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NBA Fever for $10,000 at BC.Game

Bet on NBA matches, collect points and win cash in the exclusive BC.Game promotion. NBA Fever consists of 4 betting events and $10K pool.

BC.Game introduces an exclusive betting promotion for NBA fans. Join other bettors and find out who’s got the best knowledge about Basketball action.

If you are successful with your bets, you can expect hundreds of extra cash rewards. See the simple steps to participate in the NBA Fever at BC.Game.

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Join the NBA Fever for 10K at BC.Game

Get extra cash win up to $1100. Just follow the instructions and get familiar with the rules.

1. Bet on BC.Game

Are you already a BC.Game player? If now, sign up here and create easily your new account.

2. Level up

The NBA Fever for $10,000 is only available to BC.Game players with VIP14+

3. Bet on Qualifying Games

Head to the BC.Game forums to learn more about the NBA Fever.

Place the bet in the BC.Game sportsbook and submit your ticket via the NBA Fever form, where you’ll be asked to enter various info about your bet (ID etc.).

nba fever betting
Bet on four particular NBA matches, collect points and win cash rewards.

4. Collect points

The competition leaderboard is based on the points you earn for winning the bet. The amount of points you’ll be credited with depends on the net profit you make.


Win $250 from $100 stake on the bet with odds 2.50

→ You collect 150 points (250 (win)-100 (stake) = 150)

5. Receive Cash

Place bets on all matches (one event for each week) and collect as many points as you can.

If you end up in the top 200 finishers, you get the extra cash. The top prize of $1100 waits for the bettor with the most points.

Monitor the current rankings in the online leaderboard.

As you can see, the biggest bet with the higher odds you win, the more points you collect. Amplify the thrill with NBA fever!

Game for NBA Fever #2:


-Minimum VIP Level: VIP 14 or above

-Minimum Odds: 1.8 Odd(European)

-Minimum Bet Size: $5, No bet type limitation.

-Single bet only. Parlay & Combo not eligible.

-Specific NBA games only. One game per week, total 4 games in this leaderboard.

-The higher the point accumulated, the higher the ranking.

-Reward settlement by “BCD/USD” currency.

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About BC.Game

BC.Game is a licensed crypto casino and sportsbook. They offer 5000+ games including in-house originals (DiceCrash game, Plinko, Wheel, HiLo, Keno), slots by various providers, live casino, and the sportsbook.

They accept 50+ various cryptocurrencies including popular ones such as

Play frequently and bigger amounts to level up your VIP status – earn cashback and receive other bonuses.

Learn about the all features in in-depth BC.Game review.

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