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Football Fiesta at BC.Game

Bet on sports and join the BC.Game Football Extravaganza for a chance to win extra cash! Have fun by making tips for EURO and COPA.

With major global soccer events approaching this summer, BC.Game has launched a special promotion. Let’s dive into the details of the Football Fiesta and explore how you can benefit from it.

What is BC.Game Football Fiesta

BC.Game is running a sports betting promotion in conjunction with the upcoming EURO 2024 and Copa America 2024, the two most significant soccer events of the year in this globally popular sport.

The promotion has three parts, each with different tasks and rewards. Check out the details below and join any or all variants that interest you.

    • Champions Extravaganza: Vote for winners in the $30K Competition
    • Deposit Marathon: Boost your balance with 15 daily bonuses
    • Betting Leaderboard: Wagering race for $1000s in free bets

It’s up to you whether you compete in a single event or try to scoop rewards in all of them.

Champions Extravaganza

In the first event, you collect votes for sports betting in the BC.Game sportsbook. Allocate these votes to the player or team you believe will win in the following category:
    • Best Player
    • Golden Boot
    • Champion Team

Simply make a bet, and you collect a ticket for every $100 wagered in sports betting. With each ticket, you can predict a winning player or a team. You can vote repeatedly for the same entity.

Here are several rules you need to know:

    • Each category bracket has a $10,000 prize pool. Prizes will be distributed accordingly
    • You can collect max 5 ticket per day


Predict a winning team and player to get extra cash!

BC.Game voting interface for best football player with players' profiles and voting options
Cast your vote for the best football player at BC.Game

Daily Deposit Marathon

The second feature of the Football Fiesta is the Deposit Marathon. It consists of 15 daily bonuses that increase with each passing day.

The bonus comes in the form of free bets, rewarded each day at 12 PM following your deposit.

The more consistent you are with your deposits, the bigger the free bet you can expect.

Remember to read the free bets rules and conditions carefully to avoid misunderstandings.

Sports Betting Extravaganza

The final part of the BC.Game Football Extravaganza is the Wager Race. Compete with other BC.Game players for free bets ranging from $10 to $10,000, with twenty $500 bets up for grabs.

Collect leaderboard points based on this formula

Points = Bet Amount × Odds

e.g., a winning bet with a $10 stake and odds of 3 will earn you 30 points towards the race

Collect the race points to get massive free bets!

BC.Game sports betting wager race prize list with top rewards and free bet amounts
Win big in the BC.Game sports betting wager race and win up to $10,000 in free bets!

BC.Game Casino and Sportsbook Overview

This concludes the overview of the ongoing Football Fiesta promotion prepared by the BC.Game team for all soccer fans.

Players with extensive knowledge about football teams can win extra money by correctly predicting the winners. Also, high-stakes bettors can collect valuable free bets in the Wager Race.

BC.Game casino offers over 7,000 casino games – Slots, originals, live casino and sports betting. It offers multiple exclusive promotions with deposit bonuses available to players. The platform support payments with over 80 currencies.

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