LEC 2019 Summer Playoffs Betting

There are 90k viewers watching the round 2 of LoL teams Schalke 04 vs Rogue on Riot Games Twitch channel. Let's take a look at the second battle playing this weekend and where we can place our bets with Bitcoin.

The 2019 LEC is the first season of Europe's rebranded professional League of Legends league. Playoffs see the top six teams compete for prize money (€200,000) and Championship Points.

Match : Fnatic vs G2 Esports

We will try to look at current best sites to place bets on this battle that will start this Saturday in Berlin, Germany ( Sat 2019-08-31 ). You will be able to watch it live on Riot Games Twitch.

Down below is a sheet comparing margins on winner bet between Bitcoin-friendly sportsbooks. Team Fnatic or G2 Esports?

Betting odds comparison

We see that margin are somewhat similar at every sportsbook that offers this event. But the difference in given odds is quite interesting. You could even find a thin arbitrage advantage.

In short, if you think favourite G2 team will take this battle down - go with Buff.bet sportsbook, but if you think Fnatic team has better chances than given by bookies - place a bet at Nitrogen or at Betcoin.ag.

Also if you're looking for side bets, Buff.bet is your website to go. There are offering over 70 different bets total on this particular match which is taking place tomorrow.

High rollers willing to place a big bet on these two teams clashing, Buff.bet and Sportsbet.io will allow you to place a bet up to around 0.05BTC (or 50mBTC). Not an extremely huge limit, but remember this is just an event of still uprising industry.

Wide variety of bets on Buff.bet

For more information about eSports Bitcoin betting situation. And check DoubletheBitcoin next time to see who does offer the best odds on upcoming eSport matches.

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