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Best Ripple Sports Betting Sites 2024

Do you watch sports? Bet with Ripple on sports events and make a profit.

Learn more about Ripple Sports Betting in this guide💡

Explore the captivating realm of sports betting using Ripple – a rapid, safe, and cost-efficient digital currency. Immerse yourself in crypto-betting by utilizing elite websites like BC.Game, BetFury, and Cloudbet.

These platforms are credible crypto initiatives with unique features that boost your Ripple betting experiences. We will select our Ripple’s top picks and guide you on how to have the most enjoyable and lucrative betting experience.

Top Ripple Sports Betting Sites

How to Bet on Sports with Ripple

Prepare yourself for an exciting voyage into the world of sports betting with Ripple! The initial step is to meticulously choose a reliable Ripple sportsbook and, most importantly, to gamble responsibly. Take your time and thoroughly explore the wide range of betting possibilities available—it will be much easier with this guide.

Feeling self-assured in your game knowledge? Then it’s time to back up your words with money. With just a few clicks, you can add your choice to the betting slip, enter your XRP wager, relax, and eagerly anticipate the result. Let the games commence!

To learn how to place bets with Ripple, it’s almost identical to the process of betting with other coins.

ripple betting betslip
Simply pick the line, enter your XRP stake and submit the ticket

Ripple tokens are accepted by many crypto betting sites and you won’t have to trade XRP for BTC in order to play at them.

Betting with Ripple is easy—sign up at a trusted sportsbook and jump into action.

Best Ripple Betting Sites

If you’re looking to place a bet, it’s essential to select the appropriate Ripple betting site. It’s vital to avoid trusting unscrupulous websites and risking the loss of your XRP money. We advise only joining credible crypto sportsbooks that support Ripple.

Consider what qualities are most important to you and choose accordingly. Take note of the significant factors when deciding on crypto betting sites.

We’ve tried out various sportsbooks with our XRP funds and compiled a list of the top Ripple sports betting sites that tick all the right boxes for the top-tier operator. Thanks to our recommendations, you don’t need to spend time researching and can dive straight into betting (no ID is required when signing up). Get ready to place your bets and experience the excitement!


BC. Game is a superb crypto all-round gambling site accepting Ripple and many other coins. The sportsbook offers great coverage of many events and multiple side bets for every match. Expect high betting odds and one of the best odds on the market.

Claim the 360% boost on your deposits in the form of BCD (BC.Game dollars) and start betting.

ripple betting
BC.Game accepts XRP tokens for the casino games and sports betting

If you’re a faithful bettor and reach a certain VIP level, you can receive an additional sports betting bonus.


Your next wise pick for Ripple betting would be Cloudbet. The site features a top crypto casino and sportsbook. Take advantage of beneficial odds and a loyalty system that rewards frequent playing.

Collect Lightning points for activity (sports or games) and redeem them for cash bonuses and other rewards.

ripple betting cloudbet
Jump in the sports and esports betting with Cloudbet

Ripple Betting Features

Now you know what sites you can join or Ripple playing and betting. But what are the reasons to prefer crypto casinos over traditional ones?

Benefits of Ripple Betting

When it comes to Ripple sports betting, one of the main advantages is the speed and low cost of transactions. But there’s more to it than that. Thanks to the security provided by blockchain technology, your personal and financial data is safeguarded with every XRP transaction. With Ripple, you can place bets with confidence and peace of mind.

Now, let’s get to the exciting part – the sports and events! Choose from a wide array of options and place bets on upcoming events. Take advantage of competitive odds that can maximize your payouts. What’s more, there are generous bonuses and exclusive promotions that give you even more options to extract extra value.

Experience the thrill of a fast, secure, and exciting betting experience like never before!

In the following paragraphs, you’ll find examples of the promotions and added-value options that Ripple gambling sites provide.

Free Bets

Just like some traditional casinos, crypto sportsbooks also offer Free Bet promotions. With Free Bets, you can get a 100% refund on your first wager if it results in a loss. Don’t worry if you lose your initial bet at the casino – you may have another shot without risking your capital.

And Free Bets aren’t just limited to new players. Some promotions, like major festivals or other events, may include exclusive Free Bet offers that you can enter using Ripple. To find out more, be sure to check out BC.Game and Bitsler forums for the latest and most exclusive Free Bet promotions.

If you seek other Free Bet offers, check out Rollbit and its NFT collections. Rollbot owners collect monthly free bets that can be used on particular sports. Just buy Rollbit’s NFTs and collect passive income payouts via free bets.

Casino Free bet value How to Get
BC.Game Various (usually $10-50) Check the BC.Game forum to see all the exclusive promotions
BetFury Various, $10-$30 Free bets are usually available during BetFury festivals
ripple free bet
Visit BC.Game forums for exclusive promotions

Competitive Betting Odds

Whether you’re betting for fun or trying to make a profit with crypto sportsbooks, it’s always essential to seek out the highest possible odds. This approach gives you an extra edge that can significantly improve your long-term profits.

Even a seemingly small difference between 2 and 1.9 odds can add up over time and make a substantial difference. Especially with multi-bets—the final multiplier can be much more rewarding in case of receiving better odds. So, why not aim for the biggest payout possible?

To maximize your betting odds, check out these Ripple betting sites often offering best odds on the market.

Deposit Bonus

Start your crypto-betting journey with boosting offers. Generally, deposit bonuses are designed for casino players. Crypto sportsbooks offer a small sports betting bonus, if any to new players. We present you with a few such promotions. Sign up at BC.Game, Bitsler, or Thunderpick if you want to claim the deposit bonus for sports betting.

We aim to help you make the most of your Ripple sports betting experience. That’s why we recommend utilizing the deposit packages offered by top-tier betting sites like BC.Game or Bitsler. Although the wagering requirements on these bonuses can be high, you won’t be pressured to clear them within a specific time limit.

By taking advantage of these deposit packages, you can maximize your rewards and increase your chances of winning big. Plus, with no time limit, you can enjoy betting at your own pace and without unnecessary stress. Give it a try and see how it can benefit your Ripple sports betting journey.

ripple bonus bitsler
Claim the exclusive 125% Bitsler deposit bonus - clear it by betting on sports or playing casino games

On What Sports You Can Bet with Ripple

With Ripple sportsbooks, the options for betting on various sports and leagues are virtually limitless. Can’t seem to find the event you’re looking for at the one Bitcoin site? Try other ones, there’s a high chance you’ll find them elsewhere. With multiple sports betting providers to choose from, the betting opportunities are endless.

Choose from a vast range of thrilling betting options, and pick the perfect betting line that fits your unique needs and preferences. Place your bets before the match starts or during the game at any time. Live betting is now a standard feature for crypto sportsbooks, providing an even more exciting betting experience.

Whether you’re a fan of basketball, soccer, or fighting sports, you can find almost any line with Ripple. Seek the top odds for the maximum payouts. This way, you can increase your chances of winning big and taking home a substantial profit.

Remember that you’re not limited to sports betting only with Ripple. If you need to fill the blank spot in the schedule, try the casino games like Slots, Dice, Roulette, or Blackjack. We reviewed many XRP casinos so that we can provide you with a comprehensive Ripple casino guide.

How to Bet Anonymously on Sports

If you value your privacy and want to enjoy sports betting without revealing your personal information, Ripple gaming platforms can be the perfect choice for you. Unlike traditional online sportsbooks, these platforms allow you to sign up and play anonymously.

While some Bitcoin casinos may require Know Your Customer (KYC) verification for large wins or withdrawals, there are several no-KYC sportsbooks available that offer complete privacy. Nitrobetting (only BTC) or BetPlay are some examples of these sites. If you prefer a middle ground, BC.Game, BetFury, and Wolf.Bet are Ripple sports betting sites that don’t require KYC verification for most transactions. 

To access all the games in any country, you might consider using VPN services. Overcome geo-blocking with special software and enjoy any games. If you’re located in the USA, check out Nitrobetting or the complete guide for USA Bitcoin casinos.

Ripple Betting Conclusion and Alternatives

Ripple is one of the relatively crypto old-timers. It peaked in the 2017/2018 bull run, and its fame has popped. Due to super-fast and cost-effective payments, it’s a great choice for gambling. Not all crypto sportsbooks accept XRP, but those that do, will satisfy all your betting needs.

However, if you’re looking to access the rest of the crypto gambling sites, you may want to consider using other cryptocurrencies.

Go with your preferred stablecoin if you want to avoid market volatility but want to play on crypto casinos.

Ripple Betting

Ripple Sports Betting FAQ

Is betting with Ripple legal?

Yes, it is legal. But always learn about your jurisdiction’s gambling laws.

Read the terms and conditions to avoid misunderstandings in the future.

Is betting with Ripple safe?

Yes, Ripple sports betting is safe. But follow guidelines to avoid funds seizure.

We recommend using only reputable and verified crypto sportsbooks. By sticking to tested and trusted sites, you minimize the risk of being scammed.

It’s crucial to double-check your deposit address when using blockchain transactions, as these transactions are irreversible. Once the funds are sent, they cannot be retrieved. If you accidentally send money to the wrong address, the casino or platform will not be able to assist you with retrieving those funds.

What are the best Ripple sites for sports betting?

Different Ripple sportsbooks excel in various categories, so it’s essential to choose the one that meets your priorities. Whether you value competitive odds, generous bonuses, or a diverse range of sports and leagues, we’ve got you covered. Below are the top-rated Ripple sports betting sites in each category to assist you in selecting the one that best suits your preferences.

• The best sporting events coverage: BC.Game, Cloudbet, Sportsbet

• Best Sports Betting Promotions: BC.Game, BetFury, Stake

• Best Sports Deposit Bonus: BC.Game, Bitsler, Thunderpick

• The highest betting odds: Cloudbet, BC.Game, BetFury, Sportsbet

• Best Ripple Sportsbook for high-rollers: Stake, BC.Game, Cloudbet

• Best Anonymous Sportsbook: BetPlay, Nitrobetting (accepts BTC only)

Can I play casino games with Ripple?

Yes, you can.

We’ve tested numerous crypto casinos accepting XRP and listed the recommended ones. Enjoy the top slots, Dice, and Crash on Ripple casinos. Learn about all the available games and casino bonuses in the guide.

Author of the Ripple Betting Sites Guide