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betfury cryptodrop

Join the $20,000,000 BetFury Cryptodrop

Join BetFury Cryptodrop with a $20M prize pool! Complete quests, play games, and win real crypto. Start your racoon adventure now!

BetFury is a popular crypto casino with a superb game collection, a rich bonus program, and many unique features.

It has unveiled an exciting Cryptodrop promotion designed to captivate existing and new players. This thrilling journey is packed with engaging tasks, culminating in a staggering $20 million prize awaiting at the end.

Discover how you can claim your share of this generous special airdrop.

How to Share $20 Million

To join a massive BetFury Cryptodrop, you’ll have to use your Telegram account.

    • Create a Cryptodrop Account – follow the straightforward step-by-step guide to get started.
    • Join Various Activities – engage in various activities by completing gaming and crypto quests. Earn free crypto from Wheels and the BFG Farm, play the exclusive Fury Game, and invite friends to join the fun.
    • Collect Points – the more points you accumulate, the bigger your share of the Cryptodrop prize will be.
"BetFury Bot connecting account for exclusive bonuses"
Unlock Special Bonuses with BetFury Bot!

Set up a Cryptodrop account

To start earning Cryptodrop rewards and accumulating points, you must link your Cryptodrop and BetFury accounts. You can do this effortlessly using your Telegram account by launching these bots:

Cryptodrop Bot → Join the action

BetFury Bot → Check whether your accounts are connected 

Accumulate Points by Completing Various Tasks

There are several categories through which you can earn Cryptodrop points, all aimed at helping you gather as many points as possible to maximize your BFG rewards at the end.

    • Gaming Quests: Engage in Original games and Slots, place bets on Sports, and open Lootboxes to accumulate Wager points.

    • Earn Quests: Participate in Crypto Staking and take Crypto Loans. Earn points by subscribing to staking and borrowing.

    • Trading Quests: Trade Futures and swap cryptocurrencies to collect Trading points.

    • Social Quests: Complete various tasks on BetFury’s social networks to earn Social points.

Play, Bet and Earn to get rewarding points!

CryptoDrop dashboard in Telegram Bot interface
Manage Your CryptoDrop Account Easily!

Gaming Quests: Play and Earn Wager Points

This method of earning points is perfect for casino game players with decent bankrolls, as you accumulate points for every wagered amount. And what’s fabulous about it? There’s no limit to the points you can gather from playing casino games.

The only difference lies in the game you choose. Each game category offers a specific number of points you can collect:

    • Original Games: 5,000 points for every $1000 wagered
    • Slots: 23,000 points for every $1000 wagered
    • Sports Betting: 20,000 points for every $1000 wagered
    • Lootboxes: 24,000 points for every $1000 wagered

Enjoy your favorite casino games and accumulate points for the final airdrop. Whether you play original games (with top payouts) like Dice, Crash, or Limbo or prefer thrilling slot machines, it doesn’t matter.

Are you a slot lover, a Dice roller, or an enthusiastic sports bettor? Everyone gets points for the activity!

Earn Quests: Boost Your Points through Staking and Loans

Another way to boost your points balance is through BetFury’s staking feature, which allows users to put their coins to work in several ways. Here’s an overview of how much you can earn with Crypto Staking:

    • Fixed-term staking: 200 points for every hour of $1000 in staking
    • Flexible staking: 200 points for every hour of $1000 in staking
    • Boosted Fixed-term staking: 400 points for every hour of $1000 in staking
    • Paying Loan Interest: Up to 600 points for every $1 in crypto loans

Get an extraordinary APR % on your stakes and Cryptodrop points on top of that!

The Earn Quests also have no upper limit for collecting coins. So, stake your unused coins to generate points and earn attractive APR yields (e.g., up to 130% APR on USDT).

Trading Quests: Gain Points through Crypto Futures

Are you a fan of the Crypto Futures features that Bitcoin casinos have started introducing? BetFury offers a platform for this as well. You can open and close trades on various cryptocurrency pairs and make extra profit by following market trends.

This is another way to earn more points for the Cryptodrop. However, be sure to familiarize yourself with the conditions.

    • Get 10,000 points for every $10 spent in Futures
    • Get points for paying PnL Fee, Flat Fee, negative ROI on PnL Fee and Liquidation
    • points are awarded only for positions open for more than 60 seconds or with +5% / -5% ROI.

Make a profit in trading and collect points for the drop

Crypto Swaps

If you need other cryptocurrencies, you can trade easily on-site with BetFury. Their crypto swap feature allows for hassle-free trading with a reasonable fee.

What’s more, the fees you incur also contribute to your Cryptodrop points:

    • Get 35,000 points for every $1000 exchanged with BetFury Crypto Swap

Social Quests: Engage and Earn on Social Platforms

The easiest and free method to gather a decent amount of points is through social platforms. Follow BetFury’s Telegram or X (formerly Twitter) account and receive one-time rewards.

This option is especially great for starters, as it requires no funds to get started.

Fury Game

Another fun way to gain points is through a unique 2D game. Join the game without a buy-in. You’re a raccoon jumping over obstacles and collecting both points and real crypto. As they say, “Run, Fury, run!”

    • Start the Game: Tap on the screen to begin the round.
    • Energy Scale: The duration of the race is determined by your energy scale. Maximum available energy: 1000-2500⚡️ (depending on your game level). Increase your game level by collecting more Wager points. The energy scale replenishes every 60 minutes.
    • Gameplay: Run and jump over obstacles to collect points, energy charges (🔋), USDT, and BFG tokens. The run ends when your energy expires or you crash into an obstacle.
    • Rewards: After the race, you will see all your rewards.
    • Boosters: Charge yourself up to full power by using Fury Game Boosters. Activate them under the game window to replenish your energy and double your rewards.

It’s a great way to maximize your earnings within the Cryptodrop while relaxing after a tough day!

CryptoDrop Fury Game interface showing user balance and level
Collect Cryptodrop points, BFGs and USDT in the Fury game

Refer a Friend

You don’t need to compete alone. Invite your friends and collect points together for even greater rewards! Cryptodrop offers a special Referral Program that rewards you for your referrals’ activities:

    • 1,000 Referral Points for each friend you invite.
    • 3% of crypto rewards are earned through your referrals to the BFG Farm.
    • 15% of all points received by your referrals.

When a referral joins Cryptodrop via your referral link, they also receive 1,000 Referral Points, making the Cryptodrop Referral Program beneficial for both parties.

How It Works

These rewards are counted after the referral creates an account on the Cryptodrop page using your referral link. Both you and your referral must connect your Cryptodrop accounts to BetFury accounts.

Multiply the efforts of your army of friends to gain more Cryptodrop points and secure a bigger BFG gift at the end of the promotion.

BFG Farming

BFG Farm lets you receive free BFG tokens every hour. Cryptocurrency is calculated automatically in real time. Here’s how you can get, increase, and withdraw your farmed BFG:

    1. Invite Friends: Invite two friends via your referral link.
    2. Share on X (Twitter): Share a post every 24 hours.
    3. Earn Tokens: Get 0.5-4 BFG per hour, depending on your BFG Farm Level.
    4. Level Up: To reach the maximum Level 5, collect some Wager points from Gaming quests.

Maximizing Your Rewards

Before claiming your reward, you can multiply your accumulated funds using the Boost feature. This generates a random multiplier from x1 to x1000. For example, if you collect 10 BFG and hit x10, you will earn 100 BFG.

This is a nice perk but won’t contribute to your total Cryptodrop points.


The last method to gain Cryptodrop points is to spin the bonus wheels. Once you gather enough points, the claim will open, and you’ll be ready to spin.

There are three Spin types:

    • Social Wheel: Collect 9,000 social and refer points to receive a claim. It’s only a one-time opportunity
    • BetFury Wheel: Every 3,000 points, you can claim extra rewards. It distributes game points and real crypto.
    • Super Spin: Opens upon 10th bonus spin. Includes the 1,000,000 BFG grand prize

Important: If you win over 20 BFG, you should share the win. This condition applies to all types of Wheels.

CryptoDrop spins for free points and crypto rewards
Spin to Win Free Points and Crypto!

Conclusion: Is It Worth the Hassle?

Now that you’re familiar with all the types of tasks and ways to earn Cryptodrop points, you might wonder if it’s worth competing for the biggest piece of the pie.

While the exact distribution details are still unknown, it’s wise not to expect massive individual rewards despite the $20 million (in BFG tokens) prize pool.

However, if you’re a BetFury fan, this is a golden opportunity to collect as many points as possible, as such an event is unlikely to happen again. It’s also a great way to attract new players with fun games and added challenges.

Take advantage of this chance to enjoy BetFury’s offerings and maximize your rewards!

Doublethebitcoin will join the journey and report its success. 

For more info, check out the complete official Cryptodrop guide.

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