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SatoshiHero Review – Bitcoin Faucet

  • Features
    Free Bitcoin Faucet – three claims every 10 minutes
  • Surveys & Offers – Complete surveys to receive Coins
  • Referral Earnings – Get 25% commissions of friends’ profit
  • Games – Choose from a variety of games to boost your balance Payment Details

  • Minimum Payout – 30,000 Satoshi to Bitcoin wallet

Creating Account

To start earning free bitcoins, go to website and click Sign-up.

satoshi faucet

Enter your e-mail address and choose password and go to your inbox to confirm your e-mail address. Now you can sign-in and start earning free bitcoins.

Earning Bitcoins on SatoshiHero

SatoshiHero is simple and easy-to-use bitcoin faucet, there aren’t many ways how to earn free bitcoins. But the amount of free claim in faucet available makes this site good for building your bankroll satoshi by satoshi in fast tempo.

  • Faucet – Main source of your earned bitcoins will be faucet, as it will provide 3 free claims every 10 minutes. Solve recaptcha to be able to claim

  • Offerswalls – Completing surveys by companies such as Adgate Media, Offer Toro or others can be mentally exhausting, but rewards are quite high. As SathoshiHero description states, you will make more money by filling the surveys on your mobile phone

  • Games – These aren’t here for free bitcoins earning, as they belong into more of a gambling section. If you’re serious with your earning, you don’t need to be involved in these games

  • Refer a friend – Refer this bitcoin faucet to your friends or to people via social networks and get passive income – 25% commissions of your referred users profits

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Bitcoin Faucet

Faucet is the main tool to generate free bitcoins for yourself. The only thing you have to do to obtain satoshis is to solve reCaptcha code and claim free bitcoins. The main benefit I see with SatoshiHero is quantity of claims you are getting. It’s quite easy to make more than 100 claims per day.

The amount of received satoshis is random, it ranges from 1 to 100,000 satoshi per a claim. You should expect the one digit satoshi earning per claim, higher ones will be rare. That means you should have some kind of constistency in doing reCaptchas over and over.

How to claim free bitcoins on SatoshiHero?

STEP 1 – Log-in to your account

STEP 2 – Click Get Free Bitcoins, you will be redirected to Claiming page

STEP 3 – Enter reCaptcha and receive the prize

STEP 4 – Repeat 3 times, than wait 10 minutes to receive another three claims

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Surveys & Offers

More time and energy consuming way of bitcoin earning is completing surveys by various companies. This is very common method among bitcoin faucets.

It all depends on how much time you’re willing to put in, the rewards may be generous. And as mentioned, try to do these surveys from the mobile phone as you’ll get better profit.

satoshihero surveys

SatoshiHero Casino Games

This section offers a few games such as dice, some lottery or several slots. When I was trying to play those games, some of them didn’t load up.

But it doesn’t matter as it’s definitely not recommeded to play games without edge. You will lose money in the long term and that’s something you don’t want to as your satoshis are hard earned.

If you’re interested in bitcoin gambling, see our crypto casino list.

satoshihero games

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Cash-outs from SatoshiHero are quite simple, just click on Withdrawals in the menu, enter your bitcoin address and desired amount to withdrawal.

Minimum amount is 30,000 satoshi and transaction fees are fully covered by SatoshiHero.

Once you send your request, you have to confirm it in your email inbox and than wait to withdrawal to be processed, that’s going to happen at 12:00 UTC.

satoshihero withdrawal

If SatoshiHero hasn’t impressed you and you would like to try another faucet, see our list of crypto faucets.

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