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How To Get Bitcoins For Free 2024

Cryptocurrencies are global now in 2022. But not everybody has funds to buy crypto themselfves or they don’t completely trust this system of digital money and don’t want to put own fund right into it.

Luckily, there are methods that may generate free crypto for little effort.look at the most popular ways how to start crypto journey without having to invest your dime.

Ways How To Get Crypto For Free

Bitcoin Faucets

For people who want to try crypto first for free or they have zero money to invest, we suggest to use any verified faucet. This will give them chance to earn crypto currencies just for a few clicks a day. Some of them have wider options how to receive coins for free, let it be watching videos, playing games or entering Captcha codes.

Keep in mind the potential earnings are really small, and it might be good source of income only for people in countries with low average salaries.

List of High Paying Bitcoin Faucets (2020)

Exchanges With Faucets

Crypto exchanges are here for buying and selling various altcoins in exchange for FIAT, Bitcoin or other major crypto coins. You can find so many operating exchanges nowadays, we will focus on those with build-in faucet. These can earn you some small amount of crypto assets for free. Just enter easy captcha and you receive crypto instantly.

Read more about exchanges with faucets.

Exchanges With Build-in Faucet List

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