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BetFury $100,000 EuroCopa Tournament

Join BetFury's mega betting event for Euro 2024 & COPA America tournaments! Wager, win points & claim crypto prizes in the exclusive quest!

Many crypto casinos have been rolling out football-themed events, and BetFury is no exception with its exciting EuroCopa tournament. Let’s dive into how you can join the action and win a share of the impressive $100,000 prize pool by betting on soccer.

What is EuroCopa Tournament

This promotion, running concurrently with the EURO and COPA tournaments, is divided into three consecutive betting battles.

    • Kickoff Sports Battle – $20K prize pool
    • Rival Sports Battle – $20K prize pool
    • Penalty Sports Battle – $20K prize pool

Accumulate tournament points in these three standalone leaderboards to earn additional cash prizes from the ultimate $40,000 EuroCopa battle.

betfury eurocopa tournament prizes
Win up to $20K in the final tournament

How to win in EuroCopa

The bettors’ objective is straightforward: enjoy betting on EURO 2024 and other soccer events, win your bets, and earn extra prizes through BetFury’s special promotions.
Remarkably, you have the opportunity to get the double twice:
    1. Win a cash prize in the individual battle (+earn points)
    2. Those points will you get another reward in the final $40,000 EuroCopa tournament

However, you must make a reasonable effort to secure a payout position in the $40K cup. Only 50 successful players will share the $40,000 prize pool, with a substantial $20,000 reserved for the ultimate winner.

How to earn points for EuroCopa

Each of the three battles has a unique mechanism for earning points. Read the rules carefully to ensure your bets contribute to the leaderboard and count towards the final $40,000 tournament.

Kickoff Battle – Earn 1 point for every $1000 wagered

Rival Battle – Earn 1 point for every $1000 wagered

Penalty Battle – Earn 5 points for every $1000 wagered

betfury kickoff battle prizes
We start with the Kickoff installment for $20K and points
Collect as many points as possible for the exclusive $40K prize pool.
Players will compete for $20,000 in each installment. The leaderboard rankings are determined by the wagering amount in the first two battles. However, your finishing position in the final battle will depend on the profit you make during the period.
Prizes will be paid out in BFG tokens and there are 4 qualifying categories for this promo: Soccer, FIFA18, FIFA18 Penalty and FIFA22 Volta.

Boost your Cryptodrop points

If you’re a long-time Betfurian, you’re likely familiar with the ongoing promotion, Cryptodrop. In essence, active players on the platform will share in a $20 million BFG token airdrop scheduled for this year. By betting on EURO 2024 and COPA Americas, you can earn up to 30,000 points for every $1,000 wagered.

About BetFury

BetFury is an established ecosystem with crypto-earning features, iGaming, and Sports betting. The platform has a global community of 2M+ users for over four years of progress. 

Claim the competitive bonus and start earning various bonuses from the 1st Rank. There are weekly and monthly bonuses and cashback of up to 25%. 

The sportsbook offers betting on 30+ sports worldwide, with many side bets available. Bet with any supported coin on EURO 2024, COPA, different soccer event or esports.

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