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faucetpay x pasino partnership

FaucetPay to Pasino Payments and Staking Feyorra

Take advantage of a close partnership between microwallet FaucetPay and casino Pasino. Stake your FEY tokens you've mined in casino games.

Let’s take a look at the partnership between FaucetPay and Pasino. Learn what the FaucetPay is, what games and features Pasino offers and how to earn more FEY tokens easily.

Pasino Crypto Casino

Pasino is relatively new member amongst the crypto casinos, thought they innovate fast and adding new features and supported cryptocurrencies on regular basis. At the moment, Pasino is one of two trustworthy casinos accepting Solana. That shows they’ve got skin in the crypto world and know what players want. Besides SOL they accept Binance Coin, Tron, Tether and many other popular coins.

From casino games Pasino offers:

As many other crypto casinos, Pasino rewards their loyal players in several ways. 

fey withdrawal to pasino
Enter your email when withdrawing FEY tokens to FaucetPay

Also you can bring your friends to Pasino and open a new income stream – affiliate program. Read about referral program and other features in the Pasino review.

All in all, Pasino has a lot to offer and we can expect exciting additions at the platform.

Microwallet FaucetPay

FaucetPay is a micro wallet provider, originally focused on receiving micro payments from bitcoin faucets with very low or no transaction fees.

But FaucetPay isn’t just about earning tiny amounts of crypto. They’ve added several new features onto the platform to offer more functions.

Leverage Trading – Try to beat the market with leverage

Feyorra Staking – Stake and earn more FEY (FaucetPay native token)

Multiply BTC – Play any of original games (dice, plinko, crash, limbo and Roulette)

Make Deposits and Withdrawals to Pasino

The main reason for Pasino players to create a FaucetPay is a FEY Staking feature. Maybe there are some people who like casino games with a simple design will prefer gambling on FaucetPay, but Pasino is probably better casino platform overall.

Once you’ve created FaucetPay account, send mined FEY tokens from Pasino to FP –  Tick Withdrawal to FaucetPay (feeless) and enter your FaucetPay email address – the funds will be transferred and credited to your FP balance swiftly.

The same process can be done with any Pasino cryptocurrency that FaucetPay supports (for example Solana isn’t accepted at the moment).

Also if you would like to play Pasino games with funds you’ve got on FaucetPay, just easily enter Pasino generated deposit address and wait for crypto to be credited to your players account.

Staking Feyorra (FEY) Token

Now that your Feyorra tokens sit in your FaucetPay balance, in the upper bar click Earn → FEY Staking and the staking dashboard will open.

FaucetPay allows you to stake your FEY Tokens and that way you will earn interest on staked tokens.

The process is easy:

  1. Click Start staking with the most filled pool (the highest percentage)
  2. Wait for pool to be completely filled, then 80 days Lock period will start
  3. Receive your FEY tokens back with earned rewards  – the current APY (annual percentage yield) is around 85% – that translated to ~20% gains over the Lock period

-If you would like to unstake your FEY tokens during the Lock period, you will be charged with 3% penalty (of the locked amount) – Emergency Unstake

-At the end of the Lock period, FaucetPay will take 20% of your gains as a processing fee.

faucetpay fey staking
Enter the amount of Feyorra tokens you want to lock and stake

That would be the overview of what Pasino and FaucetPay have to offer. If you’ve mined Feyorra tokens during you plays on Pasino, it’s a clever move to stake them on the FaucetPay platform to increase the FEY stack. 

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