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Fresh Thrill: Spin the New BetFury Roulette Game

Experience the excitement of BetFury's new Roulette game! High RTP, innovative bets, and immersive gameplay await. Spin to win now!

Let’s look at the latest addition to the BetFury Originals games collection – Roulette.

Overview of BetFury Roulette

It blends European style with exceptional gameplay. With a 97.3% RTP, it is a potentially profitable choice among Table games. Key features include Section Bets and the innovative Drug’n’Drop feature, allowing easy adjustment of chips—the game’s atmospheric music and high-quality graphics transport players to the heart of a Las Vegas casino.

How to Play and Win

Winning in BetFury Roulette involves choosing a cryptocurrency, placing chips on the 37-numbered wheel, and leveraging various betting combinations. Bets range from a minimum of one chip to a maximum of 1,000 USD (3,000 for VIPs). The game offers a variety of betting options, including classic European Roulette strategies.

Place bets up to $1000 per round!

Diverse Betting Options

BetFury Roulette offers multiple betting choices.

      • The Straight-Up Bet: A bet on one number, from 1 to 36, or zero.
      • The Split Bet: A bet on two adjacent numbers. To do this, place a chip on the line intersecting these numbers.
      • The Street Bet: A bet on the entire vertical line, such as the numbers 13, 14, and 15. To do this, place a chip on the bottom edge of the selected set.
      • The Corner Bet: A bet that covers a cluster of 4 numbers. It can also capture zeros. To do this, place the chip in the center at the intersection of 4 numbers.
      • The Six Line: A bet on a cluster of 6 numbers, that is, two vertical lines. To do this, place a chip at the intersection of two numbers below.
      • Column Bets: Bet on the entire horizontal line. To do this, place a chip on a special field on the right.
      • Dozen Bets: Bet on a cluster of 12 numbers. To do this, place a chip on one of three special fields.
      • Red or Black Bets: Bet on all black or red numbers. To do this, place a chip on a special field of the corresponding color.
      • Odd or Even Bets: Bet on all odd or even numbers.
      • High or Low Bets: Bet on the high and low range of numbers.
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Play the brand-new Roulette with the top cryptocurrencies.

Exclusive Drug’n’Drop Feature

The Drug’n’Drop feature is a unique addition, allowing players to move chips around the board effortlessly, enabling quick strategy changes.

Chips and Cryptocurrency Integration

Each chip in the game corresponds to a specific crypto amount, with denominations varying based on the chosen currency. Players are advised to select their currency carefully and monitor their overall bets. Play the BetFury Roulette with 25+ coins, including Solana, Ethereum, Dogecoin, etc.

Game Controls and Modes

BetFury Roulette includes various buttons and modes for an optimized gaming experience. These include the History, Undo, Clear buttons, Autoplay, and Fast Mode options. Players can also utilize Hotkeys and adjust animation and sound effects for a personalized experience.

Feature Description
Game Type BetFury Roulette
Style European Roulette
RTP (Return to Player) 97.3%
Special Features Section Bets, Drug’n’Drop Feature
Minimum Bet 0.00000001 in any cryptocurrency
Maximum Bet 1,000 USD (3,000 for VIPs)
Betting Options Straight-Up, Split, Street, Corner, Six Line, Column, Dozen, Red/Black, Odd/Even, High/Low

About BetFury

BetFury is an ecosystem of crypto products for entertainment and additional income. The platform has a native BFG token with many utilities. BFG is listed on many crypto exchanges: PancakeSwap, Biswap, etc. The token has over 55,000 holders, and more than 3 billion BFG are in circulation. The most profitable utility for using tokens is BetFury Staking, which can withdraw Staking payouts daily.

BetFury offers over 8,000 Slots and Original games with one of the highest RTP in the industry (up to 99.02% RTP). BetFury also has 80+ kinds of Sports with odds better than the market average. Along with huge events, the platform provides profitable bonuses: Rakeback, Cashback up to 25%, and others. 

Read the BetFury comprehensive review.

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