PSG vs Real Madrid Bitcoin Betting Odds

Tonight is packed with Champions League football action. Let's look at Bitcoin Sportsbooks and their offering on PSG vs Real Madrid match.

Are you planning to place bets on tonight Champions league with bitcoin. We will help you finding best sportsbook to use for such activity. There are pure-crypto sites or sportsbooks that accept FIAT(USD,EUR,…) deposits with possibility of using bitcoin or other main cryptocurrencies for placing a sports bet( and

We will focus solely on Paris Saint-Germain - Real Madrid duel and will coverage standard moneylines, meaning you will bet on 1st team(PSG),draw or 2nd team(Real).We've browsed 6 sportsbooks, some of them are widely-known in crypto betting community and some are newcomers to this area.

Kickoff will be at 21:00 CET (UTC+2) and match is going to take place at Parc Des Princes stadium in Paris with capacity over 45,000.

Let's dive into available betting odds. The best site you can choose for betting on 1 - PSG is going to be Fortunejack. On tonight's match their website is where are best odds. For those expecting Real Madrid team to win in Paris, you're best choice is or Cloudbet sportsbook, they both shares best odds in bitcoin market for this particular bet.

And for people betting teams will be equal in terms of performance and expecting the match ends as a draw, go for the same sportsbooks - or Cloudbet.

If you care about betting limits, definitely check as they will allow you to place a bet high as 1.9 BTC which is already a hefty size bet. Another sportsbooks with high limits are Cloudbet and Nitrogen Sports, both over 0.3 BTC per bet.

You can see in the sheet down below which sportsooks operate with the lowest margin for this match and how odds differ between the sportsbooks. As you can see, the differences are not that big and most of them have really low juice (under 3%), providing you decent chance to make money today. Totally worst chances by far gives you with the worst odds across all moneyline betting options. The highest betting limits won't justify it for the majority of sportsbetting fan, so I would I avoid them for tonight's Champion league.

Odds across bitcoin sportsbooks

Check next time for more soccer bitcoin news and promotion or see other Odds Comparison on our website.

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