Terra (LUNA) Crypto Casinos (2022)

Benefits of Gambling with Terra (LUNA)

Terra blockchain providing several stablecoins with value pegged to FIATs has seen massive growth in popularity.

Hold LUNA tokens and have option to play on some crypto casinos accepting Terra network tokens and take advantage of low transaction costs.

The Best Terra (LUNA) Casinos and Sportsbooks


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What is Terra?

Terra network has been created in 2018, its primary focus is on enabling users to create and own pegged stablecoins to the value of real world currencies (US Dollar, Korean Won or Euro)

Users are allowed to trade stablecoins for LUNA native token.

The most used stablecoin UST (Terra USD) can be staked, lent or borrowed on several platforms and earn yield (passive income).

What is LUNA?

LUNA is a native token of Terra’s blockchain. It plays several roles within the network.

  1. Paying for transactions (gas)
  2. Governance – Stake LUNA to have rights to vote in the Terra blockchain changes
  3. Volatility absorber during the stablecoin minting process
  4. LUNA is staked in the DPoS consensus mechanism – Validating transactions

LUNA price has skyrocketed in 2021 getting close to $100 per token making many holders very happy and rich.

The current total market cap of circulating tokens is around US$20 billion and is among the largest cryptocurrencies in the world.

*Market capitalization snapshot took on Feb 12, 2022 on Coingecko.

Benefits of Using LUNA?

Hold and use LUNA within the crypto space to experience quick settlements and low transaction costs.

By owning LUNA you’re invested in innovative project with a bright future. On top of that, it’s always easy to trade to stablecoin if you don’t feel like taking a risk.

Terra (LUNA) Casinos Fees

You can make LUNA payments at BC.Game casino. There are no deposit fees, but be ready to pay for the withdrawal once you decide to move your LUNA tokens from the platform.

Casino Withdrawal Fee
BC.Game 0.01 LUNA

Terra (LUNA) Dice

If you would like to play dice game with your LUNA tokens, head to BC.Game, enjoy the low house edge dice (1%) and participate in the daily ~7k wager contest.

Casino Dice House Edge Rewards
BC.Game 1% Deposit bonus, Daily Wager contest, VIP program

Terra (LUNA) Slots

LUNA tokens can be used for spinning the reels. BC.Game casino does offer hundreds of various slots by popular game providers.

Where You Can Buy Terra (LUNA)

LUNA can be purchased on many crypto exchanges including Binance and others.

Another way how to onboard on the Terra network is via the Terra bridge. Bridge your BSC or Ethereum tokens to the same one on the Terra  network.

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