Loot.bet €10,000 Ladder - Win Cash and Prizes

Esports-oriented sportsbook Loot.bet brings multi-week promotion with eletronics prizes and cash on top. See what you can win and how to maximize chances. Bitcoin and Ethereum deposits accepted.

Many sportsbooks offer wide variety of sports and events. Loot.bet is different from those as they solely provide only esports betting. If you focus on this area of sportsbetting, you should add Loot.bet to your sportsbooks portfolio, because some of the sidebets or esports events cannot be found elsewhere.

To gain more customers, they've launched betting leaderboard. More you bet, higher chances of winning some of the prizes you get.

There are weekly ladders in which the top finishers will win electronics, such as new Apple IPhone or Apple AirPods. Then there is a overall ladder starting Oct. 28 running till Dec. 30 and winners of this one will collect big cash prizes.

The only thing you have to do is accumulate as much Experience Points (XP) as possible. Just bet as big as you can with the highest odds possible (see the formula of gaining XP).

How to participate:

  • Create an account on Loot.bet

  • Place single or combo bet with odds of 1.3 to 50 (otherwise you won't be counted into ladder)

  • Earn Experience Points

  • Finish in top places of ladder and get Rewards

Formula for Experience Points (XP)

Bet Amount x Betting Odds

Let's say we placed a bet of 50 Euros with odds of 1.8, meaning we accumulate 90 XP (50 x 1.8) .

What are the Prizes?

The prize pool of the weekly rankings is as follows:

Rare week:

1-st place - Apple iPhone 11 256 Gb

2-nd place - Apple AirPods 2

3-rd place - 100€ on the account

4-th and 5-th place - 10€ on the account

Epic week:

1-st place - Apple iPhone 11 256 Gb

2-nd place - Apple Watch Series 5

3-rd place - Apple AirPods 2

4-th and 5-th place - 15€ on the account

Legendary week:

1-st place - Apple iPhone 11 PRO 512 Gb

2-nd place - Apple Watch Series 5

3-rd place - Apple AirPods 2

4-th and 5-th place - 20€ on the account

Total ranking prize pool:

1-st place: 5,000€ on the account

2-nd place: 2,500€ on the account

3-rd place: 1,500€ on the account

4-th place: 700€ on the account

5-th place: 300€ on the account

Current rankings and complete terms can be found at official ladder page.

As you can see, succeeding in these leaderboards will be difficult as only TOP5 finishers receive any prize. But if you enjoy consistent esports betting, you have to give it a shot. If you're not successful at first week, come back next one to start over from zero points.

Loot.bet provides many esports games events

Create the Loot.bet account to start placing esports bets. They accept Bitcoin and Ethereum for crypto deposits and EUR, RUB, USD, PHP for FIAT transactions.

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