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leonicorn wager race on

$50,000 Leonicorn Race at

Enter the Leonicorn (LEOS and LEON) wager race with huge prize pool of $50,000. Place bets in crypto casino and rank high enough to scoop the prize.

Crypto casino has rolled out a LEOS and LEON support. From now on these two tokens has been added to as another accepted cryptocurrencies, players can make deposits and withdrawals with Leonicorn tokens.

And massive $50,000 wager race as an incentive to play more with LEOS and LEON will probably bring more players on the platform.

Leonicorn $50,000 Wager Race

  • Sign into your account or create a new one
  • Play any available games (slots, dice, roulette,…)
  • Wager as much as possible – Only with LEON or LEOS
  • Rank high to win a prize
  • Top 200 players get a reward (min prize of $10) and the winner walk away with $14,500

-The promotion runs till 11/11

Leonicorn is an advanced market maker with a dual-token model. Farm, stake and trade on LeonicornSwap app and head there also if you’d like to get some LEON or LEOS tokens.

Keep in mind that with every bet you place on crypto casino, you automatically mine CHIP tokens. These will generate you a casino profits (dividends). Learn more about this feature in review.

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leonicorn wager race on rankings
The current rankings of the highest betting players in Leonicorn race.


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