EarnBet is crypto casino with games running on blockchain. Accepting several main cryptocurrencies. Paying house dividends

Rating: 7/10


EarnBet Games

Casino games with low edge running on WAX blockchain

Payment methods

Cryptocurrencies accepted: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, Ripple, WAX, BET, EOS

Creating Account

To start playing on EarnBet, follow these steps to create an account.

STEP 1 – Go to earnbet.io and then click Create account in upper bar.

STEP 2 – You will be asked to choose the username.


EarnBet Signup

STEP 3 – Write down recovery seeds (word phrases to reaccess your account in case of loss)

STEP 4 – Click SIGN-IN to start playing casino games

EarnBet Signup


EarnBet is accepting BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC, EOS, WAX, XRP, BNB, and its own token BET deposits and withdrawals. If you would like to use other cryptocurrencies for funding your casino accounts, look into different crypto casinos supporting your preferred coin.

Follow this simple process to deposit with Bitcoin.

Click blue button DEPOSIT in upper part, you will be redirected to deposit menu, there you can choose which currency you want to use now for deposit. Select desired deposit currency and send funds to generated address (or use generated QR code for more comfort).

As this EarnBet website is running on crypto blockchain you won’t have an option of using FIAT money. On the other side, your account will be 100% anonymous.

EarnBet Deposit

Once you’ve sent the funds, you have to wait to transaction to be confirmed. Then you can start betting with real money.

Keep in mind that only you are responsible for funds in your account, so make sure you’ve got your recovery phrase saved. Otherwise in case of loss of the account, nobody will be able to help you with accessing your lost account.

Casino Games

At this moment, you’re able to play just four games on EarnBet casino. All of these games are built-in specifically for they website, there are no slots from game providers you may be use to.

The four available games are: Dice, HILO, Crash and Baccarat, with the prospect of adding Blackjack in the future.

Every game runs on Provably Fair Betting protocol, so you don’t have to worry about casino integrity. House edge is set to 1.5% and this value is easily visible in game menu.

EarnBet Games

EarnBet Dividends

Very uncommon feature on EarnBet are dividend earnings. For holding their own BET token, you are going to receive extra cash. The entire profit of EarnBet casino is distributed to token holders every week. Meaning higher amount of BET token you own, the higher dividends coming your to your balance.

There are two ways of obtaining BET tokens

  • Earn Free BET token by playing on Earnbet – For every 20 EOS you wager, you will receive one BET token and for every 1 BTC wagered, you get reward of 80 BET tokens
  • Buy on exchanges – now it’s listed on Binance DEX and Newdex
EarnBet Dividends

EarnBet Affiliates

If you would like to earn extra cash and you’ve got some people around you wanting to join EarnBet, there is a way how to monetize on it.

Share registration link (with your code) to other players and if they will sign-up through your link, you will get a 0.1% commission of their total wager. So that mean you receive extra money every time you friends makes a bet on EarnBet – lifetime.

10 friends bet $1000/month = 10 * 1000 * .001 = $10 in crypto for you

To generate your referral link, click Affiliate in menu and copy shown link. You can download an Affiliate kit with banners and images for successful promoting.

EarnBet Affiliates


EarnBet is great choice if your looking for anonymous gambling on simple games such as Dice, HILO or Crash. EarnBet doesn’t provide wide variety of games. 

The Divident earnings are interesting feature if your looking for locking some part of your crypto portfolio and earn decent interest.Play