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eos casinos

EOS Casinos 2024

Ready to Elevate Your Gaming Experience? Discover the Thrills and Spills of EOS Casinos! Uncover Generous Bonuses, Exclusive Games, and Jaw-Dropping Wins!

Top EOS Casinos and Sportsbooks 2024

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Accepts 60+ Coins

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Accepts Many Cryptocurrencies

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Accepts many altcoins

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Accepts many altcoins

This EOS gambling guide will help you find the best crypto sites to enjoy and win with EOS. Learn about the available games and bonus offers you can claim to maximize your earnings.

Best EOS Casinos

Have EOS tokens gathering dust in your wallet? It’s time to turn up the excitement! Follow our guidelines to pick an EOS casino.

Choose your EON Casino

Knowing your priorities is crucial when choosing the perfect casino or sportsbook.

When making your selection, let these essential criteria be your guiding stars! Discover a gaming paradise that aligns with your every wish! 

There are multiple EOS gambling sites at the moment. Some offer better bonuses, while others provide a more extensive range of games.

We’ve chosen the top EOS casinos below. Read about their features and join the best ones.


BC.Game is one of the best EOS casinos out there. It offers a super-wide selection of slots and in-house games, including Dice or the popular Crash version. On top of the superb casino games collection, players can bet on sports and esports with EOS or different coins.

Deposit EOS and receive a bonus to maximize your payouts. Rank up your VIP level to access all rewarding features and collect even more value. Get notified about all the exclusive promotions so you can compete with other BC.Game players and win extra prizes.

Win more EOS with BC.Game originals or slots


Bitsler is another credible Bitcoin casino accepting EOS payments. Dive into a rich selection of slots, live casino games, and originals with the highest RTP.

Claim the exclusive 125% Deposit offer, and clear it on your favorite games or by sports betting. Bitsler runs an esports-dedicated section, so you can bet on CS:GO or LoL with your EOS tokens.

Sign up for their socials to get info about the latest exclusive promotions.

eos bitsler
Bitsler provides a top-tier crypto games and sports/esports betting for EOS players

EOS Games

Although EOS isn’t the top cryptocurrency, you can play almost any crypto game due to support from quality casinos.

Let’s look at the shortlist of the most popular games. Join the staples with your EOS and walk away with a profit.

Dice belongs among the most anticipated games by crypto players. Set the multiplayer to your preferences – do you aim for a monstrous hit, or do you want a long winning streak? With EOS dice, you can manually select the target and roll the dice or let the auto-bet features do the work for you.

EOS casinos offer top-tier Dice games with the highest payouts and RTP up to 99%

Play at BC.Game or Bitsler for high RTP Dice.

eos dice
EOS Dice at BC.Game features turbo betting, 99% RTP, or option to incorporate betting strategies
Game RTP (return-to-player) Percentage
BC Classic Dice 99%
BC Hash Dice 99%
Bitsler Dice 99%

Blackjack is among the most popular card games in the world. Join the best EOS casinos with live casino and table versions of Blackjack.

Do you prefer to play BJ with the original versions? These provide a faster game pace, but you might lack the real-casino feel. If you seek it, join any available EOS Live casino Blackjack tables and beat the dealer in the streamed game.

Head to BC.Game or Cloudbet for the best EOS Blackjack tables.

eos blackjack
Live version of EOS Blackjack table

EOS slots are a pillar of sophistication and innovation in the digital casino landscape. These slot games, available to EOS players at crypto casinos, offer a seamless and secure gaming experience.

With high-quality graphics and engaging gameplay, EOS slots cater to various preferences and tastes. Players venturing into the world of EOS slots can also look forward to multiple bonus features and promotional offers (free spins, multipliers, and progressive jackpots for higher payouts).

Play EOS slots for a secure, fair, and enjoyable gaming experience.

eos slots
Spin the reels on thousands of slot machines with EOS

Bet on Sports with EOS

Meet EOS sports betting platforms offering a secure, transparent, efficient wagering experience on various sports events. Take advantage of fast money transfers with EOS cryptocurrency and quickly jump into the betting game.

EOS sportsbooks cater to various preferences, providing ample opportunities for seasoned and novice bettors. Also, you can bet on pre-match or in-play lines. It depends on where you think the best situation is.

Use your crypto to bet on 20+ sports, local and global leagues. With EOS sportsbooks, you can place your bets on:

eos sports betting
BC.Game offers hundreds of opportunities daily for EOS sports bettors

If you want to enter the crypto-betting arena, we recommend signing up at the following platforms. BC.Game, Bitsler, or Cloudbet are the best EOS sports betting sites.

Claim Bonuses

EOS bonuses are a distinctive and enticing feature within the EOS gaming ecosystem. These bonuses come in various forms, including welcome bonuses, deposit matches, free spins, and loyalty rewards, each offering unique benefits and opportunities for players to maximize their winnings.

We bring you a selection of the best bonus offers by EOS casinos. Make a choice which bonus offer seems the most enticing to your requirements.

In conclusion, EOS bonuses represent a valuable and attractive component of the EOS gaming experience. Claim these offers to maximize your winnings and scoop the maximum value out of your gambling activities.

Casino Bonus Offer Wagering requirements
BC.Game 100% Deposit bonus up to $1000 + Lottery Tickets x500
Bitsler Exclusive 125% Bonus x200-x400
Cloudbet 100% Deposit bonus up to 5 BTC Various

What is EOS

EOS is a prominent cryptocurrency and blockchain platform focused on scalability, usability, and flexibility. Developed by and released as open-source software in 2018, EOS aims to facilitate decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts, offering a more scalable and user-friendly alternative to earlier blockchain platforms like Ethereum.

Key features

Scalability and Efficiency: EOS operates on a Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm, ensuring enhanced scalability, reduced transaction costs, and efficient network governance.
Zero Transaction Fees: Unlike many other blockchain platforms, EOS eliminates direct transaction fees, covering costs through token supply inflation.
Flexible Architecture: EOS offers a customizable and adaptable platform.

At its core, EOS operates on a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus algorithm, which enhances scalability and reduces transaction costs. In a DPoS system, EOS token holders vote for a few “block producers” who validate transactions and secure the network. 

One of the distinguishing features of EOS is its elimination of transaction fees. Users do not pay direct fees for transactions; instead, the costs are covered by inflation in the EOS token supply, making it more appealing for developers and users of dApps.

EOS is a groundbreaking cryptocurrency and blockchain platform known for its scalability, zero transaction fees, and flexible architecture.

In summary, EOS is a cutting-edge cryptocurrency and blockchain platform known for its scalability, zero transaction fees, and flexible architecture, making it a preferred choice for developing decentralized applications and smart contracts.

A market cap snapshot was taken in September 2023 CoinMarketCap.

Decentralized Casinos

Most crypto casinos operate on a centralized basis, meaning there is business management, and all the transactions are in the centralized records.

It has several benefits, such as retrieving lost passwords or claiming various bonuses.

On the other hand, it’s not entirely anonymous, and you might be asked about the KYC procedure. There are a few decentralized gambling apps you can connect to and enjoy 100% anonymous games. Connect via your Anchor or Wombat wallets and start your journey. If you love different web3 wallets, check out the best casinos for Metamask users!

These are the best EOS decentralized casinos and sportsbooks:

Pick anonymous betting with

Summing Up the EOS Casinos

This guide has unveiled top crypto casinos like BC.Game and Bitsler for players preferring EOS coin. You’ve learned about the best bonuses, VIP programs, and available games. On top of that, now you know the basics of EOS technology.

Whether immersing yourself in casino games, sports betting, or exploring decentralized casinos, this guide serves as your compass to a rewarding and exhilarating EOS gambling environment.

Play & bet with other crypto

Unfortunately, you’ll have to pick a coin other than EOS to access the rest of the crypto casinos with different games and features.

Go with the listed stablecoins to avoid crazy crypto volatility. The coins are 1:1 pegged to the US dollar value and supported by numerous crypto gambling sites.

EOS Casinos

EOS Gambling FAQ

It is legal.

EOS gambling’s legality depends on your jurisdiction, though. Always ensure you’re following the laws of your region before engaging in online crypto-gambling.

Author of the EOS Gambling Guide