FaucetPay - New Micro wallet For Faucets

Take a look at new features of FaucetPay they recently incorporated into their micro wallet platform.

We've already made a FaucetPay post about this new micro wallet, similar to the closing one - Faucethub. Since they've updated their platform with several features, we've decided that it is good time to look at them and help you to increase your earning potential.

FaucetPay is micro wallet focused on payouts from crypto faucets, at the moment they process transactions of four cryptocurrencies - Ethereum, Litecoin, Dogecoin and mainly Bitcoin.

Faucet List

In Earn menu you can find Faucet List with overview of crypto faucets supporting FaucetPay. It shows a bit of statistics - paid users today, total amount paid this week and today. WIth these details you can choose the faucet you are going to add to your portfolio and to be active on. Start earning free bitcoins.

We recommend BitEarn and Fautsy.

Look for new crypto faucets

Rock Paper Scissors

This new feature is a mix of both fun and earning free bitcoins, as you can connect to server and find your opponent in Rock Paper Scissors game. You are invited to play once every 15 minutes and rewards are 5 satoshi for win and 2 satoshi if you lose. Small free cash, but I take it.

Built-in Rock Paper Scissors

HiLo Game - Multiply BTC

For those game-searching users, FaucetPay now has built-in HiLo. For those who doesn't know this simple game, read the rules. It's provably fair, but don't expect to be winning in the long run as house(FaucetPay) has the slight edge.

HiLo Game


Besides crypto faucets, you can complete survey in offerwall section. There are several companies(CPAlead, OfferToro, Persona.ly,…) offering you filling your opinions for little bit of cash. Expect this to be more time consuming.


Very useful feature is built-in exchange, you can trade between supported coins (BTC, ETH, LTC and DOGE), be sure to check exchange rates as it looks they've put quite a big of margin, so it's not everytime to good move to exchange your coins on FaucetHub.

FaucetPay Exchange

Referral Programme

Affiliating has been newly introduced on FaucetPay, too. Now you can invite other people to this micro wallet and if the will use the platform, you can earn a share of commissions.

At this moment you get:

  • 2 SATOSHI each time your referral wins a game of ROCK PAPER SCISSORS.

  • 0.50% each time your referral places a bet at MULTIPLY BTC.

  • 50% revenue share each time your referral exchanges their coins at our EXCHANGE.

  • 25% of the offer reward each time your referral completes the offer at our OFFERWALL.

Find your referral link in Affiliate tab and share it with friends or on social media.

If you are not on FaucetPay yet, create an account.

If you're interested in earning free crypto, see our section dedicated to this matter.

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