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rollbit christmas giveaway day 1

Christmas Giveaway Day 1 on Rollbit

Christmas giveaway has begun on Rollbit and players are rewarded for activity in casino games. Earn extra RLB by completing tasks.

In the month of December Rollbit rewards their active players. Complete challenge to earn free RLB. If you have any Rollbot connected to your profile, expect double the reward.

Also the Rollbit Coin (RLB) distribution to Rollbot NFT holders has begun and there will be millions of RLB dispensed this month.

Christmas Giveaway Day 1

  • Create a Rollbit account or sign into you existing one
  • Challenge DAY 1: Place 10 separate wagers $1 or more on any casino game (1 wager per round for X-Roulette)
  • THE REWARD: 100 RLB or 1000 RLB or Rollbot
  • In case or linked Rollbot to your account double the reward (200 and 2000 RLB)
Day 1 christmas giveaway
Get RLB reward for completing challenge

Linking Rollbot to your account has benefit of receiving additional rakeback – called Rollback. Rollback percentage (how many % of house edge goes back to you) depends on you Rollbot statistic (mine earns 8% rollback).

Rollback = Get cash reward + RLB for wagering at the Rollbit casino.

rollback rolbot
Connect a Rollbot to your account and receive additional rewards in form Rollback

Rollbot RLB Distribution

Every holder of any Rollbot NFT has a chance to receive massive RLB airdrop. Just stake you Rollbot on the platform and claim RLBs once your Rollbot’s eyes day will come. 

Note that once you claim Rollbot RLB reward, it stays locked and you cannot connect it to your accont.


Rollbit is a popular crypto casino and trading platform with gaming features. It’s mainly focused on slots and own games – X-Crash and X-Roulette.

Players get a hefty rewards through Cashback, Rollback, Rakeback and Rank up bonuses.

Trade NFT at feeless NFT marketplace offering Rollbit’s own collection Rollbots.

Earn RLB (Rollbit coins) to have a chance to receive a part of casino profits.

Players are allowed to make Bitcoin, EthereumLitecoin and Solana payments.

Learn about features more in detail in the Rollbit review.

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