Worlds 2019 Hong Kong Attitude - Lowkey Esports Odds

Let's see which sportsbook does offer best betting odds for today's League of Legends World Championship selected match between Hong Kong's Attitude Team and Vietnam's Lowkey Esports team.

Yesterday the Play-in phase of Worlds 2019 has begun. Now twelve teams are competing to secure their spot in Group stage and eventually become a 2019 champion, finals will take place on November 10 in Paris, France.

We choose one today's match and we will compare odds across bitcoin sportsbooks that cover this main LoL event. Even though Worlds 2019 (organized by Riot Games) is going to be watched by large eSports fan base, the play-in stage is just the beginning and sportsbooks don't offer big betting limits on these matches yet.

Play-in stage takes place at LEC studio, Berlin

Hong Kong Attitude - Lowkey Esports

None of the sportsbooks does offer great odds for HK Attitude - Lowkey Esports match, hopefully they will lower the margin as Worlds 2019 progress into later stages and the betting liquidity will go up.

Winner pick - best odds:

HK Attitude - 1.67

Lowkey Esports -

As you can see in the table down below, the aren't big differences in odds and margins. But if you're going to place any bets for this play-in stage, looks like you're best to go with esports-focused sportsbooks as and You won't be able to big as limits are somewhat low at this time, but they both offers wide variety of sidebets if you're interested in non-standard betting.

If you really wants to place bigger bets, is your way to go as they offers the highest betting limits among esports bookies. At the moment, max bet on HK Attitude win is around 316mB (~$2600).

Read our full review.

Odds across esports sportsbooks

You can watch Worlds 2019 battles live on Riot Games Twitch channel.

For more odds comparisons, come back next time or follow us on Twitter to get notifications with our news. You can expect another odds comparisons for Worlds 2019 for next rounds.

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