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trading at crypto casinos

Bitcoin Casinos with Futures Trading 2024

Step into the new realms where casinos meet the high-stakes world of crypto trading – a game-changer in online betting.

Top Crypto Casinos with Futures Trading 2024

Read out comprehensive guide on the futures trading in crypto casinos, where the thrill of gambling meets the financial markets. This article is your key to unlocking the potential of cryptocurrency markets in an exciting casino environment. Get ready for innovative trading opportunities and discover how to turn your market predictions into rewarding ventures.

Crypto Games and Sports Betting

Bitcoin gambling has been here since the beginning of the cryptocurrency’s inception. Holders wanted more fun with BTC, so several sites popped up with an option to play for the digital money in several games. From the pioneering simplicity of games like Crash or Dice, a new era of sophistication in crypto-gambling has dawned.

Eventually, more sophisticated casinos evolved, and now you can choose from tens of quality crypto-gambling sites. Pick from multiple leading sites if you want simple, Provably Fair games, Live Casino, or sports betting. A vast selection of games and high-value promotions await players wanting to wager their crypto.

Trading features have been limited to exchange users. But that has changed recently as numerous casinos allow players to trade for fun and profit.

Futures Trading as the latest addition to Bitcoin gambling

Innovative software allows players to enjoy the thrill of leverage trading at the same platforms where they play casino games or bet on sports.

Isn’t it convenient? Are you bored of playing slots or live betting on soccer? Head over to the Futures Trading dashboard and long/short available instruments—no need to transfer your funds to another site.

We can expect more and more Bitcoin casinos to offer crypto trading as another past time activity. Let’s delve deeper into how casino players can join this evolution of the crypto-gambling scene.

What is Futures Trading

Crypto futures trading is a fascinating and complex financial instrument that allows traders to speculate on the future price of cryptocurrencies without actually owning them.

Essentially, it’s a contract between two parties to buy or sell a specific amount of cryptocurrency at a predetermined price at a future date. This mechanism enables traders to hedge against price volatility or to profit from price movements. Crypto Futures has been here for several years; the mechanisms could slightly differ. Now, it belongs among the standard options with crypto exchanges.

Crypto casinos offer modified trading, simplified for non-professional groups of users. Although Crypto Futures are now open to all players, it’s essential to exercise caution, as the activity might represent a high risk.

How to trade Futures?

Let’s examine how to trade Futures with crypto casinos. Once you’ve signed up at the site, head to the Trading dashboard and pick the pair you want to observe and make a trade at.

Rollbit provides over 20 trading pairs. Other casinos offer a narrower selection of coins for trading at the moment. We can expect more and more options will pop up shortly.

Now, you’ve picked the site and are ready to join markets. Follow this simple step-by-step manual.

Step-by-Step Instructions
Do you want to trade the BTC/USD or more volatile pairs?
Select Up or Down whether you want to long or short
Either preset Take Profit and Stop Loss, or close it manually.
Depending whether you've closed the position above or below a starting price.

Enter the trade by choosing the right moment to do so. To set the risk, move the leverage bar. High leverage can boost your winnings or blow off your position, even with a small price increment.

trading futures rollbit
Pick 'Up' or 'Down' and open the trade with preset size

What is the leverage?

Leverage in financial trading, including cryptocurrency trading, can be described as a tool that allows traders to amplify their trading power using borrowed funds. Think of leverage as a multiplier of your trading capacity. When you use leverage, you’re essentially borrowing money to increase the size of your trade beyond what your capital would allow.

Leverage is marketed as a tool for higher profit. Remember, it can work against you as well. Make sure you risk only what you can lose.

Look at several examples of how leverage changes the position of your trade and how it modifies the potential wins or losses.

Trade Type Initial Investment Leverage Entry Price Exit Price Bust Price Profit/Loss
No Leverage $100 1x $30,000 $35,000 N/A $16.67 (Profit)
5x Leverage $100 5x $30,000 $35,000 $24,000 $83.33 (Profit)
100x Leverage $100 100x $30,000 $35,000 $29,700 $1,666.67 (Profit)

See that leverage can boost your earnings if the trend follows your prediction. Conversely, the bust price will be close to your initial price entry.

There is no bust price when leverage is disabled. With 5x leverage, the best price is $24,000 and $29,700 if going with the 100x option, just slightly below the entry-level.

Start trading at casinos

Everyone can start trading at crypto casinos. Are you interested in simplified Bitcoin trading? Pick the procedure whether you’re a newcomer or you’re signed with a casino already.

The process of onboarding at crypto casinos is trivial. Just enter your email address and password, or connect via web3 wallets and start exploring all the benefits of crypto gambling.

Benefits and Disadvantages of Trading at Casinos

What are the reasons to trade at a crypto casino rather than on a traditional Bitcoin exchange? Let’s summarize benefits of using a Bitcoin gambling platform for Futures Trading.

Futures trading at crypto casinos offers a unique blend of benefits, tailored to the needs and preferences of online gamblers and casual traders. The platforms are typically designed to be more user-friendly and engaging. This makes it particularly appealing for those who are not as experienced with the complexities of traditional trading platforms.

Whether you already have an account with crypto casinos or not, opening your first trade is super easy. Also, you’re not required to pass the KYC process to trade at gaming platforms. But remember that casinos have the option to ask for your identity documents if needed.

For those who enjoy both gambling and trading, crypto casinos offer the convenience of a unified wallet. This means that funds can be easily transferred between gambling and trading activities, allowing for a more fluid use of capital. 

Trading Fees

There’s always a fee when opening and closing the trade. How do casinos compete in this discipline with the best cryptocurrencies exchanges? 

Futures Fees Plan:

Let’s work out with a trade example with $100 own money and a 10x leverage. The overall size is $1000.

You open a trade and close the trade. How much you will pay?

See the table of trading fees for this particular trade. Various casinos and exchanges might differ in the fee schedule.

Casino / Exchange Fee % Fee for the example
Rollbit Min flat or 0.04% / PnL Fee $0.4
Solcasino Flat fee of 0.04% / PnL Fee $0.4
BC.Game Flat fee of 0.04% / PnL Fee $0.4
Binance 0.04-0.12% $0.4
Kucoin 0.04-0.12% $0.4

As you can see, for this particular example, crypto casinos can compete with high-quality exchanges and deliver a service for a meager price. Remember, with exchanges like Binance or Kucoin, you can gain VIP status and better fee terms.

With Bitcoin casinos, fee percentages can rise in case of massive positions. The discrepancy between gambling and serious trading will widen as you increase your trading volume.

trading discount rollbit rlb
RLB holders can receive up to 60% discount on trading fees

Best Casinos with Trading Feature

Now you know the benefits and weak sides of trading Futures with crypto casinos. Explore the best sites if you’re interested in such a feature. Multiple quality casinos will happily accommodate your trades with your gaming balance. Which one is the best for you?


Rollbit comes first in mind when it comes to Bitcoin casino trading. They’ve been the first gambling platform that introduced a sophisticated product for trading crypto.

Pick from 25+ trading instruments at Rollbit, pick either PnL or Flat fee, and start making waves in the crypto markets. In case you hold native RLB tokens, you can lower trading fees even lower. Enjoy massive leverage of x1000 on many pairs of top and trending coins.

The platform also offers casino games, sports betting, and a superb bonus structure with high rewards for players of every tier.

crypto futures trading rollbit
Rollbit offers the most sophisticated trading tool among crypto casinos.


Solcasino is another crypto casino offering crypto Futures. Compared to Rollbit, the community base is much smaller, but the site provides many rewarding features and bonuses.

Sign up with email or any supported web3 wallets and start trading or playing top-tier casino games. Get better fee rates by covering costs with SCS tokens. Solcasino currently offers five crypto trading pairs and Turbowave (random movement), but we can expect more instruments in the future.

On top of the simplified trading tool, you can participate in casino games and sports betting.

trading futures solcasino
Solcasino is a fresh crypto casino with innovative features, including Futures


BC.Game is another leading crypto casino with trading software integrated into its platform. Players can indulge in trading Bitcoin Futures as BTC remains the only trading pair available now. You can use 70+ coins to trade BTC/USD, though.

Set the leverage to your liking and risk preferences – up to x1000. You can pick whether you will pay PnL or flat fees on your trades. BC.Game doesn’t have native tokens, so further discounts aren’t possible.

Play 6,000+ casino games, superb BC collection, or bet on sports with competitive odds and exclusive promotions.

crypto futures trading
BC.Game provides Futures Trading alongside thousands of the best crypto games.


In conclusion, while futures trading at crypto casinos presents an exciting and accessible option, especially for those already familiar with online gambling, it’s essential to approach it to understand the potential risks and regulatory considerations involved.

Use Bitcoin casinos for trading if you don’t need sophisticated trading platforms and advanced settings. Crypto gambling sites let you trade with 1000x leverage and a massive community base for social interactions.

Bitcoin Casino Trading

Crypto Trading with Bitcoin Casinos

Futures trading in crypto casinos is a form of financial trading.

The feature allows you to speculate on the future price of cryptocurrencies, similar to traditional futures trading, but within the online casino environment. The simplified version of the trading platform enables fast opening and closing trades with the need to transfer funds between sites.

Crypto casinos often features more user-friendly interfaces, lower entry barriers, unique trading options, and a more social, community-focused environment compared to traditional exchanges.

The risks include the high volatility of cryptocurrencies, the use of leverage which can amplify losses, and the less regulated nature of some crypto casinos.

Learn about trading fundamentals and risks associated with trading crypto before you invest significant money. Always invest funds you can afford to lose.

Many crypto casinos offer leverage (up to x1000) for futures trading.

Enable it to open large positions with your capital. Be sure to learn about the risk of leverage trading.

Common strategies include day trading, swing trading, and position trading. Your strategy should align with your risk tolerance and market analysis.

Use risk management tools like stop-loss orders, invest only what you can afford to lose, diversify your trades, and stay informed about market trends and news.

Yes. Crypto casinos and their trading features are mobile-friendly.

Enjoy casino games, sports betting, and crypto futures trading with your iPhone and other mobile devices.

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