winning streak bonus is again coming with a new promotion for passionate sport-bettors. Do you master English soccer?

If so, you have very good shot to receive €1000 in cash as a bonus. How to claim this big cash prize? Just win a streak of 11 winning bets in a row during 2019/20 English Premier League season and the extra 1000 Euros is yours.

How to participate?

  1. Crucial Rule!!! Opt-in to the promo by clicking on the opt-in button. If you do not opt-in then your bet will not qualify for the promo! Opt-in is required only once during the promo period.

  2. Place 11 bets across any 11 EPL matches with minimum odds of 1.50. Wagering on bets with odds lower then that won't be counted.

  3. Only the first bet placed on each EPL match will count for the promotion.

  4. Choose pre-live bets only. And any market bets on EPL are allowed.

  5. Minimum wager per bet to qualify is €10.00 or equivalent in accepted currencies.

  6. If you win 11 bets in a row, you’ll win €1,000.00! Note: Winnings will be converted and paid out in the users currency.

  7. If you lose a bet your counter will reset to zero and you can try again!

Rules are clear and simple. You can start betting, but keep in mind that you have to opt-in as pictured below. Click here to redirect on promo page.

Be sure you're opted in

There's a leaderboard tracking best streaks. It displays current TOP50. You can also check your streak from My bets page.

Promotion leaderboard updated every hour

Register here and start betting.

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