How To Earn More With Crypto Faucets

Are you trying to maximize your profits on crypto faucets? We will give you several tips and methods for increasing your free bitcoin earnings.


Cointiply is popular faucet, you can claim free bitcoins every 12 hours and they offer many side earning by completing surveys etc. There are some way how to increase your potential rewards.

  1. Follow Cointiply on Twitter and set up notifications. They often public code for claiming free Coins and you want to be the first to see it, because these are valid only to limited number of people.

  2. Try to roll the faucet every day, that way you will unlock loyalty bonus rewards - for each active day, you will get additional 1% of the reward base value.

  3. Enable annual interest - Just make sure you have this option enabled in the account settings. Also keep at least 35,000 Coins in your account to activate yields.

Read the Cointiply Review. is probably most known and used bitcoin faucet. Every hour you can claim free satoshi. We've got one recommendation for everybody trying to get the maximum value out of this faucet.

You better be signed-up under someone who will share his referral earnings with you. For every claim you make, the one who brang your to the site, will receive 50% of your profits. By choosing which sign-up link you will use, you maximizing your profits on

Register via our referral link to receive 80% of our referral earnings coming from your activity.

Meaning you will get 140% of your standard reward (100% and 40% of 50% commissions).

We got auto-share set to 80%

Read the Review.


AdBTC is faucet you earn free bitcoins for surfing ads. And you want to be active as much as possible there. Here are two main reasons for doing so.

  1. Having higher Rating, more ads will be shown to you as advertisers have the option to focus only on audience with high Rating value. More you earn by surfing, the higher Rating you will get. You can spent money advertising on AdBTC to increase your Rating, too.

  2. Catch the high-paying ads - you should be checking a few times per day if there are any ads with high reward. Advertisers will have limited credit for their advertisement, so you might missed some high paying due to being offline for too long.

Find your Rating value at top left of the screen

Read the Review.


CoinPayU is similar faucet to AdBTC, you get rewarded for surfing various ads. How to scoop extra value there?

  1. Follow CoinPayU on their Twitter. Sometimes they activate the Catch the cat game giving you chance to earn 200 satoshi just for few clicks and this opportunity is valid only to certain number of first coming users.

  2. Collect referrals (buy on the market or bring them to the site via your reflink) and you will get the chance to win extra prize in leaderboards running on regular basis. The more active your referrals are, the higher places you will climb at the leaderboard.

Referral Contest on CoinPayU

If you're interested in earning free crypto, see our section dedicated to this matter.

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