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BetFury Rolls Out a New Bonus Program

Explore BetFury's revamped bonus program, offering enhanced Cashback, Rakeback, and new Weekly and Monthly Bonuses.

BetFury casino modified its current bonus program. Find out what changes for you and how you can benefit from the recent update.

Among the most notable changes are:

    • All bonuses now accessible from Rank 1
    • Cashback starts at 5%, increasing to 25%
    • Flat Rakeback with a flat rate of 10% for all users
    • Weekly Bonus with a reduced minimum wager of $150
    • New Monthly Bonus for previous month’s activity, available from Rank 1
    • Introduction of Bonus Calendar for daily distribution of bonus rewards

Cashback Changes

Receive up to 25% of your lost coins back. That’s a description of the Cashback rewards. In case of a loss in a session, you’re qualified for a cashback payout. Every new player starts with a 5% rate. Level up to get a higher rate of 25% for Rank20 players.

This bonus is available to players participating in slots and in-house games.

    • 50% of the amount goes to your balance
    • 50% of the amount goes to the calendar for 4 days
betfury new rakeback
Explore new Rakeback rewards structure

Rakeback Changes

The rakeback bonus feature went through a modification, too. All the players, starting from VIP 1, receive Rakeback rewards with a flat rate of 10%, regardless of their rank.

Play originals, slots and place on sports to be eligible for Rakeback rewards.

    • 50% of the amount goes to your balance
    • 50% of the amount goes to the calendar for 3 days

You can claim the bonus every 20 minutes.

Rakeback Boost

Are you disappointed with a low Rakeback rate of 10%? Don’t be sad-you’ve got a chance to scoop a double. That’s ideal for a moment when you put in a large wager.

Claim a part of a Daily Bonus and activate the Rakeback boost—it’ll be counting for 60 minutes.

Additional Bonuses

Learn how you can collect even more bonuses with BetFury. Get your Weekly and Monthly rewards!

Weekly Bonus

If you’ve been a loyal player at BetFury for some time, you’re probably familiar with the FuryCharge reload bonus. That has turned into a weekly bonus now.

Plays can claim the weekly bonus from Rank 1. The second requirement is the minimum wagering of $150 per qualifying period.

Monthly Bonus

Monthly is a brand-new bonus suitable for every player. The size of the bonus depends on your activity in the previous month. The exact formula isn’t public.

Claim the accrued Monthly bonus till the end of the next period, as it’ll disappear afterward.

betfury bonus cabinet
An organized place to collect various BetFury casino bonuses

Bonus Calendar

Bonus Calendar is a mechanic for distributing your bonuses by day. When withdrawing bonuses, part of this amount will be credited to the balance, and another part will be added to the Calendar. Here are the rules for distributing rewards for each bonus:

    • Rakeback Bonus: 50% on the balance, 50% for three days.
    • Cashback Bonus: 50% on the balance, 50% for 4 days.
    • Weekly Bonus: 25% on the balance, 75% for over seven days.
    • Monthly Bonus: 25% on the balance, 75% for over 30 days.

Claim your rewards as often as possible to collect the maximum.

Do you like the upgrade of BetFury’s bonus program? If you don’t have an account, sign up. Otherwise, head to the platform, play any game from the top-tier in-house selection or slots and collect rewards in a new way.


BetFury is a popular crypto casino that has undergone a significant update recently. They upgraded the bonus structure, referral program, and the site lobby graphics. You no longer can wager mine BFG tokens, so your only option to collect bigger dividend payouts is to buy BFGs via exchanges.

Try your luck in the best in-house games collection with Dice, Plinko, Crash, etc. The platform offers the best Slots and Live casino games. On top of that, you can place sports bets on any league in the world.

Be a loyal BetFurian to receive higher rewards through the new bonus system. Collect additional cash via various features like Rakeback, Cashback, and Monthly Bonus.

BetFury supports 35+ cryptocurrencies, with the top coins being:

Follow the promotions category and be informed about the latest high-value promotions.

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