Worlds 2019 - Team Liquid vs Damwon Gaming Betting Odds Comparison

Teams in #Worlds2019 were battling hard in the past days, tomorrow we will see last matches of Group stage. Here we will focus on betting opportunities on match between US Team Liquid and Damwon Gaming from Korea.

On Sunday, October 20, group D will play out last matches of the Group stage of League of Legends championship 2019. Two best teams of every group will advance to Knockout stage and prizes to the teams will become significant (winner gets over $800k).

But let's look at what tomorrow brings us in regard of betting opportunities. We've chosen the most interesting battle coming up and that's Team Liquid fight against Damwon Gaming. We will compare betting odds on crypto sportsbooks. Matches of these two teams are scheduled on tomorrow 15.00 CEST and again, it will take place in Verti Music Hall, Berlin, Germany.

Team Liquid - Damwon Gaming

Winner pick - best odds:

Team Liquid - 2.32

Damwon Gaming - 1.67

Margins on this match are quite different, you can see that sportsbook has overall the lowest margin, but they don't offer the best odds for either side. If you think Liquid is going to take it down, go to the For Damwon fans, your best place to bet tomorrow is going to be

For high rollers willing to place a big bet on this event, is where the highest betting limits are, as always. Bet on Damwon gaming can be now as high as 0.35 BTC, and that should satisfy almost everyone out there. is also great sportsbook with wide variety of eSports events, and they've got limits around 50 mBTC.

Betting odds across bitcoin sportsbooks

Esports-oriented provide the best odds for Damwon team, but they offer also the widest variety of side bets, see down below just a part of offered bets. sidebets offering

You can watch Worlds 2019 battles live on Riot Games Twitch channel.

For more odds comparisons, come back next time or follow us on Twitter to get notifications to see our news. You can expect another odds comparisons for Worlds 2019 in upcoming days.

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