More Rewards Points by Promotion

For those who are starting their crypto bankroll from zero, gives you chance to speed up your progress or get prizes along the way.

If you're not familiar with, it's one of the most known bitcoin faucets out there. For entering captcha code, you'll be able to play ROLL and receive generated prize in BTC. These crypto faucets are not for the big boys as profit are really minuscule. But it will work for young beginners or for active people from 3rd world countries (low living costs), with helps of these faucets you're able to build your balance if you're smart and organized enough. is giving you a 5X Rewards points for 48hours now meaning you will get:

  • FREE BTC Roll - Receive 10 free reward points

  • Every 0.00000500 BTC Wagered in Multiply BTC - Receive 5 reward points

  • Every FREE BTC Roll by each of Your Referrals - Receive 5 reward points

Register at to use your FREE ROLLS, read the full review/how to. Roll

Rewards points can be converted to cash or be used to purchase Electronics, Hardware Crypto Wallets or Bonuses via website. The amount of required reward points is huge, so you'll probably need to create a network of your referrals to be able to achieve that amount of points.

Down below, you can see a few electronics examples. E.g IPhone 11 Pro MAX for more than 33 million reward points.

See Rewards Prizes you can redeem

If you're interested, see more information how to earn free bitcoins. Or create your account at and see our review of the site and features description.

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