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Metamask Casinos: The Comprehensive Guide to Web3 Gambling

Experience lightning-fast and unparalleled simplicity gambling with MetaMask – connect your crypto wallet and start playing the best Bitcoin games!

Learn more about Metamask Gambling💡

Learn about the benefits of gambling with Metamask wallet. Sign up at credible sites such as BC.Game, BetFury, and HunnyPlay.

These crypto platforms allow you to sign in using Metamask and make your gambling experience much smoother and safer. Learn about the best Metamask casinos and learn what games you can play.

Best Metamask Casinos 2024

Gambling with Metamask Wallet

Crypto gambling with the Metamask wallet is not a widely discussed topic. Currently, there aren’t that many casinos allowing players to join via their web3 wallets.

But Metamask wallet provides significant benefits and features. If you’re interested in anonymous gambling and a fast way to play the best crypto games, continue reading.

Metamask Introduction

MetaMask is a popular Ethereum-based wallet that allows users to interact with dApps directly from their browser or mobile device. It supports the Ethereum network and other blockchains (Polygon, Binance Smart Chain, Avalanche, and many more).

Setting Up Your MetaMask Wallet

If you haven’t started using Metamask yet, follow these simple steps to join the decentralized world and crypto gambling with this popular web3 wallet.

1. Install MetaMask

Download and install the MetaMask browser extension or mobile app from the official website (

2. Create a Wallet

Open MetaMask and follow the on-screen instructions to create a new wallet. Make sure to securely store your 12-word seed phrase, as it is required for wallet recovery.

3. Add Custom Networks (Optional)

If you plan to use custom networks like Binance Smart Chain or Polygon, add them to MetaMask by following the instructions provided by the respective networks.

4. Fund the wallet

Send cryptocurrencies to the address attached to your Metamask wallet. You can either purchase crypto with your FIAT at exchanges or use the existing coins from your different wallets.

metamask wallet set up for gambling
Fund you Metamask wallet and start a new chapter of crypto gambling

Now, you should be ready to go and connect to decentralized apps focusing on gambling, De-Fi, or another crypto sector.

Depositing and Withdrawing

I will expect you to know how to make transactions of ETH, USDT, and other tokens using the Metamask wallet. Now, let’s find out how to connect to gambling sites and start playing as fast as possible.

There are two ways how crypto casinos utilize Metamask. The wallet can be just a signup medium—you use it instead of entering your email address and password. If you’re connected to your Metamask in the browser or mobile device, you’re just a single click by entering the casino. Fast and easy! This is usually with centralized gambling sites.

metamas deposit
Send money over to the casino with Metamask fast and easy

Or you can play with funds directly from your Metamask wallet, and there is no need for a deposit to the gaming platform. This is how it works with decentralized gambling apps.

Send tokens to the generated address

If you play on centralized platforms like BetFury, log in with Metamask. To make a new deposit, you must manually enter the details (deposit address, size) in your Metamask interface. 

Withdrawing the winnings is a similar process. Enter the address where you want to receive funds and confirm the request. Expect the casino to send out your funds in a few minutes up to 24 hours.

Best Metamask Casinos

When choosing a Metamask casino, it is crucial to make a wise selection to ensure a secure and reliable betting experience. It is necessary to avoid untrustworthy websites that could cease your crypto funds. We strongly recommend joining the reputable crypto-gambling sites we list above.

Prioritize the qualities that matter most to you. We will line up a few key factors when evaluating crypto casinos.

Through testing and personal investment, we have carefully selected a collection of top-notch Metamask casinos. Try the following platform and enjoy the crypto games with the popular web3 wallet.

By following our suggestions, you can save precious time and quickly immerse yourself in the exciting realm of betting. The majority of the listed sites do not require ID verification when signing up, allowing you to engage in gambling activities.


BC.Game is one of the most popular crypto casinos. And it’s no wonder as it provides over 6,000 casino games and a top-tier sportsbook. Join the casino with Metamask within seconds and fund your account with any of 60+ supported cryptocurrencies.

Try your luck with BC Originals – these are Provably Fair variants or popular games like Dice, Plinko, Keno, Roulette, and more.

On top of that, you can join any live casino game or spin the reels on thousands of slots by established providers.

A top-tier crypto casino BC.Game supports the Metamask wallet connection

If you’re a sports fan, no problem! Log in using Metamask and head to sportsbook. You’ll find there hundreds of events with competitive odds and many side bets. Level up and bet enough volume to be eligible for a weekly BC sports bonus.


Another crypto casino that lets you log in with Metamask is BetFury. The gambling platform has been operating for several years and has grown a massive fan base due to its unique features. 

Pick from the BetFury originals and load any game from popular vendors. BetFury’s games offer top entertainment with a high RTP. Jump into the action with Metamask and deposit any of the 25+ supported coins.

BetFury runs large festivals with massive prize pools from time to time. That’s when you want to participate, so you collect the extra value it provides.

metamask betfury
Sign in with Metamask at BetFury and try the best crypto slots and in-house games


HunnyPlay is a relatively new crypto casino with support for many blockchains, even the lesser-known ones. That’s one of HunnyPlay’s benefits—connect to the casino with Metamask (or many other wallets) and play the best crypto games with various tokens (MATIC, BNB, ETH, USDT, CAKE, and more). 

Sign in with Metamask and move your funds to HunnyPlay fast and free of charge. Indulge in playing hundreds of the best online games as Slots, Blackjack, Dice, and many more. Take advantage of the Welcome deposit bonus and VIP Program with Cashback rewards.

metamask hunnyplay
HunnyPlay is a top crypto casino you can play with web3 wallets (Metamask and others)

Why use MetaMask for gambling

We’ve looked for crypto casinos with Metamask support in-depth, but what are the reasons behind using a web3 wallet for gambling?

See the overview of the main advantages and negatives of using Metamask for crypto-gambling.

Benefits of Metamask Casinos

People might prefer logging in and playing from Metamask for several reasons. Among the most frequent ones is improved security. When using Metamask, you’re the only one who holds the private keys to the funds, and no exchange bankruptcy can impact you.

Also, there is no record of your personal details in the blockchain and if the casino won’t ask you for KYC, you remain anonymous.

Another convenient reason is that with Metamask you can simply access multiple casinos with a single wallet. So the logging-in process is much easier and quicker. No email address + password combination typing. Just a single click, and you can jump into the games right away.


On the other hand, there are a few disadvantages associated with using Metamask. The main barrier would be some kind of knowledge of how to set up and operate such a wallet. Another one is the volatility of crypto markets. In case you don’t hold stables (USDT, USDC, or other ones), your tokens are subject to huge price swings.
We also must stay cautious and monitor potential scam projects that might appear in the crypto space due to a lack of regulation. Beware of shady casinos! You don’t want to lose your precious coins. Follow DoubleTheBitcoin or other credible sources of crypto-gambling information and play on recommended sites only.

Games to play with Metamask

With Metamask, you’ve got access to thousands of various games. Are you interested in Live casino, slots, or original? Everything is available when you choose the right casino.


Enjoy thousands of various slots by popular providers. Slot machines are the most exciting and entertaining crypto games. The sophisticated graphics in combination with engaging sounds and the potential to hit a massive win is addictive.

Use Metamask to play slots at BC.Game, BetFury or HunnyPlay by well-known brands such as

metamask slots
Play the best slots at HunnyPlay

Live Casino

If you rather play games on tables with live dealers, check out the Live Casino section at recommended Metamask casinos – BC.Game, BetFury, or HunnyPlay.

You’ll find the most popular card games and live shows. With the Metamask wallet, you can quickly jump into the realms of real-time gambling. Try your luck in the top-tier variations of games like

In-house Games

Some quality crypto casinos also provide simple yet exciting games with high RTP (return-to-player) – Originals. Sign in with Metamask to BetFury or BC.Game, these crypto platforms offer superior in-house games.

Due to the high RTP and the turbo auto-betting option, these games are suitable for VIP-level farming or competing in wager races. Accumulate total wagering quite fast with Dice, Plinko, or other games

metamask originals
BC.Game provides 24 originals - simple yet exciting games with a high RTP

As you can see, the quantity and quality of games you can play with Metamask are more than sufficient. This was just a short introduction to available titles. Go check out the games and their perks on your own.

Sports Betting with Metamask

Do you prefer sports betting over casino games? No problem! Even with the Metamask wallet, you’re welcome at crypto sportsbooks.

Take advantage of great coverage of sporting events, top betting odds, a variety of side bets, and high-value exclusive betting promotions. Sign in with Metamask as you’re used to and place bets on your desired match.

We recommend checking out BC.Game, BetFury, or Sportsbet for Metamask sports betting. These sites provide a top-notch betting experience and support in case of unexpected issues. Fund your account with plenty of supported coins and jump into the action.

Placing a bet

Placing a bet on a crypto sportsbook is trivial. Once you sign in with Metamask and send funds to the platform, you’re good to go. Head to the sportsbook, find the anticipated event, enter the stake, and submit the ticket.

Do you prefer to bet on main markets (winner, totals, handicaps), or do you find more joy in placing your money on side bets and prop bets? Also, it doesn’t matter if you place a bet pre-match or wait till the match is on. Live betting is available on almost every crypto sports betting site.

What sports I can bet on with Metamask?

Crypto sportsbooks offer extensive offer of betting on many competitions, and tournaments. International and local leagues are present, and bettors are welcome to place their bets.

Access the robust palette of betting opportunities with Metamask sportsbooks. Pick the one you feel confident about and where your knowledge can be turned into profits.

The following sports and leagues belong among the most popular in the world.

metamask sports betting
Bet on various sports with Metamask

Metamask Gambling Conclusion

Crypto gambling is a unique experience on its own. Gambling with Metamask is an activity for hardcore crypto fans.

It provides multiple benefits, including improved security and a simple and quick sign-in process. To fully take advantage of Metamask features, you have to be an advanced crypto user and able to set it up correctly.

We’ve presented you with the best Metamask casinos that provide the best games and accept this popular web3 wallet as a log-in option.

Metamask Casinos

Metamask Gambling FAQ

Yes, it is legal. But always learn about your jurisdiction’s gambling laws.

Read the terms and conditions to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

When it comes to Metamask casinos, there is no single winner. It solely depends on your preferences. 

We’ve hand-picked the various sites for individual categories.

🏆Best Metamask Slots Casino: BC.Game

🏆Best Metamask Live Casino: BC.Game

🏆The highest sports betting odds: BC.Game, Sportsbet, Rollbit

🏆Best Anonymous Metamask Casino: HunnyPlay

The processes of transferring funds in/out of the sportsbook differ.

Some casinos can use the crypto funds directly from your connected Metamask. While with others, you have to manually send coins to the deposit address generated by the casino. The winnings have to be withdrawn to your Metamask address, too.

While MetaMask primarily supports Ethereum-based cryptocurrencies, it also supports other crypto networks.

If you plan to use Polygon, BSC, or other networks, verify crypto casinos and which coins and chains they support. 

MetaMask is a secure and reliable wallet for crypto gambling. It utilizes robust encryption and allows you to retain control over your private keys, ensuring the safety of your funds and personal information.

Author of the Metamask Gambling Guide