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netswap farming on metis

Bridge BSC to METIS and farm on Netswap

Bridge your funds from BSC to Metis network to explore farming opportunities on Netswap. Farming BNB and NETT with high APR.

Metis is Layer-2 network that might be the leading L2 of Ethereum in the future. Let’s take a look at the process of sending funds from Binance Smart Chain over to Metis network and explore farming on Netswap platform.

The goal was to bridge 2 BNB (Binance Coin) from BSC to Metis and farm BNB/NETT pair with high APR.

1 Biswap Exchange

To buy more BNB with USDT I will make a swap on They return a portion of fees paid in form of their native BSW token. 

The swap process is very similar as the token exchange on Pancakeswap.

biswap exchange usdt
Swapping USDT for BNB on

2 Bridge from BSC to Metis

Now I’ve got the desired amount of BNB on Binance Smart Chain and there is just one step to bridge it onto the Metis network.

Head to PolyBridge and set BSC to METIS and choose asset you want to bridge.

You will see the fee for the bridging process. On this example PolyBridge charges you for 0.025 BNB (little over $10).

bridge bsc to metis on polybridge
Bridge BNB tokens on PolyBridge for reasonable fee

3 Swap on Netswap Platform

Head to and swap a part of BNB for native NETT token. These two will be used for high APR farming in the next step. 

The swap process is again very simple and you should be familiar with it.

Each confirmation and order costs you ~0.02 METIS ($4 at the moment).

netswap exchange metis tokens
Swap BNB for METIS and prepare for providing the liquidity

4 Farming BNB/NETT on Netswap

The last step for complete the process is to provide liquidity for BNB/NETT pair and setting up the farm afterwards.

Once completed, you will see the harvest accumulating in form of NETT tokens.

netswap bnb nett farming
Farming BNB/NETT pool on Netswap

Bridge BSC to METIS Video

You can see the process of sending tokens to Metis network and setting the farm on Netswap up in the form of Youtube video.

bridge bsc to metis thumbnail
Watch the BSC→METIS tutorial on Youtube

Enjoy the high APRs Metis network offers at the moment! It’s not much, but it’s a honest work…

Disclaimer: I am not a financial advisor. Do not take anything on DTB website as financial advice, ever.

Do your own research.

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