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ApeSwap (BANANA) Gambling Sites 2024

What is Apeswap (BANANA)

Apeswap.Finance is a decentralized finance (De-Fi) protocol built on Binance Smart Chain (BSC). Apeswap belongs among the most popular De-Fi projects build on Binance’s blockchain, it allows the users to participate in various features that are present only in crypto space such as staking, staking, token swapping, etc.

Apeswap has gained a lot of popularity from its launch and the total market cap of circulation BANANA tokens is around $200m*. 

BANANA token has several utilities within the protocol and it’s also a subject to prize speculation.

*Apeswap market capitalization snapshot took on Sep 13 2021.

Why Use BANANA For Gambling

The ApeSwap is not super popular among wide crypto population, though there’s already a few casinos accepting BANANA token as a gambling currency.

Given ApeSwap (BANANA) is a BEP20 token running on Binance Smart Chain (BSC), the network fees and transaction confirmation speed is similar to Binance Coin‘s. Although prize of BNB has increased during last months, the transactions within the chain are still reasonable and much more convenient than making a payment on Ethereum. The standard fees are around the $0.3-$1 value. 

  • Quick transactions
  • Low transaction fees (<$1)

The Best Apeswap (BANANA) Casinos and Sportsbooks


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