Mines Game and 250,000 TRX Leaderboard on Betfury

Come play Mines special edition on TRON Dapp Betfury, the most successful players will be rewarded with share of 250,000 TRX leaderboard promotion.

One of the most popular gambling TRON Dapp Betfury has launched new promotion for their in house game.

The Mines game reacts to the current worldwide virus pandemic and they bring you special edition of this simple game. Your task is to find the pills and avoid virus in the field.

Also for playing this game, you will be mining BFG tokens which can be used for receiving dividends of the platform's revenue.

To give your more reasons to play the special virus edition of Mines, Betfury will reward the TOP50 finishers in the leaderboard. There is 250,000 TRX for grabs total.

Leaderboard Rules:

  • The promotion runs from 25 March, 2020 until 8 April, 2020.

  • Bets can be placed in TRX, USDT, BTT or BTC (the total winning volume will be considered in TRX).

  • To become the winner you have to win most of all pure profit. (Example 1: your bet is 100 TRX - winning - 150 TRX = 50 TRX added to your rating. Example 2: your bet is 10 USDT - winning - 13 USDT = approx. 160 TRX (TRX/USDT rate) added to your rating. etc.

  • The more profit you get, the higher you are in the competition! You can track your current position in the right section of the promo page.

  • Distribution of winnings is carried out automatically to your game balance with no conditions, no wager requirement in 24h.

So good luck and stay healthy! Definitely check out more in house games on Betfury - crypto gambling Dapp.

You can check the ranking at promo page

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Betfury is gambling DApp running on Tron blockchain, it provides in-house games and games by other providers, too. The supported cryptocurrency are TRON (TRX), USDT, BTC, BTT and their own token BFG.

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