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LEOS wager race on

LEOS on and $10,000 Wager Race

It’s been a few weeks casino implemented support for new coin. This time, the newest addition is Leos, the advanced AMM decentralized exchange with NFT marketplace and other interesting features.

To this special occasion, crypto casino has launched a week long wager race with $10,000 prize pool.

LEOS $10,000 Wager Race

  • Sign in to your account
  • Place bets in any available casino games (including Dice game with 1% house edge) 
  • Only bets made with $LEOS count towards this leaderboard
  • Wager as much as possible to achieve high ranking
leos wager race on rankings
The current ranking of $10,000 LEOS wager race


Keep in mind that with every bet you place on crypto casino, you automatically mine CHIP tokens. These will generate you a casino profits (dividends). Learn more about this feature in review.

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Join crypto casino for their wide game offering, a 1% house edge Dice game, mining feature and frequent promotions! Many cryptocurrencies accepted including Bitcoin, EthereumTronBinance Coin and others.

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