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zcash casinos

ZCash (ZEC) Casinos 2024

Unlocking Fortune: Gambling in the Shadows with Zcash Casinos

Read the guide to pick the best Zcash casinođź’ˇ

We will look at the best Zcash gambling sites and offer the best bonuses. You will also learn about Zcash games and casino features.

Sign up at Bitsler or Cloudbet for the best Zcash gambling experience.

Continue reading to see our top picks for Zcash casinos and sports betting sites.

Top Zcash Casinos 2024

Best Zcash Casinos

We will try to evaluate a best Zcash casino in this section. First, we have to collect data and find all the crypto gambling sites accepting ZEC as a payment method. Then, it’s important to outline our preferences. After that, the best ZEC casino will crystalize.

How to choose the best casino

Follow the steps to pick the best Zcash casino for you:

Step-by-Step Instructions
What the crypto casinos should offer?
See the list of Zcash casinos and their description.
Based on yor needs, select the casino from the list of recommended sites.
Now, you've signed up and deposited, start the fun!

When picking the site you’ll sign up for, consider these criteria.

Why follow our recommendations? As experts, we can easily pick up on the lousy practice of crypto casinos. We also save you time by collecting the list of casinos and providing you with advanced data. We evaluate which crypto casinos provide promotions with the highest value and what loyalty programs aren’t worth it.

After extensive research, we have come up with the best Zcash casinos.


In the dynamic realm of online casinos, Bitsler Casino emerges as a true pioneer, offering players an immersive experience powered by Zcash.

Indulge in thousands of crypto games, including Provably Fair originals (Dice, Crash, Blackjack, Roulette, and more), slots, and the live casino. Claim the exclusive 125% deposit bonus and start the Bitsler journey by collecting points towards the VIP program with Rakeback rewards.

Follow the promotions tab to know about the latest competition and reload coupons for active players.

zcash bitsler
Bitsler has everything you need - slots, originals, and sports betting.


Cloudbet Casino emerges as a beacon of innovation and anonymity, particularly for Zcash enthusiasts. Enjoy the best crypto games and various promotions.

Play thousands of crypto slots, provably fair and live casino games with Zcash. Your gambling activities will remain anonymous until Cloudbet asks for the KYC procedure (they don’t at the registration but can at any time).

Take advantage of the generous 5 BTC deposit bonus and continue harvesting bonuses with the Loyalty program.

zcash cloudbet
Join Cloudbet and try all its perks with Zcash.

Play Zcash Casino Games

Although Zcash isn’t the top cryptocurrency with wide adoption, selected crypto casinos offer a great game collection. Find out what games you can play with Zcash.

Crypto dice is a famous game in this sphere due to its versatility – it doesn’t matter if you want to hit a massive win or aim for smaller wins. Dice has it all. And now you can roll it with Zcash, too.

Add a Provably Fair protocol and various betting options, and you have a perfect mix of traits. Find the game with high RTP (up to 99%) to boost your winnings in the long run.

Check out where you can play crypto dice and what rewards await you in that particular Zcash casino.

zcash dice
Bitsler offers Dice original with versatile settings and turbo-mode
Game RTP (return-to-player) Percentage
Dice by Spribe 97%
Bitsler Dice 99%

Another popular option to play with Zcash is slot machines. Browse through thousands of various titles with different themes.

Experience the top-tier slots with Zcash and try to multiply your crypto stack. Winning multiplier can be extraordinary in some slot games. Do you want to have fun and win even more ZEC?

The following providers bring superb slots with graphics, engaging sounds, and a never-ending selection of popular and new titles.

zcash slots
Choose from thousands of exciting slots with Zcash.

Do you prefer to compete with other players for the best result? Crash allows that as you meet other excited casino enthusiasts in the same game round.

The goal is to get as far as you can for the maximum payout. The longer you hold on, the bigger the win you get. But at any moment, there’s a chance of crashing.

Join the popular Crash games with Zcash and show the others who’s the man. Set the target pre-round, or take profits manually if you’ve got enough.

zcash aviator
Aviator by Spribe is a famous Crash game. Show your braveness with Zcash now!
Game RTP (return-to-player) Percentage
Aviator by Spribe 97%
Blast Original 99%

This was a short list of famous crypto games you can join with Zcash. The list is incomplete; more table and live casino games are here to enter. Get your ZEC ready and win in:

Bet on Sports with Zcash

If you’re into sports betting, you can also use Zcash on some crypto sportsbooks. Do you want to place live bets during streams of bets on the event pre-match? Both options are available to Zcash holders.

Place sports bets with ZEC at Bitsler, Cloudbet, or FortuneJack and put your sports knowledge into the work. These sites provide extensive coverage of the event across 20+ sports and leagues. Some of them run occasional sports betting promotions for added fun and value.

For high betting odds, visit Cloudbet or Fortunejack. Do you focus on main betting markets or want to venture into props and side bets?

Zcash Esports Betting

Bitsler and Cloudbet offer an esports-dedicated section. If you can profit from this young area, pick these sites for broader coverage of esports events. Bet on super-popular CS: GO, League of Legends, Dota 2, Valorant, FIFA or other esports titles.

zcash sports betting
Take advantage of the extensive esports coverage in the Bitsler esports betting platform.

What is Zcash

Zcash, a digital cryptocurrency, stands out for its emphasis on privacy and anonymity in online transactions. Just like Bitcoin, it operates on a decentralized network, but what sets it apart is its unique approach to privacy.

Zcash allows users to choose between two types of transactions: transparent and private. Transparent transactions work much like Bitcoin, while private transactions, enabled by cutting-edge technology, shield the sender, receiver, and transaction amount from prying eyes.

Key features

    • Privacy Priority: Zcash’s core feature revolves around offering users the choice of private transactions for improved privacy.
    • Dual Address System: Each user has two addresses: transparent (similar to Bitcoin) and private (zk-SNARKs-enabled).
    • Shielded Transactions: Private transactions, also known as shielded transactions, hide transaction details while still being verifiable.
    • Decentralized Network

ZEC allows individuals and businesses to transact securely and confidentially in a digital world that values privacy.

The ZEC price peaked shortly after its launch in 2016. Also, in the 2018 bull run, you paid almost $900 per coin. The prize has decreased since then, and now you can acquire ZEC for ~$30.

The recent market cap of circulating coins is around $480 million*.

A market cap snapshot was taken in August 2023 on CoinMarketCal.

Benefits of using Zcash for gambling

Using Zcash for online gambling offers several benefits catering to privacy-conscious players and those seeking a secure gaming experience. These aare the advantages of playing at Zcash casinos:

    • Enhanced Privacy

    • Confidential Transactions

    • Quick Confirmation: Zcash transactions are processed relatively quickly, allowing you to deposit funds into your casino account or withdraw your winnings without delays.

    • Global Accessibility: Zcash is a decentralized cryptocurrency, making it accessible to players worldwide. Engage in online gambling activities without being restricted by geographical boundaries.

    • No Intermediaries: Zcash transactions occur directly between the sender and receiver, eliminating the need for intermediaries like banks or payment processors.

    • Control Over Funds: Zcash provides users with greater control over their funds.

    • Innovative Experience

    • Provably Fair Gaming: Many Zcash casinos offers provably fair gaming, allowing players to verify outcomes’ fairness independently

Conclusion and Zcash Alternatives

In summary, Zcash offers a unique combination of privacy, security, and convenience that can significantly enhance your online gambling experience. 

Also, Zcash casinos provide thousands of exciting games and sports betting. Pick the right Zcash casino and get the maximum value from its loyalty program. If you want to explore other Bitcoin casinos, pick another cryptocurrency. 

Play & bet with other crypto

Unfortunately, with Zcash, you cannot sign up at every crypto casino and utilize all the unique features. Broaden your horizons within crypto casinos and sportsbooks with the following coins. The are adopted by more gambling sites and feature fast and cheap transactions.

To minimize the risks of gambling with cryptocurrencies, you can hold stablecoins. These are 1:1 pegged to the US dollar value and supported by numerous crypto gambling sites.

Zcash Casinos

Zcash Gambling FAQ

It is legal.

Zcash gambling’s legality depends on your jurisdiction, though. Always ensure you’re following the laws of your region before engaging in online gambling with Zcash.

Yes. Crypto casinos offer bonuses for Zcash players:
Casino Bonus offer
Cloudbet 5 Bitcoin Welcome offer (for slots)
Bitsler 125% Deposit Bonus: Claimable on any game or sports
Fortunejack Welcome package of 4 bonuses – Up to 6 BTC

Zcash transactions are relatively fast, but the speed can vary based on network congestion.

In general, transactions are processed quicker than traditional payment methods. The deposit can be credited within a few seconds/minutes. Regarding cashing out your winnings, a Zcash casino can take up to several hours to process the withdrawal.

Author of the Zcash Gambling Guide