New Stairs Game and BTC Integration on Betfury

Many players have found their gambling home on TRON Dapp Betfury, now they can enjoy new in-house game Stairs. Also Bitcoin (BTC) deposits and withdrawals have been integrated.

Crypto gambling space is evolving and Betfury TRON platform with casino games is one of the websites that try to bring new experiences to their players each day.

Very nice feature of Betfury Dapp is than you mine BFG tokens while you play on the site. Just choose any game and you will recieve free tokens with amount based on your betting volume. Then you can "freeze" these BFG tokens and therefore get dividends daily (dividents are Betfury's revenue paid directly to the BFG token holders).

Recently new game has been introduced on Betfury platform and you can start playing now, Stairs game can be found among other in-house games.

How to play Stairs?

  • Step 1. To start, make a bet and choose the amount of stones per one game move, then press “Play” to continue;

  • Step 2. Climbing up the stairs, beware of falling stones! The higher you go up, the more you get;

  • Step 3. Your winning’s amount is your choice: you can pick up a win at any time or go through all 13 moves and get the maximum reward.

Betfury Stairs in-game

Stars Profit 250,000 TRX Competition

As Betfury wants Stairs game make appealing for the players, the leaderboard promotion has been added with Stairs launch. Top50 players will share a prize pool of 250,000 TRX. Even though we are already 5 days in, you still have the chance to secure a part of the prize pool. The end of this 14-day promotion is still far away.

To climb the top of the leaderboard, you have to be successful in the game of Stairs as rankings are based on total profit (see the formula)


  • The promotion runs from February 6, 2020, until February 20, 2020.

  • Total prize pool is 250 000 TRX. Total winning places - 50. Distribution may be checked in the competitors' list. 2. Bets can be placed in TRX, USDT, BTT or BTC (the total winning volume will be considered in TRX).

  • To become the winner you have to win most of all pure profit. (Example 1: your bet is 100 TRX - winning - 150 TRX = 50 TRX added to your rating. Example 2: your bet is 10 USDT - winning - 13 USDT = approx. 160 TRX (TRX/USDT rate) added to your rating. etc.

  • The more profit you get, the higher you are in the competition! You can track your current position in the right section of the promo page.

  • Distribution of winnings is carried out automatically to your game balance with no conditions, no wager requirement in 24h.

  • See official promo page

Stairs leaderboard awards TOP50 players

BTT and BTC Integration

Betfury already supported several coins including TRON, USDT and BFG. From now on you have option to fund your account with mother Bitcoin or TRON's partner BitTorrent (BTT).

Connect to the website via TronLink and in the upper bar click on desired coin and than Deposit to fund your player account.

These new-implemented cryptocurrencies can be used for playing in-house games.

Bitcoin deposits/withdrawals have been integrated

If you're not on Betfury yet, create your Betfury player account.

Betfury is gambling DApp running on Tron blockchain, it provides in-house games and games by other providers, too. The supported cryptocurrency are TRON (TRX), BTC, USDT, BTT and their own token BFG.

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