Majestic 7 scorer promotion

FortuneJack sportsbetting section offers long-term promotion for those who like to guess goal scorers. If you will be lucky with English Premier League you bank a big prize.

Extra value can be raked now on FortuneJack sportsbook. It's already been running for round 1 and round 2 of EPL, but you start now in round 3 matches. How to claim as big bonus as 1 BTC?

  • Pick the player you expect to be a scorer in given match.

  • Do that for every match of the EPL round

  • Claim win:

Grand prize 1BTC - in order to receive a prize of 1 bitcoin you have to be correct in all 7 guesses.

50mBTC free bets - 6 of 7 correct guessed scorers

30mBTC free bets - 5 right guesses is enough to collect 30mBTC in free bets

Another rules and terms:

-Both, verified and unverified users are eligible for participating in the competition. In case winning and later on requesting the access to the grand prize or free bets, they will be obliged to complete verification process. reserves the right to change terms, pause or cancel the promotion without informing the user in advance.

-Free bets are non-refundable and cannot be withdrawn from your account. Free bets will be credited to eligible accounts within 48 hours.

-General terms and conditions apply.

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