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adbtc ptc review

AdBTC Review – Bitcoin PTC Features

  • Surf Ads – Receive high amounts of satoshi per ad click
  • Advertise – Create your own ad campaign
  • Referral Earnings – Get 10% commissions of referrals profits Payment Details

  • Minimum Payout – 35,000  Satoshi to Bitcoin wallet
  • Minimum Payout – 5,000  Satoshi to FaucetHub

Creating Account

To start earning free bitcoins, go to website and click Sign-up.

adbtc login

Enter your e-mail address, bitcoin address and choose password, then go to your inbox and confirm your e-mail address. Now you can sign-in and start earning free bitcoins by clicking.

Earning Bitcoins on AdBTC

AdBTC is a quite simple and easy-to-use bitcoin PTC site, and surfing ads will be your only option to earn money there.

Obviously you’ve got two ways to approach earning free bitcoins:

  • Surfing Ads by yourself – Given profits are very good per viewed ad, clicking by yourself can still bring solid income

  • Getting commissions of your referrals – You will get 10% of referrals’ profits and it doesn’t matter if you brough them to AdBTC by your link or you bought them on referral market (more on that later).

For maximizing profits, it would be ideal to mix both methods together.

Earn – Surf Ads

Main tool for earning free bitcoins on AdBTC is surfing ads. There are three slightly different types of surfing:

  1. Normal Surf Ads – Follow the steps below

  2. Active windown surfings – Click on ad, and then ad window has to be active (on top) to timer not stopping. After several seconds, you have to solve captcha and satoshis will be credited afterwards.

  3. Autosurfing – Is the same type as Normal surfing, you don’t have to watch ad entire time. There is just this one difference and that ads are rotated automatically and you don’t have to click on each ad individually. Unfortunetely, there aren’t many ads to be viewed as this type is probably not attractive for advertisers.

The most of the profits you will be able to do on the first type (1) – normal ad surfings, so let’s look at exact steps to claim free satoshi.

adbtc surfing

Earnings per viewed ad can vary a lot. The average might be around 15 satoshi, but there are a few ads that will give you more than 40 satoshi. The overall amount of ads is very good, you won’t easily run out of offers.

The system priority is on high paying ads, meaning AdBTC will first show you ads that will credit you the most satoshis.


If you like to promote any site, you can do via your account on AdBTC, just click in the menu in which type of surfing you want to advertise the website. For funding the campaign you can use earned satoshi from surfing ads or you can deposit if you want to invest more money.

Refer a friend

If you’ve got any site you can bring more clickers from, you might be interested in using your referral link, as people coming from your link will earn you 10% of their profits. This 10% commission is from they surfing ads, if any of your referrals will invest in their own advertising, you will get 5% of investment.

Just click on referral system in the menu and use your reflink to promote AdBTC site. On that page you can track how many referrals you’ve already got.

Then there is the second way how to obtain own referrals – and that is referral market. Everybody can buy or sell their referrals if they feel it will be good deal. Each referral is offered along with statistics, so you can do the math if buying/selling is worth it. Provided stats are for example date of registration, total earned satoshis or sum of satoshis earned today.

Withdrawals is very reliable site and you shouldn’t have any issue with getting paid. Your profits can be cashed out to FaucetHub address or Bitcoin address. On each there is a minimum withrawal requirement.

  • Withdrawal to FaucetHub – 5,000 satoshi

  • Withdrawal to BTC Address – 35,000 satoshi

If AdBTC hasn’t impressed you and you would like to try another faucet, see our list of crypto faucets.


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