Worlds 2019 - Team Griffin vs G2 Team Betting Odds Comparison

Let's look at another interesting match of ongoing World Championship in game of League of Legends. What odds are bitcoin sportsbooks providing for this event?

We're still in the group stage of Main event of #Worlds2019, and many interesting matches are ahead us on Sunday. We will focus on Korea's team Griffin battling against Euro team G2.

The particular match will take place on Sunday October 13 at 18.00 CET, and games continue to run in the Verti Music Hall, Berlin, Germany.

Verti Music Hall, Berlin, Germany

Team Griffin vs G2 Team

Winner pick - best odds:

Griffin - 2.27

G2 - 1.68

If you put money(bitcoins) on Griffin team this Sunday, you should do so on Esports-oriented sportsbook as they will give you the best odds across the bitcoin sportsbooks. On the other side, very often has also low margins on Esports and this event is not an exception. They offering best odds on favorite G2 Team.

If you're interested in high betting limits, go for - their max bet on G2 is now around 300 mBTC, and NitrogenSports will let you place a bet size of 30-50 mBTC.

Betting odds across bitcoin sportsbooks

You can watch Worlds 2019 battles live on Riot Games Twitch channel.

For more odds comparisons, come back next time or follow us on Twitter to get notifications to see our news. You can expect another odds comparisons for Worlds 2019 in upcoming days.

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