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trading at crypto casinos

Guide to Crypto Trading at Bitcoin Casinos: Best Sites & Benefits

Explore the innovative trend of crypto trading at Bitcoin casinos, blending online gambling with trading cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin casinos have jumped into the online gambling world by storm. There are hundreds of casinos accepting Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies today.
We’ve discussed the benefits and drawbacks of playing casino games and betting on sports using digital coins. Besides increased privacy and offer of Provably Fair games, casinos innovate the sphere by building new features. This article will clarify the latest trend in crypto casinos—trading.

How to Trade with Crypto Casinos

If you’re wondering how to trade with crypto casinos, this is a step-by-step tutorial on how to enter this new fun area.

      1. Pick a credible crypto casino with a Trading feature. I will provide several options in the next section of this guide.
      2. Sign up and fund your account with supported coins (usually Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Solana, and others)
      3. Enter your trading position using the funds in the casino. Set the leverage to modify the risk.
      4. Close the position in a profit or a loss.

As you can see, everyone can join crypto casinos and start trading or playing games there if they hold BTC in their wallet. Now, you know how to join the Bitcoin gaming platform. But what are the reasons for using crypto casinos instead of standard cryptocurrency exchanges?

What are the Benefits

If you want to trade as a professional, it’s better to stick with renowned crypto exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, or Coinbase. But crypto casinos will do the trick if you’re a hobby trader or want to have fun.
These are the benefits of crypto trading on gambling platforms:

As you can see, these factors mainly benefit recreational traders looking for a short trade with maximum fun. Let’s finally get an overview of the credible Bitcoin casinos with trading options.

Best Crypto Casinos for Trading

What are the best crypto casinos that allow users to trade cryptocurrencies on their platform?

Rollbit: One of the first casinos to implement Futures trading. Long or short 10+ crypto futures instruments.

rollbit futures trading
A gamified trading platform at Rollbit

Solcasino: Offer several trading pairs. It’s similar to Rollbit’s trading interface.

solcasino trading
Solcasino offers exceptional Bitcoin trading experience

BC.Game: A different platform from the previous two. Offer only UP/DOWN bet for 15 seconds. Very limited tool. trading feature
BC.Game only offers betting on UP or DOWN on the upcoming 15 seconds

These three casinos allow Crypto Trading without a need to transfer funds. I’d recommend Rollbit and Solcasino based on more variables you can set during the trade.

How Much You Can Earn

The more you can predict the moves of crypto markets, the higher your earnings could be. Another factor is the size of your trading bankroll.
Let’s just lay out an example of a trade with x10 leverage.

Crypto Futures Trading Example:

• You enter the trade at $30,000 per BTC with a $100 stake.

• Leverage allows you to open the $1000 position.

• With Each 1% ($300) price move, you earn $10 or lose $10. Depending on the direction of the movement—if it aligns with your prediction.

Limits by Rollbit or Solcasino are very high. You can earn up to $1 million per trade, so these aren’t limiting factors in practice.
Set your restrictions – a stop loss. Once you lose over that preset amount, stop trading.

Fees Comparison

Let’s compare the fee structure of crypto casinos with the most popular crypto exchanges.

Casino / Exchange Fees Notes
Rollbit Starts at 0.04% per trade (open+close+slippage) Reduce fees by paying them in RLB tokens. Higher costs for more significant positions
Solcasino 0.04% per trade (open+close+slippage) The casino plans to introduce a fee discount for SCS holders.
Binance 0.02% for makers and 0.05% takers Reduce the fee by meeting the requirements (high trading volume in last 30 days, a minimum BNB holding).

Both options (casino and traditional exchanges) offer super-low trading fees on their futures instrumentals. Whales with significant trading volume will benefit from the progressive discount by Binance as you can get into negative fees (get paid for creating a position) in particular circumstances.


In conclusion, the emergence of Bitcoin Casino Trading marks an innovative trend in crypto gambling, blending the excitement of gaming with the potential for financial gain. Benefits such as convenience, high leverage, and a user-friendly interface appeal to recreational traders and those looking to add fun to their trading endeavors. While traditional crypto exchanges like Binance and Coinbase remain the go-to for professional traders, crypto casinos offer a viable and enticing alternative for those looking to trade in a more gamified environment.
With platforms like Rollbit and Solcasino leading the way, users now have the opportunity to explore this new frontier of crypto trading, potentially leading to substantial earnings, all while enjoying the thrill of the gamble.
We can expect more Bitcoin casinos to incorporate crypto-futures trading onto their platforms.

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