino or sportsbook to unlock the BCD bonus (BC.Game dollar = USDT)

Bitsler – Exclusive 125% Bonus up to $700. Claim the bonus chests by rolling dice, spinning the slots reels, or betting on sports

BetFury – Welcome offer up to $3500 + 1000 Free Spins. The wagering requirements can be done on slots or in-house games (including Dice) with a multiplier of x0.2


Recoup your losses with the Cashback feature. We’ve selected Bitcoin casinos that offer such a reward for unsuccessful players.

Do you want to receive a fraction of your losses after a losing Dice session? Check out the following promotions

Starbets – Collect up to 30 % Cashback rewards. The percentage depends on your account’s VIP level.

BetFury – Offers up to 25% Cashback! Be active in the casino and climb the VIP ranks summit to receive the largest percentage.


Several crypto casinos send out Rakeback rewards to active players. Immediately once you wager, you can claim Rakeback. It’s a fraction of the house edge paid by you.

This type of reward doesn’t depend on the game outcome—win or lose, you still get the Rakeback!

Often, the Rakeback percentage isn’t flat and depends on your VIP level.

Starbets – Recieve 3-10% rakeback rewards through the VIP program.

BetFury – The casino offers Rakeback, too. Players with the highest VIP rank earn 10% rakeback. – Become the alpha wolf to be eligible for a 15% rakeback!

Pasino – Get up to .75% from every bet placed.

Reload Bonuses

Head to Stake,, JacksClub, BC.Game and Bitsler to qualify for weekly and monthly reload bonuses. Each casino might offer a slightly different distribution of reloads. Claim your coupons and get extra value for your efforts.

Dividends and Other rewards

Do you want to receive a part of casino profits? Learn about the dividend systems that can earn you a decent profit. Create a passive income with BetFury, Starbets, Rollbit, or Pasino. Each site has a different profit-sharing mechanism; find the one that suits you the best.

Another way to get the maximum from playing Dice games is through wager races and contests. See the overview of the biggest wager races. Sign up at one of those if you plan to put in a large wagering volume.

BC.Game – Daily ~$10K wager contests with variable prize pools

BetFury – $20K Daily battle – $1,000 Wolf Race with an extra $5K prize pool on Wednesdays

Stake Mega $100K daily race full of crypto whales

crypto dice $100K race
Participate in the high-roller race at Stake with a prize of $25K for the winners.

Dice Betting Strategies

Do you want to implement a betting strategy into your Dice gambling? Using betting patterns may increase the chances of winning in the short run. But it comes with downsides, too.

Some crypto casinos allow you to create a strategy from scratch using various conditions. Or play with well-known betting strategies and record your results.

The best crypto Dice site for utilizing betting strategies are BC.Game, Stake,

Popular strategies

Let’s take a look at the most popular betting strategies that can be implemented in crypto Dice.

#1 Martingale Strategy

The Martingale strategy is a progressive betting system where you double your bet after each loss, aiming to recover previous losses with a single win.

Setup: Start with an initial bet amount. After each loss, double the bet amount (100% increase). When you win, reset the bet amount to the initial value and repeat the process.

The danger of Martingale’s betting pattern lies in the upper stake limit. As the bet size grows exponentially, you might run out of funds after a few losses.

#2 Paroli Strategy

The Paroli strategy is a positive progression system where you increase your bet after each win, aiming to capitalize on winning streaks.

Setup: Start with an initial bet amount. After each win, double the bet amount. If you encounter a loss, return to the initial bet amount and restart the progression.

#3 D'Alembert Strategy

The D’Alembert strategy is a mild progression system where you increase or decrease your bet by a fixed unit after each win or loss, aiming for smaller, incremental gains.

Setup: Start with an initial bet amount. After each win, decrease the bet by a fixed unit. After each loss, increase the stake by the same unit. Continue adjusting the bet amount based on wins and losses.

Create a your unique strategy

With Stake or, you can easily implement one or more conditions (IF-THEN) to create a brand-new betting style.

Increase the bet size significantly after a loss to boost a potential win (and risk, too).

Betting scripts

A Bitcoin dice game script or dice bot automates your dice betting by running on your computer. Apply strategies like Martingale or Paroli or customize a new betting strategy with the scripts. Some dice bots provide profit and loss charts and other useful data.

It is important to be cautious when trusting dice scripts or bots, as some may contain bugs or malware that can steal your balance. Free dice scripts are available but may have fewer features compared to premium ones. 

BC.Game lets you run the script on their BC Dice games. Code simple or complicated betting strategies and try to beat the casino in the short run.

Dice isn’t the only game where you can run your sophisticated scripts. Check out the super-popular BC Crash game, another top crypto game supporting scripts and bots.

Crypto Dice For Free

Learn how to play Dice with free crypto

You might be in a situation you don’t want to make deposit and want to try playing bitcoin dice for free. And some of the crypto casinos offer such option in various ways.

BC.Game Free Dice

BC.Game crypto casino provides the lucky wheel spin every day (with crypto rewards) – try any available games at this trustworthy site for free. Unfortunately prizes from the lucky spin are quite small.

BetFury Free Dice

BetFury is a wonderful crypto-gambling platform for new players and users with small bankrolls. You can increase your balance using several features – Crypto free boxes, FunFury races, or the Fury wheel.

Sign-up at BetFury to explore your options for playing crypto dice (and other games) without depositing your funds.

Bitsler BTSLR Coins

Head to Bitsler, and if you don’t want to deposit your fund, claim the BTSLR coins and try the platform via this free method.

The great thing about BTSLR coins is that you can join the BTSLR challenge. Redeem free coins via the faucet and try to multiply them heavily by playing any games at Bitsler. Players with the highest coins at the end of the period will share a prize pool of over $100. Join the race that resets every 12 hours.

crypto dice btslr coin
Try to turn your BTSLR coins into real cash

Take advantage of the possibility to claim free bitcoins on these crypto casinos and enjoy the top-tier games without risking own money.

Play with Various Coins

Crypto Dice isn’t only for Bitcoin holders. As new cryptocurrencies become adopted by a wide public audience, crypto casinos must accept these, too.

Enjoy rolling the Dice, playing other crypto games, and sports betting with Ethereum, Binance Coin, Solana, Dogecoin, or many other crypto coins. BC.Game, Bitsler, or BetFury – all of these superb Dice sites support over 20 payment options, and you can pick your preferred one.

This way, you don’t have to trade your holding for other coins and remain within the same blockchain.


As you can see, there are multiple places to have an enthralling experience with the Crypto Dice game. It isn’t a surprise that Dice is one of the favorite titles played at Bitcoin casinos. Try it now. You can give it a shot for free or own funds.

Learn more about crypto dice gambling at the partnered website.

Choose one of the more crypto casinos and start your Dice journey. Take advantage of fair, high RTP dice variations, enjoy exclusive promotions, and harvest extra value with unique features.

Crypto Dice

Crypto Dice FAQ

Yes, it is legal. But always check your jurisdiction’s gambling laws.

Read the terms and conditions to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

No. The casino always wins in the long run. But you can beat the operator in the short term.

The betting strategies can work (meaning make a profit) until some low-probability circumstance happens. For example, martingale will keep adding small wins but can end up in a massive loss that rarely comes up.

We’ve dedicated a section to Bitcoin strategies. Visit sites such as Stake,, or BC.Game that are perfect places for incorporating these strategies.

As mentioned, the house edge ensures the casino wins in the long run. However, several ways exist to increase your chances for a profitable Dice session:

• Use a betting strategy The betting strategies can work (meaning make a profit) until some low-probability circumstance happens. – a sophisticated system can tilt a fortune on your side for some time

• Play games with a high RTP (return-to-player percentage) – Indulge in Dice games with the house edge as low as possible. See our overview above.

• Participate in races and contests – Win in special promotions and receive additional prizes to boost your returns

• Claim deposit bonus or collect rewards from VIP programs


The majority of crypto casinos won’t ask for your details. Providing your ID before you start playing Crypto Dice is not mandatory.

However, sites can ask for a KYC process at any time. Stick to no-KYC casinos to remain anonymous.

If you’re abroad and want to access geo-blocked games, play at crypto sites that accept VPNs.

If you’re in the USA, you have it hardest as fewer Bitcoin casinos accept US players. Sign up at any of these and find your favorite Dice game.

Author of the Crypto Dice Guide