Weekly Slot Race and Keno on Betfury

Tron gambling Dapp BetFury is bringing innovations and new features very frequently. Now you can participate in weekly leaderboard with prize pool of 200,000 TRX.

Weekly Slots Race

Till now Betfury hasn't provide any promotion running on weekly basis. This has changed and you can join the action in Slots race. A lot more slot games have been added to the site so you can choose from variety of different themes. And the best thing is that TOP50 finishers in the leaderboard will share a prize pool of 200,000 TRX every week with winner taking home great prize of 80,000 TRX.

Prize distribution of Weekly Slots races

Every new race begins on Saturday and runs for 7 days. Current rankings can be observed in the tab on the left of the website during play. So you can easily track what your place is how much is needed to get to the better position.


  • All available slots on the BetFury platform participate.

  • Bets can be placed both in TRX and in USDT (the total gaming volume will be considered in TRX).

Ranking can be viewed in Slot Racers tab

KENO launch

The Betfury's newest addition to in-house games is Keno. Now you can play of the oldest gambling games on Betfury and take advantage of Cashback and Dividents that site provides.

Just place bets on Betfury and you will be automatically involved in mining procedure bringing you native token BFG for every bet.


  1. To play Keno you should predict the lucky cells. You can choose from 1 to 10 cells.

  2. After pressing “Bet’ the game will randomly choose lucky cells that define your winning multiplier.

  3. The more cells will be defined by the random generator as lucky ones the higher the reward will be.

  4. The game has three risk levels — Low, Medium and High. Each risk level has its own reward distribution.

  5. “Auto pick” will randomly choose the predicted cells. “Clear table” will remove all the predicted cells to choose them once again.

  6. The limitations are applied for maximum payout 800 USDT, 300K TRX/BFG, and maximum bet 30 USDT, 2K TRX/BFG.

Attention: when choosing BFG for bets, mining in the game will be disabled. For TRX and USDT, the standard price is the same as in all in-house games.

If you're not on Betfury yet, create your Betfury player account.

Betfury is online casino running on Tron blockchain, it provides in-house games and games by other providers, too. The supported cryptocurrency are TRON (TRX), USDT and their own token BFG.

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