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bitsler xp contest

Battle for $10,000 in Bitsler Games

Play the Bitsler originals and try to be among the top players who will be rewarded with cash prizes. Join both of two short races for $10K!

Bitsler rolls out another promotion oriented for in-house lovers. Compete with other Bitlser players for two $5200 prize pools that will be distributed among the users with the highest wagering volume in Original games.

How to win up to 2 x $350 in Bitsler XP contests

Be part of the Bitsler community and play the qualifying games to be eligible for the wager race prizes.

1. Sign up at Bitsler

If you’re still not a Bitsler customer, make a quick registration (no ID needed) with this link to be qualified for the 125% deposit bonus.

2. Play Bitsler originals

Only collected XPs from playing Bitsler Originals will be counted for the XP contests. You can choose from an extensive selection of fun crypto games like Dice, Plinko, Blast (crash variant), Video Poker or in-house Blackjack.

The collected amount of points differs from game to game. It depends on the game’s RTP %. Generally, you collect 1-2 XPs for every $1 wagered.

bitsler blackjack original
Play any Bitsler original to get extra rewards

3. Win cash prizes in XP contest

Two competitions are going on this week. One finishes on Thursday and immediately starts the second one. You can try to get to the top 50 players in both to maximize your rewards.

Prize pool will be shared as follows:
1st – 10th place: $350
11th – 20th place: $100
21st – 30th place: $50
31st – 50th place: $10

If you want to put a large volume in Dice, now is the right time, as Bitsler runs a 3-day-long Dice contest.

You can participate in this and get the boosted Rakeback prizes on top. Just play the Bitsler Dice, collect XPs, and climb the contest leaderboard.

If you end up in the top 5, you get $350 worth of TRX. Finish in the 6th-10th position, and you’ll get $250. It’s simple. And you can combine these two promotions to reap the maximum value.

-Prizes will be paid out within 24 hours of the end of the promotion.

-This promotion runs from 10th April until 16th April

bitsler xp contest rankings
The current rankings of the 1st XP $5200 contest


Bitsler is an established crypto casino. It’s got a large fan base due to the extensive game selection offered by the casino and sportsbooks.

Participate in daily wager races and rank up your VIP level to get chest rewards and rakeback.

Bitsler supports 20+ cryptocurrencies:

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