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FuryCharge Bonus at BetFury

BetFury casino has implemented a unique bonus onto their platform. Recharge your account with cash rewards unlocking for 7 days.

BetFury crypto casino is a great choice for players beginners as they provide several ways how to get free crypto on their platform, but they also want to give back rewards to their loyal users.

And that’s why they’re introducing another feature that rewards active players – FuryCharge bonus. As the name suggests it’s kind of bonus that recharge your balance and it does in slow incremental way.

Only players with Rank 5 and higher are eligible for this bonus, so if you want to take advantage of all the Betfury rewarding features (rakeback, cashback, free boxes, battles, dividends from wager mining etc.) level up your account!

Activate FuryCharge

  1. Sign into your BetFury account or create a new one using GMail, Metamask or other wallets
  2. Reach BetFury account Rank 5 or higher
  3. Wager at least $1000 in last 7 days
  4. Activate FuryCharge bonus 
  5. Claim rewards in selected time periods furycharge reward
The FuryCharge bonus can be claimed in various coins

There are 3 factors that determine the FuryCharge bonus value

1. Total Wager during last 7 days (Slots and in-house games)

2. Your account Rank – High roller get the maximum potential out of the FuryCharge

      • 5 – 7 Ranks – x1.0
      • 8 – 11 Ranks – x1.4
      • 12 – 15 Ranks – x1.6
      • 16 – 20 Ranks – x2

3. Selected claiming interval – Shorter → Bigger bonus coefficient

      • every 10 min – 1x
      • every 60 minutes – 1x
      • every 6 hours – 0.9x
      • every 24 hours – 0.75x

Claim your FuryCharge rewards in several cryptocurrencies – you can pick from Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether (USD), Binance Coin and BFG token


  1. If you change the frequency of the bonus withdrawal, the already accrued bonus amount will expire. Withdraw it before changing. After 7 days of active waging have passed you can withdraw your Bonus by activating FuryCharge again. 
  2. Required $1000 has to be wagered on In-house games or Slots only (Live, Table games and Sports betting excluded). 

About BetFury

Betfury is crypto casino and sportsbook. Offers a great variety of casino games and its sportsbook covers most of the important events.

Betfury supports many cryptocurrencies including EthereumTronUSDT, Bitcoin, BTT, BNBDogecoin, Ripple (XRP)Solana (SOL)Polygon (MATIC)Shiba Inu Coin (SHIB) and many more.

Play on Betfury Casino to mine their native token BFG, this way you will receive dividends – part of the casino’s profit on daily basis. Read the Betfury review to learn about all features.
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