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apecoin casinos

Best ApeCoin Casinos 2024

Beyond NFTs: Exploring top ApeCoin casinos to have fun and increase your crypto stack.

This guide is designed to assist you in selecting a high-quality ApeCoin casinos

We will present the best crypto casinos accepting ApeCoin so you can have some fun with your favorite coin. Visit BC.Game or Duelbits for top ApeCoin gambling experience.

See our best picks for ApeCoin gambling sites and find out which games are available to play with the coin.

Top ApeCoin Casinos 2024

Best ApeCoin Casinos

Let’s take a look at the best ApeCoin casinos. First, what crypto gambling sites accept APE tokens as a payment method? Then, you have to pick the best candidate from this initial selection.

Your steps for playing at the ApeCoin casino will be as follows:

1 – Read reviews and pick your casino

2 – Deposit APE tokens

3 – Play top crypto games

4 – Withdraw winnings

When picking the site you’ll sign up for, consider these criteria.

When we test the casino with our funds, we focus on these points. If the given ApeCoin casino doesn’t meet your requirements, try a different one.

These sites are our best picks for gambling with ApeCoin.


BC.Game stands proudly at the forefront of the ApeCoin gambling universe, delivering the top gaming experience. that will leave you utterly enthralled. With a diverse library of thousands of games, BC.Game ensures that every moment spent here is filled with excitement and thrills. Besides casino games, you can visit the sportsbooks with many events and betting lines.

Sign up and take advantage of the seamless integration of over 70 cryptocurrencies across various blockchains. Claim the deposit bonus and hop into the action.

Sign up at BC.Game for a superb ApeCoin gambling experience.


Be a loyal BC.Game player to cultivate VIP rewards as much as possible. The higher your rank is, the more benefits will come to you. We recommend this crypto casino with APE support!


Duelbits is a popular crypto-gambling platform in recent years. The player base has grown significantly due to a wide selection of games, including in-house Crash or Dice.

The casino accepts ApeCoin and one of the supported cryptocurrencies. Enjoy the top online games with APE tokens and experience the unique crypto gambling environment. 

Through Ace’s Rewards program, Duelbits rewards newcomer and existing players similarly. It consists of four streams of Rakeback. Get up to 50% rewards!

apecoin duelbits
Another option is to play at Duelbits, a highly rewarding crypto casino with APE support


Also, DTB has partnered with Duelbits to bring you a massive 500 Free Spins offer if you’re a new player!

Play ApeCoin Casino Games

Although APE isn’t the coin accepted by many casinos, you can access the best online casino games. Explore the variety of ApeCoin games and what sites are the top picks for a specific title.

If there’s one game that never fails to electrify the crypto gambling scene, it’s Dice – the undisputed favorite. 

You’re in control! With Dice, you can set the risk factors and potential multipliers, ranging from a tantalizing x1.05 to a mind-blowing x9,900! That’s right – the power to amplify your wins is at your fingertips, even with currencies like Apecoin.

Brace yourself for the Turbo mode! Activate it, and you’ll place bets at lightning speed, allowing you to compete in wager races. BC.Game runs not one, but three Originals with 99% RTP and a great interface.

apecoin dice
Roll Dice at BC.Game for high payouts and an option to utilize betting strategies

Try the third-party Dice alternatives. In-house Dice games often provide more comprehensive settings and an option to set up a betting strategy. From time to time, it’s nice to check out new Dice variants. What are the best ApeCoin Dice games?

Casino Game Rewards
BC.Game 99% RTP BC Originals Up to 360% Deposit Bonus, Rank up Bonuses, Free Crypto Wheel, Exclusive promotions
Duelbits 99% RTP Original Dice Rakeback up to 50%, Daily and Weekly wager races
Stake 99% RTP Original Dice + other 3rd-party variations Rakeback, Weekly and Monthly reloads, $100K Stake races

For more sophisticated games, play slot machines. ApeCoin casinos offer thousands of crypto slots with engaging sounds and superb graphics. Spin the reels, hit the massive multiplier, and walk away with a boosted APE stack.

If you want to play ApeCoin slots, expect the titles by well-established vendors such:

apecoin slots
Spin the reels on the best crypto slots with Duelbits

Crash also belongs among the most popular titles in the crypto sphere. Play this Bitcoin-gambling staple on any of several quality ApeCoin casinos.

Get the rocket as far as possible to load the multiplier to massive amounts. Compete with other involved players for a Last Man Standing. Experience this exhilarating fun with APE or other crypto coins.

apecoin crash
BC.Game hosts the most popular crypto Crash game

The game is famous in high-roller circles, as casinos accept large bets and allow even bigger payouts. BC Crash is one of the most played crypto games in the world. Chase the giant multipliers with hundreds or even 1000+ players simultaneously.

Game RTP (return-to-player) Percentage
BC.Game Crash 99%
Stake Crash 99%
Duelbits Crash 99%

This was a short list of famous crypto games you can join with Apecoin. The list is incomplete; more Provably Fair games exist to explore, and more Live Casino games and shows to enter. Get your APE tokens and try these:

Bet on Sports with Apecoin

If you prefer ApeCoin for sports betting instead of casino games, we’ve selected a few of the best crypto sportsbooks.

They cover the most anticipated events and the local matches, too. Find the desired sport or league with the search bar or navigation icons and place a bet. Whether you choose from main betting markets or enjoy sides and props, you can expect competitive odds in any case. Do you want to put a decent bet on the NBA or Esports? BC.Game, Stake, or Duelbits got you covered!

Apecoin sports betting sites allow you to profit from your knowledge of these sports and competitions:

apecoin sports
Bet on sports with ApeCoin at BC.Game or any credible crypto sportsbook

What is ApeCoin

In March 2022, the crypto-gambling world witnessed a groundbreaking moment with the release of Apecoin, a cryptocurrency affiliated with the renowned Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC). Developed by Yuga Labs, the masterminds behind BAYC and the pioneering NFT collectible CryptoPunks, Apecoin’s emergence marks a significant leap forward in the NFT space, transcending the realms of mere “profile picture projects” and introducing a new wave of possibilities.

ApeCoin was initially distributed to owners of the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Mutant Ape Yacht Club via a claimable airdrop.

These are a few keynotes of the ApeCoin project.

    • Bored Ape Yacht Club Affiliation: Apecoin is associated with the highly popular Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), providing it with strong community support and recognition within the NFT space.
    • Play-to-Earn Potential: Apecoin’s future integration with projects like the play-to-earn aspect of the popular mobile game Benji Bananas opens up exciting possibilities for gamers to earn rewards using Apecoin.
    • Long-Term Vision: Apecoin represents a forward-thinking approach to the crypto-gambling space, aiming to extend beyond traditional use cases and redefine the potential of digital currencies in a rapidly evolving landscape.

What is APE Token

ApeCoin (APE) is a utility and governance token associated with the APE ecosystem and Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC).

Launched on March 17, 2022, as an ERC-20 token.

    • Allows participation in the ApeCoin DAO for community governance.
    • Grants access to exclusive events, games, services, and merchandise within the ecosystem.
    • Incentivizes third-party developers to build applications incorporating ApeCoin.

The token price peaked in April 2022, climbing above $23 per token. Since then, the APE token price has dropped significantly.

The recent market cap of circulating coins is around $650 million*.

A market cap snapshot was taken in August 2023 on Coingecko.

Conclusion and ApeCoin Alternatives

Given that ApeCoin isn’t widely accepted by crypto casinos, the selection of sites you can register at is limited. On the other side, Apecoin casinos offer almost any game you’d need and their bonus programs are generous and rewarding.

If you still want to explore more crypto-gambling, pick another cryptocurrency or trade your APE tokens for more adopted coins.

ApeCoin Alternatives

To expand your options in the realm of crypto casinos and sportsbooks, go with these coins. They feature fast and low-cost transactions, and support by all main Bitcoin gambling sites.

To minimize the risks of gambling with cryptocurrencies, you can hold stablecoins. These are 1:1 pegged to the US dollar value and supported by numerous crypto gambling sites.

ApeCoin Casinos

ApeCoin Gambling FAQ

Yes, it is legal. But always learn about your jurisdiction’s gambling laws.

Read the terms and conditions to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

APE tokens have several purposes. One of these is using them in Metaverse gaming. We present the option to gamble with ApeCoin at centralized platforms.

BC.Game, Stake or Duelbits are the best ApeCoin casino.

Yes. Most of the ApeCoin casinos are optimized for mobile devices. Play and win in your favorite titles on the go with APE tokens.

BC.Game or Stake are top mobile crypto casinos.

Author of the ApeCoin Gambling Guide