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Cointiply Review

Cointiply Features

  • Free Bitcoin Faucet every 12 hours
  • Surveys & Offers – Complete surveys to receive Coins
  • Referral Earnings – Get 25% commissions of friends’ profit
  • Multiplier – Play the multiplier game boost your balance
  • View Ads – Click on the ads to receive free Coins
  • Watch Videos – Get Coins by watching commercial videos
  • Play Games
  • 5% Interest – Your balance will grow by 5% Annual

Cointiply Payment Details

  • Minimum Payout – 100,000 Coins to Bitcoin wallet

Creating Account

To start earning free bitcoins, go to website and click Register.

cointiply faucet 1

Enter your first name, e-mail address and choose password and go to your inbox to confirm your e-mail address. Now you can sign-in and start earning free bitcoins.

Earning Bitcoins on Cointiply

Cointiply provide many method how to earn free bitcoin, some of them are high rewarding and some are not, but those don’t require much work.

On Cointiply your rewards are in Coins unit, not sathoshis or other bitcoin unit. At this moment 1 Coin is equal to ~1.2 satoshi.

Let’s make an overview of all available options:

  • Faucet – Every 12 hours you’ve got a chance to get free bitcoins, prize up to 110 Coins (~120 satoshi). Then there still is a very low chance hitting a jackpot and well over 100,000 Coins. That’s the easiest method, but with only two roll per day, your rewards are destined to be low

  • Completing surveys and offers – This is a another way how to add satoshis to your balance, surveys can be exhausting to complete, but rewards are quite high

  • View PTC Ads – You click on an ad and have to stay on the page for several second to receive a reward. There is a few ads per day

  • Multiplier – Build-in game to multiply your Coins (not profitable long-term)

  • Play Games – Playing various games to get Coins is also an option

  • Watch Videos – Earn Coins by watching videos on, Videofox or others

  • Refer a friend – Refer this bitcoin faucet to your friends or to people via social networks and get passive income – 25% commissions of referral faucet profits and 10% of referral earnings from Offer Wall

  • Earn 5% Annual Interest – If you hold more than 30,000 Coins in your Cointiply account, you’ll be rewarded with 5% interest yearly

Bitcoin Faucet

Faucet is the main tool to generate free bitcoins for yourself. You enter recaptcha code and then you will roll the faucet to get free Coins. Unfortunately, Cointiply allows only a free roll per 12 hours, so faucet is not a good tool to generate linear income. I’d still recommend to roll as much as you can, as if you hit the jackpot, the reward will be big. To be more precise, right now, hitting the jackpot roll numbered 99999 (100000:1 chance) has value of 240,000 Coins (around $24).

How to claim free bitcoins on

  • STEP 1 – Log-in to your account
  • STEP 2 – Click Faucet and enter reCaptcha/ code
  • STEP 3 – Receive the prize
  • STEP 4 – Come back after 12 hours to roll again 
cointiply faucet

There is randomness in how much you will receive on every claim. Every rolled number has attached Coins value. As value increases, chances for such roll decrease as the amount of high-paying rolls is low. 

Prize will be also multiplied by your Cointiplier (more active you are on the website, Cointiplier value goes up, don’t ask for exact formula). The starting value for every user is 1.5x multiplicator.

See the prizes down below.

cointiply faucet2

Surveys & Offers

High rewarding is section of Offers, usually these are surveys you have to complete (5-15mins worth of time) to obtain Coins.

If you’ve got a plenty of spare time and you are serious about free bitcoins, this option may be suitable for you as rewards will be big. 

Not all offers are available in your country, so don’t be surprised if this reason will pop up and stop you from completing particular offers.

cointiply surveys


Another way how to earn Coins is to surf ads, you just select one of the offered ads and stay on given page for required time. The last step is to click on image described by the text. Then you’re qualified for receiving your Coins. 

Usually there is a few of those adds for every day.

Rewards are ranging between 5-10 Coins per ad viewed.

If you would like to enter your own PTC ad, you don’t need to create another advertiser account, just hover over PTC Ads and click Create PTC Ad.

cointiply ptc

Multiplier Game

This build-in game is more of an attempt to implement more fun into the site rather than valid tool to earn bitcoins. Don’t expect you will win in this game in the long run as Cointiply has a slight edge here.

The game itself is simple, you just click randomly on a circle and either your bet will be multiplied or you bust and have to start over. You can win up to 63x of your initial bet amount.

cointiply game

Refer a friend

If you would like to use bitcoin faucet’s referral programs to build a passive income, Cointiply has one also. It definitely don’t belong between the most generous, but it’s still very good and transparent program

  • Free Bitcoins Rolls – Get 25% of your referrals profits from faucet

  • Get 10% of profits from your referrals’ completing surveys and other offers

If you’re interested in this option, hover over Earn Coins menu and click Refer Users. There you can copy your referral link and share it with targeted friends or visitors of your website/social network.

For better referral recruitment results, Cointiply supplies everybody with several banners for invitation other users.

Annual Interest

You will be eligible for 5% interest each year, if you will follow one single rule and that is to keep more than 35,000 Coins in your Cointiply account. You can either save up that amount or deposit bitcoins to have more than that in balance.

It’s not significant interest, but still better than nothing. Mainly it’s decent benefit for those who are in faucet business for the long run (possible for several years)


There are three possible destinations you’re able to withdrawal to. The one is standard bitcoin address (your wallet, exchange account, etc.), another is FaucetHub (suitable for people engaged in other faucets supporting this wallet) of DOGE wallet. 

Each method has its own minimum cash-out Coins amount:

Bitcoin Address – min. 100,000 Coins

FauceHub Account – min. 35,000 Coins

DOGE Wallet – min. 50,000 Coins

Very big benefit is that you don’t pay any transaction fees, which will be extremely helpful for users with smaller balances and avoiding every possible fee is crucial.

Unfortunately, Cointiply sends out payouts only on Sunday (bitcoin address) or within 24-72 hours (DOGE and FaucetHub), so you don’t get charged for fees, but there is no option for instant withdrawal.


If Cointiply hasn’t impressed you and you would like to try another faucet, see our list of crypto faucets.

Also follow us at Twitter to get every news about crypto faucets, casinos and sportsbooks. 

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